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The Yomp Mountain Challenges

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Sunday 2nd June 2019

Name Class Club / Team Regular Military TA Rotary Club
Elizabeth Adams F Helm Hill Runners      
Andy Airey M        
Angela Armstrong F Unattached      
Helen Ashton F PFO      
Damon Atkinson M        
Philip Atkinson M        
Dave Baglee M Eden Runners      
Jacob Baker M Down To Business      
Lucie Barnes F     Y  
Andrea Benson F        
Anil Bose M Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers      
Heather Bradley F        
Carolyn BurnsFacebook F Eden Runners      
Sally Cape F Red Rose Road Runners      
Justine Carruthers F Eden Runners      
Angela Colby F Wesham Road Runners & AC      
Charles Colby M Wesham Road Runners & AC      
Rod Collier M        
Sandra Collins F Aycliffe Running Club      
Ben Costello M Bingley Harriers & AC      
David Coulthard M        
Charles Cowling M Cowling Clan      
Hal Cowling M Cowling Clan      
Toby Cowling M Cowling Clan      
Tom Cowling M Cowling Clan      
Gareth Cozens M Howgill Harriers      
Debs Cripps F Blengdale Runners Athletic Club      
Lee Crone M        
Russell Crone M        
Simon Cummins M Howgill Harriers      
David Dicks M Eden Runners      
Simon Dobson M Elvet Striders      
Will Douthwaite M Helm Hill Runners      
Glen Dugdale M Down To Business      
Sarah ElliottTwitter F Lancaster Runners      
Fiona Entwistle F        
Iain Entwistle M        
Rachael Faustino F Eden Runners      
Tristan Featherby M Pocklington Runners      
Daisy Fellinger F Muckibudemädels      
Judith Fellinger F Muckibudemädels      
Gordon Fletcher MV60 Batala Runners      
Nick Ford MV60 The Irregulars LDWA      
Amanda Frodsham F        
Rob FrodshamTwitter M (no club)      
Peter Gardner M        
Roy Glendinning M PRU North Y    
David Gordon M Romsey Road Runners Y    
Becky Haft F (no club)      
Jonnie Hall M        
Christopher Hargreaves M Red Rose Road Runners      
Margaret Harris FV60        
Lindsay HarrodTwitter F Helm Hill Runners      
Peter Higgins M     Y  
Caroline Hoath F Meltham AC      
Mark Hoath M Meltham AC      
Terry Holden MV60 Lonely Goat Running Club      
Kieran Horrigan M Unattached      
Debbie Howard F        
Max Howard MV60 Retford AC      
Philip Jones MV60 Baildon Runners      
Sue Jones F        
Katrin Keck F Muckibudemädels      
Hilde Krijnen F Swaledale Runners      
Mannion Lawrence M (no club)      
Andrew Leatherbarrow M        
Adrian LeighFacebookTwitter MV60 Bentham Beagles Running Club      
Chris Lockley M Eden Runners      
Bob Lynch M Down To Business      
Nick MarstonTwitter M Calderdale CTC      
Adrian MartinStrava M (no club)      
Andrew Martindale M Northern Fells Running Club      
Chris May MV60        
Joanne May F Eden Runners      
Catherine McDonnell F Shildon Running & AC      
Salvadori McDonnell M Shildon Running & AC      
Tom MiddletonFacebookInstagram M Eden Runners      
Aimee Midgley F Red Rose Road Runners      
Samantha Midgley F        
Daniel MillerTwitter M The Endurance Store      
Iain MitchellFacebookInstagramStrava M Red Rose Road Runners      
Malcolm Mitton MV60 (no club)      
Marie Murtagh F Easingwold Running Club      
Sara Muxworthy F        
Dennis Nelson M Lancashire Constabulary AC      
Paul NelsonFacebookTwitterStrava M Howgill Harriers   Y  
Paul Nickells M Eden Runners      
Emma Nielsen F Eden Runners      
John O'Boyle M        
Martin Paley M        
Karen Parker F Border Liners      
Mark Peacock M        
Alison Phillips F Eden Runners      
Simon Poole M        
Karen PoveyFacebookStrava F Bentham Beagles Running Club      
Gemma Pratt F        
Iain Pratt M        
Issey Pratt F        
Martyn Pratt M        
Mark RogersonStrava M Bentham Beagles Running Club      
Vicki Rogerson F Bentham Beagles Running Club      
Mark Sandamas M Barlick Fell Runners      
Wendy Smith F Helm Hill Runners      
Ellen Stantschew F        
Neil Stevens M        
Mike Stokes M        
Graeme Stott M Howgill Harriers      
Ben Sumner M        
David Swales MV60        
Dave Swalwell M        
Paul Swift M        
Lorna Taylor F Red Rose Road Runners      
Neil Thomason MV60 Down To Business      
Emma Thompson F        
Denise Tunstall F Durham Fell Runners      
Sarah Verscaj F        
Andrew Walker M (no club)      
Tom Walker M   Y    
Dave WaltonTwitter MV60 LOC      
Simon Whitehall M        
John Williams M Eden Runners      
David WoodInstagram M Kimberworth Striders      
Harold Yarrow M (no club)      

123 Entries

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