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Cheviot Trail Race 3 - Kirk Yetholm to Wooler 13 miles

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Sunday 9th June 2019

Participant No. Name Class Club
1 Keith Adams MV50 Elswick Harriers
2 Joanne Adamson F Heaton Harriers & AC
3 Lynda Allan FV50 Lonely goats running club
4 Gillian Allen FV40 Lonely Goat Runners
5 Gina Allen F Gala Harriers
6 Alexander Anderson MV60 Tyne Bridge Harriers
7 Jessica Anderson FV60 Tyne Bridge Harriers
8 Joanne AndersonStrava FV40 Saltwell Harriers
9 Heather BarrassFacebook FV40 Blyth Running Club
10 Alexandra Battersby F Tyne Bridge Harriers
11 Michelle Bays FV50 South Shields Harriers & AC
12 Frank Birch MV70 Teviotdale Harriers
13 Alan Black MV60 Penicuik Harriers
14 Lee Bowmaker M (no club)
15 Jonathan Boxshall MV40 North East Marathon Club
16 Rob Bradshaw MV50 Derwent Valley Running Club
17 Paul Brothwood MV50 Tweed Striders
18 Colin Brown MV40 North Shields Polytechnic Club
19 Gavin BrownFacebookInstagram MV40 -Individual-
20 Nick Brown MV40 (no club)
21 William Arthur Brown MV70 Heaton Harriers & AC
22 Ray BurnsTwitterStrava MV50 Ponteland Runners
23 Andrew Callcott MV50 Derwent Valley Running Club
24 Susan Cameron FV50 Monday Night Runners
25 Mairi Campbell FV50 Alnwick Harriers
26 Jacqueline Candlish FV50 Saltwell Harriers
27 Claire Chadwick FV40 (no club)
28 Kate Charlton FV40 -Individual-
29 Tom Charlton M Tyne Bridge Harriers
30 Joseph Cherry M Jesmond Joggers
31 Donald Christian MV40  
32 Avril Clark FV50 Haddington Running Club
33 Andrew Collins M Red Kite Runners
34 David Collins MV40 Derwent Valley Trail Runners
35 Melanie Cooke-Dunlop F South Shields Harriers & AC
36 Timothy Coyne M (no club)
37 Bruce Crombie MV40 Alnwick Harriers
38 Jane Curru FV40 (no club)
39 Vicky Cuthbertson FV40 Saltwell Harriers
40 Karen Daglish FV40 Saltwell Harriers
41 Cat Dale FV40  
42 David Daniels MV40 Tyne Bridge Harriers
43 Lorna Davenport FV40 (no club)
44 Sarah Delaney FV40 Newcastle Frontrunners
45 Frances Dembele F South Shields Harriers & AC
46 Brenda DixonFacebook FV50 Eyemouth Running Club
47 Simon Dobson MV40 Elvet Striders
48 Michelle Douglas FV50 Tweed Striders
49 Tam Douglas MV40 (no club)
50 Paul Doxford MV50 South Shields Harriers & AC
51 Marie Louise Drozdowicz FV40 (no club)
52 Kenton DuffieldInstagramStrava MV40 Morpeth Harriers & AC
53 Lindsay Dun FV50 Gala Harriers
54 Alexander Dyter MU21 Jesmond Joggers
55 Catherine Eaton F Tyne Bridge Harriers
56 Jamie EntwistleInstagramStrava M Lauderdale Limpers Running Club
57 Michael Fitzpatrick M Saltwell Harriers
58 Michael Foy MV50 Haddington Running Club
59 Angela Gibson FV40 North Shields Polytechnic Club
60 Lisa Gilbert F North East Marathon Club
61 Joanne Gilfillan F Jed Joggers
62 Mike GillFacebook MV70 Blackhill Bounders
63 Emma Graham F (no club)
64 Michael Graham MV50 Low Fell RC
65 Dawn Grant FV40 Gala Harriers
66 Barry Guthrie MV50 (no club)
67 Alex HanveyFacebookInstagram M (no club)
68 Emma Hardie F (no club)
69 Alison Havery FV40 These Girls Can Run
70 Will HaxtonStrava M (no club)
71 Judith Haythornthwaite FV40 (no club)
72 Kerstin Heckelsmuller FV40 Blyth Running Club
73 Chris Henty MV40 Carnethy Hill Running Club
74 Shirley Horner FV40 Run North Tyneside Killingworth
75 Corrina James FV40 Elvet Striders
76 Sara James FV40 Tyne Bridge Harriers
77 Gillian Johnston FV40 Run North Tyneside Killingworth
78 Philip Johnston MV40 Northumberland Fell Runners
