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STAG South of Scotland Orienteering League 2 - Drumpellier Country Park

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Sunday 17th February 2019

Name Class Club
Graeme Ackland M55 INT
Ben Brown M18 ESOC
Kyle Heron M21 STAG
Sam McKinnon M18 RR
William White M50 AYROC

5 Entries

Name Class Club
David Allison M55 STAG
Pat Bartlett M50 INT
Iryna Bogachova W40 AYROC
Colin Brash M50 STAG
Keith BrownFacebookTwitter M55 ESOC
Jon Cross M50 FVO
Ian Davidson M60 CLYDE
Peter Halling M65 ESOC
Tim Harding M55 ELO
Ceana Heron W21 STAG
Rosalind Heron W21 STAG
Mark Kassyk M60 ESOC
Nick Langley M45 CLYDE
Stella Lewsley W65 BL
Crawford Lindsay M60 ESOC
Timothy May M55 ESOC
John McKendrick M50 STAG
Scott-Alexander McKendrick M45 STAG
Tyler Morrison M21 ESOC
Robert Neil M60 FVO
David Nisbet M60 ESOC
Robin Orr M55 CLYDE
Donald Petrie M60 CLYDE
James Purves M60 RR
Finlay Ross M50 ESOC
Mark Rowe M45 ESOC
Roger Scrutton M70 ESOC
Rhys Stanwix M55 FVO
Heather Thomson W45 ESOC
Mark Wardle M50 STAG
Charles Woodward M65 AYROC
Patricia Woodward W60 AYROC
Pete Younger M60 ELO

33 Entries

Name Class Club
Jane Ackland W55 INT
Leah Bartlett W16 INT
William Bruce M65 RR
Sue Burnes W60 FVO
Leslie Dalgleish M65 ESOC
Ian Doig M65 TAY
Lynn Easton W45 STAG
Heidi Elise Eik Maxwell W16 FVO
Robert Findlay M70 ESOC
Simon Firth M45 ESOC
Christopher Furse M50 STAG
Roger Garnett M65 ESOC
Fiona Hendrie W55 FVO
Rachel Hendrie W21 FVO
Leonne Hutchinson W50 ESOC
Helen James W55 STAG
Fiona JohnstonFacebookStrava W55 RR
Alastair Lessells M70 ESOC
Sally Lindsay W60 ESOC
Geoffrey Martin M35 INT
Dave McQuillen M75 SOLWAY
James Morrison M60 ESOC
Peter Murray M45 STAG
Richard Oxlade M60 GRAMP
Christine Patterson W60 CLYDE
Emily Pearson W21 TAY
Michael Pearson M70 TAY
Amelia Petrie W60 CLYDE
Judith Purves W45 RR
David Robertson M55 ESOC
Hanne Robertson W45 ESOC
Ian Rowland M55 ELO
Bill Stevenson M70 ESOC
Robin Strain M65 ELO
Sheila Strain W70 ELO
Gerard Thomson M60 STAG
Colin Tyre M60 ESOC

37 Entries

Name Class Club
Trish CarmichaelTwitter W70 TINTO
Janet Clark W75 ESOC
Dougie Condy M65 AYROC
Margaret Dalgleish W65 ESOC
Fiona Findlay W70 ESOC
Anne Hoy W60 ESOC
Jamie Lawlor M16 ESOC
Moira Laws W75 TAY
Kathleen Lessells W70 ESOC
Andy Lewsley M60 BL
Jane McQuillen W75 SOLWAY
Bill Melville M75 TAY
Jim Moffat M65 KFO
Liz Orr W55 CLYDE
Anne Pearson W60 TAY
Eleanor Pyrah W75 ESOC
Ian Pyrah M75 ESOC
Heather Smithard W70 KFO
Les Smithard M65 KFO
Anne Stevenson W70 ESOC
Anne Thom W65 ESOC
Mary Williams W65 ESOC

22 Entries

Name Class Club
Samuel Bartlett M14 INT
Steve Clayton M55 ESOC
Tony Condy M21 AYROC
Marianne Eik W45 FVO
Jude Maxwell M55 FVO
Sharon Parkin W50 ESOC
Maja Robertson W14 ESOC
Susan Twissell W50 INT

8 Entries

Name Class Club
Megan Brown W12 ESOC
Hua Chi W21  
Mary Fitchett W55 STAG
Ainsley Hards W21  
Ian Hendrie M65 FVO
Rowan Lawlor M12 ESOC
Caroline Martin W35  
Lyndsey McLaughlin W35 STAG
Tom Tynan M14 ESOC
Natalie White W40  

10 Entries

Name Class Club
Morven Black W12  
Sam Mackenzie M10 ESOC
Benji Murray M16 STAG
Chris Pearson M21 TAY
Calum Robertson M10 ESOC

5 Entries

Name Class Club
Christopher Doig M12 TAY
Black Family M10  
Fraser Mackenzie M10 ESOC
Robbie Martin M10 ESOC
Rose Martin W10 INT
Adam Rowe M10 ESOC
Catherine Rowe W10 ESOC

7 Entries

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