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Manvers Dusk Till Dawn

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Saturday 27th July 2019

Name Class Club
Jane Adlard FV50 Goyt Valley Striders
Dave Allison M Ackworth Road Runners
Graeme Armstrong M  
Richard Arthur MV40 Doncaster Triathlon Club
Tracey Ashton FV40 Team Manvers
Tim Atkin MV60  
Felicity Atkinson FV50  
Christopher Baldwin MV40 Teammanvers
Jennifer Baldwin F  
Janet Barr FV40 Ackworth Road Runners
Jo Barrett FV40 York Postal Harriers
Debbie BartonFacebookTwitterInstagram FV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Paul Barton MV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Robert Beech M 100 Marathon Club
Keith BellTwitter MV40 Steel City Striders RC
Gill Bennett FV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Paul BennettFacebook MV50 Bramley Breezers
Simon BennettFacebookTwitter MV60 Ackworth Road Runners
Mark Benton MV50 Teammanvers
Michelle Benton FV50 Teammanvers
Stephen Berry MV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Wendy Berry FV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Paul Blissett M Witham Runners (Lincolnshire)
Sara Booth FV40 Barnsley Harriers
Dee Bouderba FV50 York Postal Harriers
Helen Bowskill FV40 Valley Hill Runners
Lee Bowskill MV40 Valley Hill Runners
Susan Braddock FV50 Steel City Striders RC
Richard Bradshaw M Team Manvers
Chris Brandon M Thorne Twilight Trotters
Jonathan Briggs MV40 Valley Hill Runners
Sarah Briggs FV40 Valley Hill Runners
Karen Brocklebank-LambertFacebookTwitterStrava FV40 Doncaster Triathlon Club
Paul Brown MV50 Rothwell & District Harriers
Rachael Brown F Team Manvers
Esther Buckland FV40  
Rachel Butler FV50 Maldwyn Harriers
Helen Cain FV40 Steel City Striders RC
Sue CarrollFacebook FV50 Maldwyn Harriers
Allan Carson MV50 Doncaster Athletic Club
Samantha Carson F Doncaster AC
Danny Cassidy M  
Yvonne Cherryholme FV40  
Paul CliffordTwitter MV40  
Paul Conlan MV40 Kingstone Runners Barnsley
Sally Conlan FV40  
Andy Connell MV40 G.L.O.A.T.U.Rs
Jodie Connell FV40 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Tracy Cooper FV40 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Caroline Copeland FV40 Ackworth Road Runners
Emma Cowley F Handsworth Roadhogs
Katrina D'Netto FV50 Barnsley Harriers
Nicolas Daudet MV40 Ackworth Road Runners
Kim Davies FV50 Team Manvers
Edward Davison MV40 Kingstone Runners Barnsley
Barbara Earnshaw FV50 Fitmums and Friends
Melanie Edwards FV40 Kimberworth Striders
Bryn Evans M  
Richard Evans MV50 C B A
Bobby Fennell M Thorne Twilight Trotters
Jonathan Fenton MV40 Valley Hill Runners
Kelly FordStrava FV40 Barnsley Harriers
Mike Ford MV60 Team Manvers
Sharon Friend FV50 Team Manvers
Janine Frost FV40 Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield
Kevin Gibson MV50 Valley Hill Runners
Charlotte Grace F Ackworth Road Runners
Maxine Gregory FV40 Valley Hill Runners
Annette Griffiths FV50 Maldwyn Harriers
Ryszard Grybski M  
Ben Hague M Rotherham Harriers and AC
Suzanne Hague FV50 Valley Hill Runners
Tammy Hague F Rotherham Harriers and AC
Phil Harris MV50 Valley Hill Runners
Alison Hilton FV50 Barnsley Harriers
Stef Hodgson F Team Manvers
Lee Hopkins MV40 Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Eliot Howarth M  
Nathan Howarth M  
Nick Howden MV40 manvers
Andrew Hyde MV40 Manvers canoe polo team
