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STEP2IT Havering 5K sponsored by Grove & Dean

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Wednesday 12th June 2019

Name Team Name
Jovan Alexander  
Hayley Anderson Romford Recorder
Nikki Armstrong  
Katy Bea  
Debbie Bennett  
Joanne Briton Peake of Fitness
Victoria Bryant Havering 90 Joggers
Claire Buckley Upjoggers
Clare Butcher Peake of Fitness
Jacqueline Butler  
Maddie Caira  
Kelly Chalkley Hannahs bootcamp babes
Simon Childs Dagenham 88 Runners
Annette Cipa  
Lucy Clements Uojoggers
Christina Clementson  
Adam Coals  
Sarah Coles  
Debbie Coster  
Rachel Deegan Team Mernagh
Sarah Dodds First Step Flyers
Adam DowerInstagram  
Cheryl Dower  
Hannah Dower  
Julie - Anne DuffyFacebook Team Robyn
Kieran DuffyFacebookTwitter Team Robyn
Kieran Duffy Team Robyn
Karen Dye Freya’s Walker
Lauren Dye Freya’s Walker
Stephen Easley Dagenham 88 Runners
Suzanne Easley  
Stacie Evans Hannahs bootcamp babes
Penny Ford Upjoggers
Sarah Foreman  
Kate Freeman Peake of Fitness
Daniel Gillard Havering 90 Joggers
Sharon Goldsmith Peake of Fitness
Katie Guiney On The Run
Robert Guiney On The Run
Cathryn Hamblin A Team Has No Name
Jenny Harper  
Courtney Heary The Usurpers
Zoe Herbert Hannahs bootcamp babes
Louise Howell Hannahs bootcamp babes
Nicola Humm A Team Has No Name
Janet Hutchinson  
Eleanor James On The Run
Janice Jenkins A Team Has No Name
Alicia Jones  
Brendan Jones Team Jones
Daniel Jones Team Jones
Julie Jones Team Jones
Matthew Jones Team Jones
Oliver Jones Team Jones
Valerie Jopson A Team Has No Name
Julie King  
Robert King  
Francesca Kirk  
Ben LeeInstagram  
Shirley Lind  
Laura Lowe Hannahs bootcamp babes
Aimee Lush Hannahs bootcamp babes
Joanne Lush Hannahs bootcamp babes
Ann-Marie Lyons-Mummery  
Anthony Maplesden  
Emma Marston A Team Has No Name
Roisin McCorry Peake of Fitness
Emily Mercer Freya’s Walker
Grace Mernagh Team Mernagh
Matthew Mernagh Team Mernagh
Tom Mernagh Team Mernagh
Zara Neal  
Carol Nelson Besties
Suzanne Nott  
Catherine O'Callaghan  
Helen O'Neill  
Michelle Oconnor Hannahs bootcamp babes
Jenette Ogborn  
Steve Osborn EP Law
Alfie Oxley Peake of Fitness
Jade Oxley Peake of Fitness
John Oxley Peake of Fitness
Kelly Peaston  
Elizabeth Preston First Step #1
Ciara Pugh Peake of Fitness
Jack RamsdenTwitterInstagram The Usurpers
Rachael Rawlins  
Steve Reynolds  
Elaine Richardson Havering 90 Joggers
April RoachTwitter Romford Recorder
John Rozee  
Nicky Sargent  
Amy Saunders  
Jodie Schubert Havering 90 Joggers
Julie Scott Peake of Fitness
Nichola Scott Peake of Fitness
Paige Shankshaft  
Lucie Summerfield Hannahs bootcamp babes
Hannah Thompson Hannahs bootcamp babes
Stewart Thomson  
Jessica Thrower Peake of Fitness
Donna TownerFacebook  
Janice Vlasic  
Karen Watkins Upjoggers
Michael Watkins Upjoggers
Hannah White Peake of Fitness
Hayley Willis Hannahs bootcamp babes
Joanne Wood Peake of Fitness
Leigh Wood Havering 90 Joggers
Laura Woods Hannahs bootcamp babes
Nicola Wren Hannahs bootcamp babes
Beth Wyatt Romford Recorder

112 Entries

If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest