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Oban Sportive

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Sunday 12th May 2019

Name Class Team / Club
Alistair Abbott M40 Team Stafford
Robin Akers M61 Beeline RT
Jamie Aldersey Clarricoats M22 Glasgow OTC
Kenny Anderson M50  
Dj Barr M33 NACC
Colin Black M38  
Lesley Blackwood F31 Fusion Triathlon Club
Gavin Blainey M44 North Argyll Cycle Club
Ramsay Borthwick M46 Team Stafford
Michael Bossard M35 NACC
Craig Breslin M40 NACC
David Buchanan M40  
Katie Calvert F23 Glasgow OTC
Alastair CampbellStrava M27 North Argyll Cycle Club
Patrick Campbell M62  
Nick Charlton M50 North Argyll Cycle Club
David Coghill M52 Team Stafford
Dan Commander M28  
Katie Connor F31 Grafters
Patrick Deane M53  
Alexander Dent M17 Spokes Racing Team
Stephen Dent M19 Baguet-MIBA-Indulek-Derito CT
Iain Dey M53 NRG Cycles
Ronnie Docherty M53 Glasgow OTC
Raymond Drummond M52 Deeside Thistle CC
Ian Ezzi M36  
Helen Farquhar F54  
Gary Findlay M47  
John Forsythe M61 Grafters
Jackie Fraser F52 Deeside Thistle CC
Stuart Fraser M52 Deeside Thistle CC
Julian Gascoigne M55 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
Calum Gibb M23 Holburn RT
Paul Green M60 Deeside Thistle CC
Annie Jo Gregory F23 Glasgow OTC
Steven Groom M37 NACC
Craig Harrower M46 Team Neeber
Duncan Helm M48  
Alasdair Hoon M25  
Chris HoonFacebook M55  
Steven Horne M60 Airdrie Cycle Club
Derek Hughes M33 Fusion Triathlon Club
Chris Jagau M24 Edinburgh RC
Aaron JohnsonStrava M23 Holburn RT
Nicholas JonssonTwitter M55 Airdrie Cycle Club
Fredrik KeateFacebookInstagramStrava M26 Glasgow OTC
Kristian KeeganStrava M48 Levelone Riders
Steven Kenny M41 EMC
Andy Kerr M46 Deeside Thistle CC
Derek Laidler M53 North Argyll Cycle Club
Iain Lindsay M57 Deeside Thistle CC
Marion Lindsay F64 Deeside Thistle CC
Colin MacFarlane M41 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
Kenny MacIntyre M42  
Nigel MacLucas M42 North Argyll Cycle Club
Lorna Marson F53 Grafters
Scott Masterton M42 Airdrie Cycle Club
Craig McGougan M36 NACC
Anthony McGrory M57 GSUOTC
Leslie McGuire M46 Airdrie Cycle Club
David McLenaghan M53 Airdrie Cycle Club
Robert McMurray M38  
Ian Milarvie M56 North Argyll Cycle Club
Angus Mill M30  
Jim Mortimer M57 Glasgow Green Cycling club
Craig O'Brien M48 Levelone Riders
Andrew Oldham M51 Middleton Cycling Club
Gavin Prise M57 Deeside Thistle CC
Alan Reid M58 Team Stafford
Chris Reid M49 Team Neeber
Michael Robbie M60  
John Robertson M47 Newport Massif
Matiss Robertson M17 RT23
David Robinson M55 Freewheelers
Shane Rodwell M42  
Lee Sanderson M43 NRG Cycles
Claudiu Schuller M40  
Peter Smart M32 Deeside Thistle CC
Jamie Smith M42 NACC
Michael Smith M42  
Markus StitzFacebookTwitterInstagram M39  
Kevin Sutherland M44 Team Stafford
Paul Sutherland M53 Viva Benotto
Tony Thorne M51 Newport Massif
Matt Vernon-Stroud M46 Livingston Cycling Club
Charles Watson M61 Deeside Thistle CC

86 Entries

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