79 Adam JonesFacebookStravaPower of 10 MV40 Tyne Bridge Harriers
80 Sarah Juliff F Blackhill Bounders
81 Caroline Keefe FV50 Jog Earlston
82 Claire Keightley FV40  
83 Suzanne Kyle FV40 (no club)
84 Aileen Lambie FV40 These Girls Can Run
85 Anne Lançon FV40 (no club)
86 Adam Leggett M Saltwell Harriers
87 Mike Lowes MV50 Saltwell Harriers
88 Vicky Lowrie FV40 Rothbury Runners
89 Joanne Lucking FV40 Ponteland Runners
90 Jane Lumsden FV40  
91 Suzanne Macvicar FV40 Jog Earlston
92 Jonny Malley M Gateshead Harriers & AC
93 Jaz Manship FV50 (no club)
94 Michelle Masson FV40 Saltwell Harriers
95 Rob Masson MV40 Saltwell Harriers
96 John Maughan MV40 (no club)
97 Susie Maxwell FV40 Penicuik Harriers
98 Chris McClymont M (no club)
99 Becky McCormick FV40  
100 Iain McCormick MV40  
101 Paddy McDonald MV60 Haddington Running Club
102 Cameron McNeillInstagram M Lauderdale Limpers Running Club
103 Frank Mcpartland MV60 Haddington Running Club
104 Lynne Michelson FV50 Derwent Valley Trail Runners
105 David Milne M Alnwick Harriers
106 Frank Morgan MV50 (no club)
107 Chris Murray MV40  
108 Seamus Neesham MV50  
109 Jacqueline Neill FV40 (no club)
110 Elaine O'Mara F Tyne Bridge Harriers
111 Paul O'Mara M Tyne Bridge Harriers
112 Molly Pace F Jesmond Joggers
113 Bridget Peberdy FV60 Alnwick Harriers
114 Lisa Perry FV40 Saltwell Harriers
115 William PikettFacebook MV50 Norham Running Club
116 Nicola Pollard F (no club)
117 Harry Porteous MV50 (no club)
118 Iain RalphsonFacebook MV40 Derwent Valley Running Club
119 Liz Ratcliffe FV40 Wallsend Harriers & AC
120 Mel Reed MV60 Elswick Harriers
121 Rebecca Rees FV40 Newcastle Frontrunners
122 Steve Revell MV40  
123 Karen Richardson FV50  
124 Doug Riddell MV40 N/A
125 John Rippon MV50 Derwent Valley Trail Runners
126 Bozza RitchieStrava MV40  
127 Karen Robertson FV50 Northumberland Fell Runners
128 Phil Robertson MV40 Saltwell Harriers
129 Jo Robson F Red Kite Runners
130 Michael Rogerson M Lauderdale Limpers Running Club
131 Teresa Saint FV50 Saltwell Harriers
132 Cath Scaife FV40 (no club)
133 Lisa Scorer FV40 Blyth Running Club
134 Steph Scott FV40 Northumberland Fell Runners
135 Robert Shepherd MV40 (no club)
136 Janine Sinclair F Jed Joggers
137 Denise Sinton FV40 Jed Joggers
138 Alison Slaymaker FV40 Saltwell Harriers
139 Dave Smith M Saltwell Harriers
140 Issy Smith FV50 (no club)
141 Kieran Smith M Penicuik Harriers
142 Lee Smith MV40 ODFC
143 Paul Smith MV50 (no club)
144 Ashley Stafford F (no club)
145 Ricky Stafford M -Individual-
146 Neil Stalker MV40 Tweed Striders
147 Paul Stephenson MV50 Derwent Valley Running Club
148 Lynne Stevely FV40 Penicuik Harriers
149 Nichola Stewart FV40 Lonely Goat Runners
150 Keith Stoker MV50 (no club)
151 Andrew Swanston MV50 Saltwell Harriers
152 John Tollit MV40 Tyne Bridge Harriers
153 Pamela Toward FV40 Tweed Striders
154 Richard Toward MV40 Tweed Striders
155 Christie Waddington F Saltwell Harriers
156 Gillian Wallace FV50 South Shields Harriers & AC
157 Mil Walton MV40 Sedgefield Harriers
158 Felicity WatsonFacebook F (no club)
159 Joanne Watson FV40 North Shields Polytechnic Club
160 Miles Weston MV40 South Shields Harriers & AC
161 Martin Wilkinson MV50 Derwent Valley Running Club
162 Sarah Wilkinson FV40  
163 Joanne Wollaston FV40 Saltwell Harriers
164 Paul YeadonTwitterInstagram M -Individual-
165 Samantha Young FV40 TGCR Morpeth

165 Entries

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