Erina Hyde F Manvers canoe polo team
Mackenzie Hyde M Manvers canoe polo team
Tracy Hyland FV40 Barnsley Harriers
James IllsleyTwitter MV40 UKRunChat Running Club
Lisa Isam FV40 Barnsley Harriers
Lloyd Isam MV50 Barnsley Harriers
Rachel Jardine FV40 Barnsley Harriers
Shaun Johnson MV50 Teammanvers
James Joiner M Rotherham Harriers and AC
Chris Jones MV50 C B A
Gary Jones MV40 Team Manvers
Colin JordanTwitterStravaPower of 10 MV40 unatached
Deb Knowles FV40 Valley Hill Runners
Gary Lang MV40 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Fiona Law FV50  
Adrian Leach MV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Rachel Leader MV40 Manvers canoe polo team
Adam Lee MV40 Teammanvers
Jim Lee M Teammanvers
Matty Lee M Team Manvers
Craig LeonardStrava M  
Trina Linley FV50 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Kevin Loomes MV50 C B A
Louise Lowe FV40 Clowne Road Runners Club
Richard Maiden MV50  
Dale Mason M Royal Engineers RC
Gail McGann F Thorne Twilight Trotters
David MorleyFacebookTwitter MV50 Silson AC
Demelza Neale F Thorne Twilight Trotters
Jim Needham MV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Lesley Needham FV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Georgi Newton FV40 Ackworth Road Runners
Si Newton MV40 Ackworth Road Runners
David O'neillStrava MV50 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Mark Oldham-Fox MV50  
Caroline Orrells FV60 Maldwyn Harriers
Zoe Page FV40  
Kathryn Pinchbeck FV50  
Stephen Pitts MV50 Killamarsh Kestrels
Shane Porteous MV40 Steel City Striders RC
Barry Prowse M Doncaster Athletic Club
David Prowse MV50 Lliswerry Runners
Sam Prowse FV40 Doncaster Athletic Club
John Prydderch M Thorne Twilight Trotters
Kelly Prydderch F Thorne Twilight Trotters
Wayne Richards MV50 Fylde Coast Runners
Justine Rickard FV40 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Elly Roberts F Ackworth Road Runners
Scott Rogers MV40  
Chris Sard MV50  
Ann Scott FV50 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Amanda Seymour FV40 Team Manvers
Monica Sharo FV60 Valley Hill Runners
Carrie Simmonds FV40 Ackworth Road Runners
Roy Simpson MV60 Ackworth Road Runners
Charlotte Smith F Ackworth Road Runners
Lucy Smith F  
Rosie Smith F Steel City Striders RC
Cheryl Snowden FV40  
Sarah Storey FV40 Steel City Striders RC
Stuart Sykes MV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Helen Tate FV40 Non affiliated group - Thorne Twilight Trotters
Peter Tate MV40 Thorne Twilight Trotters
Louise Taylor FV40 Kimberworth Striders
Mandy Taylor FV50 Steel City Striders RC
Adrian Tuplin MV50 Danum Harriers
Tracy Tuplin FV40 Danum Harriers
Rob Unwin MV50 Valley Hill Runners
Julie Usher FV40 Team Manvers
Lynn Walton FV70 Valley Hill Runners
Samantha Walton FV50 Valley Hill Runners
Catherine Warren FV50 Ackworth Road Runners
Chris Waters MV50 Doncaster Athletic Club
Sharon Waters FV50 Doncaster Athletic Club
Judith Webb FV50 100 Marathon Club
Mia Wesson FV40  
Sally WheelhouseFacebook FV50 Askern & District RC
Sue Whitworth FV40  
Julie Wilkinson F Bramley Breezers
Scott Williams MV40 Rotherham Harriers and AC
Ian Willoughby MV40 Must-dash
Zoe Willoughby FV40 Must-dash
Carl Wilson MV50  
Debbie Worthington F Ackworth Road Runners
Joe Worthington MV40 Ackworth Road Runners

166 Entries

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