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The Ribble Valley Ride

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Sunday 9th June 2019

Participant No. Name Class Club
9007 James Andrews M10 Cycle Sport Pendle
9008 Stephen Andrews M54 Ribble Valley Triathlon Club
9011 Kirsty Armer F48  
9016 Peter Bagshaw M77  
9018 Fiona Banks F48  
9019 Howard Banks M53  
9025 N Barnett M50  
9029 Erik Bellarby M10  
9030 James Bellarby M45  
9041 Brian Birkett M61  
9044 Alan Booth M64  
9045 Charles Booth M30 City of Manchester Water Polo Club
9050 Anne Brannigan F70  
9051 Joseph Brennan M28  
9062 Bob Buckley M71  
9063 Lynne Buckley F70  
9065 David BurgessTwitter M57 Clitheroe Clarion
9066 Nicole Burgess F26  
9069 Elizabeth Campbell F43  
9071 Linda Carey F61 BAILDON RUNNERS
9074 Tony Chander M38 G&T
9084 Liz Connors F65  
9101 Suzanne Davies F56 Pendle Triathlon Club
9113 Emma DuaneTwitterStrava F40  
9128 Andrew Evenson M65  
9129 Donna Evenson F57 100% ME
9138 Hans GellersenStrava M53 Empowered People
9140 Heather Gilbert F69 Ilkley Cycling Club
9146 Fiona Goodfellow F60  
9149 Tom Grainger M29 The Anti Cycling, Cycling Club
9151 Janet Greenhalgh F44  
9152 John Greenhalgh M44  
9159 David Hallam M49  
9163 Anne-Marie Harrington F59  
9167 Lindsay Hawkins F51 None
9182 Christopher Hollings M13  
9184 Brian Holt M73 None
9185 Emma Hough F50 Clitheroe Bike Club
9189 James Hughes M42  
9206 Patricia Kirkwood F48 100% ME
9211 Gennaro Lamberti M50 G&T
9222 Louise Longton F42  
9223 Robin Longton M42  
9225 Joanne Lord F59  
9226 Simon Lord M60  
9228 Kath Lyons F72 Ilkley Cycling Club
9232 Nicholas Manning M43  
9233 Chris Marcella M29 100% ME
9242 Chris McLellan M61  
9243 Jane McLellan F52  
9245 Robert McRorie M42  
9249 Jason Middleton M50  
9254 Diana Mountain F55 Empowered People
9261 Joanne Nelson F50  
9277 Catherine Perry F41 Empowered People
9279 Neil Perry M42 Empowered People
9283 Colin Porter M74 Empowered People
9324 Dave SpellmanTwitterInstagramStravaFlickr M55 None
9337 Rebekah Tapping F45  
9354 Kate Walter F58 BAILDON RUNNERS
9378 Ivan Wilson M67 100% ME
9380 Vanessa Wilson F50  
9383 Jo Wood F40  
9388 Ian Wright M64 Empowered People

64 Entries

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