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The 10 in 10 and 5 in 5 Challenge

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Saturday 22nd June 2019

Name Class Team Name
Lottie AlvesInstagram F Team Alves
Jules Armstrong FV50 10in10by10's
Marie AshbyTwitter FV50 2 radgie gadgies and a mott
Clive Beauvais MV70 9.30 starter
Ashley Bennett MV40  
Donna Bennett FV40  
Aiden Berry M #tenoutoftens
Lindsey Berry F #tenoutoftens
Debbie Best FV50 Burstner Bashers
Mike Best MV50 Burstner Bashers
Mim Best FV50 Burstner Bashers
Andrew Binns MV60 Evergreens
Debra Binns FV50 Evergreens
Michelle Blackburn FV50 The Three Friends
Karl Bostock MV40 The Hoop Doggs
Joyce Bowmer FV60 Joy Bowmer
Kevin Burke M Past Our Peak
Darrell Buss MV50 Alfie's Angels
Vicki Buss FV40 Alfie's Angels
Craig CaithnessTwitter MV50 4 The Love of MJ
Simon Campbell MV50 The Jesters
Debbie Cartmel FV40 The Expats !
David Cass M Team Davies
David Catterick MV50 Past Our Peak
Fayyaz Chaudhri MV50 Past Our Peak
Paul Clark MV50 Evergreens
Sue Clark FV50 Evergreens
Shaun Cleary M Fellowship of the Fells
Alan Clifford MV50 Past Our Peak
John Cockbain M The Wanderers
Nicky Course F The Walkie Talkies
Sabrina Curson FV40 GPI
Glynn Davies M #TheeBluddyWet?
Amy Dickinson F We're the 'ellawee Tribe
Colin Dickinson MV50 We're the 'ellawee Tribe
Joan Dickinson FV50 We're the 'ellawee Tribe
Linda Done FV40 Wandering Wild
Louise Donoghue F Team Davies
Lee Doswell MV40 Team Outlaw
Thomas Alexander Eccles M #tenoutoftens
Anne Eldred FV60 Past Our Peak
John Eldred MV60 Past Our Peak
Jonas Eyles MV40 4 The Love of MJ
Anne-Marie Frankland FV40 Paddy's Pack
Clare Frost FV40 The Walkie Talkies
Rachel Fryers FV40 Bog-trotters
Karen Garton FV40 The Walkie Talkies
Michael Goodman M  
Amy Gordon F The Hoop Doggs
Jamie Gordon MV40 The Hoop Doggs
Penny Graham FV50  
Lesley Gregory FV50 The Three Friends
Jonathan Grove MV50  
Clare Harvey FV40 Fellowship of the Fells
Michael Hawkins MV40  
Ross Hayman MV50 Team Hayman
Sue Hayman FV50 Team Hayman
Laura Helliwell F #TheeBluddyWet?
Phillip Helm MV50 LA14 Lakers
Martin Hodgson MV60 Martin and Tom
Thomas Hodgson M Martin and Tom
Alan Holmes MV40 Past Our Peak
James Hooper M The Hoop Doggs
Lloyd HopkinsInstagram MV50  
Sandra Hopkins FV50  
Angela Howarth FV50 Bog-trotters
Mike Howarth MV50 Bog-trotters
Joanne Huddart FV50 Fellowship of the Fells
Jane Icely FV40 Wandering Wild
Charlie Johnson MV40 SnockRobinson
Sarah Johnson-Platt FV40 #theplatts
Paul Johnston MV50 Kate's Cronies
Glyn Jones MV40 Team Outlaw
Janet Jones FV50 Fellowship of the Fells
Sarah Kelly F Team Alves
Nicola Latimer FV50 GIN AND BARE IT
Carolyn LawsonFacebook FV40  
Wayne Lee MV40 GPI
Gary Lewis MV60 Fellowship of the Fells
Vincent Little MV50 Fellowship of the Fells
Leanne Lloyd F Wandering Wild
Philip Lonsdale MV50 Lakeside Lovers of Life
Michelle Magrath FV50 Past Our Peak
Paul Marley MV40 The Expats !
James May M We're the 'ellawee Tribe
Rory McDonald M Team McDonald
Samantha McDonaldStrava F Team McDonald
Stephen McKenna M Past Our Peak
Nick Moberly MV50 Nick and Emma
Mike Moffat MV40  
Christian Moynes M The Wanderers
Andy Mulholland MV40 Kate's Cronies
Ruth Mulholland FV40 Kate's Cronies
Gareth Owen MV50 Elite Mountain Athletes (EMA)
Jonathan Pain MV50 The Jesters
Andrea Paisley F Not fast just furious
Elizabeth Peckett F The Hoop Doggs
Karl Phillips MV40 Team Square Orange
Adrian Platt MV50 #theplatts
Alex Platt MV50 #theplatts
Kerri Platt FV40 #theplatts
Suzie Poyser FV40 Team Whitelake
Christopher Pye MV50 Fellowship of the Fells
Anneke Ramsay FV50 GIN AND BARE IT
Anne Reinstein FV40 The Expats !
Gavin Rennie MV40  
Mark Richards MV50 Johnny No Mates
Bill Rivers MV40 GPI
Martyn Robinson MV50 Robo
Sam Robinson M Robo
Andy RobsonTwitterInstagram MV40 GPI
David Rush MV50 Burstner Bashers
Reece Sanford MV40 The Expats !
Adam Saunders M The Hoop Doggs
John Savery MV50 Johnny No Mates
Lance Saxby MV50 Keswick parkrun Posse
Cheryl Scott FV50 chez&mel
Jonathan Scott M The Hoop Doggs
Melvyn Scott MV50 chez&mel
Frances Sheldon FV40 The Walkie Talkies
Christine Shepherd FV50  
Sue Shields FV50  
Nathan Shurak MV40 The Expats !
Leanne Smart FV40 The Walkie Talkies
Brian Smith MV50 Evergreens
Sarah Smith FV40 Evergreens
Catherine Somerville F The Walkie Talkies
James Steel MV40 A Gin Too Many
Vanessa Steel FV50 A Gin Too Many
Katya Surudina FV40 KATMAP
Daniel Taylor MV40 LA14 Lakers
Susan Thompson FV50 Fellowship of the Fells
Paul Turner MV50  
Tim Vaughan MV40 Team Whitelake
Charlotte Viljoen F The Walkie Talkies
Carl Waite MV50  
Nigel WardFacebook MV60 The Expats !
Glyn Watchorn MV40  
Norman Watson MV50 KATMAP
Dawn Watts F The Walkie Talkies
Lisa Willis FV40 The Walkie Talkies
Lizzie Woolhouse F The Walkie Talkies
Matt Worthington M The Hoop Doggs
Shaun Wragg M The Hoop Doggs
Robert Wright MV50 The Three Friends

145 Entries

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