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Minitour of Fife

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Monday 27th to Friday 31st May 2019

Name Class Club
Beinn Anderson MU11 East Fife Triathlon Club
Callum Anderson MU11 St Columbas primary school
Jack Anderson MU11 East Fife Triathlon Club
Rob Anderson MU9 N/a
Amy Arita FU9  
Hal Arita MU9  
Andrew Armstrong MU15 Fife Athletic Club
Fraser Armstrong MU9 Letham PS
Caera Baillie FU13 Fife Athletic Club
John Barr MU11 St Columbas primary school
Liam Barr MU9 St Columbas primary school
Aaron Bennet MU15 PH Racing
Tennyson Bleak MU11 Fife Athletic Club
Eilidh Bodger FU9 Elie Primary School
Jessica Bodger FU11 Elie Primary School
Oisin Buckley Zapf MU13 N/a
Oscar Burgess MU9 Anster Haddies
Edward Cooper MU11 Ceres Primary School
Oliver Cooper MU15 Bell Baxter HS
Oliver Coulston MU9 N/a
Thomas Crawford MU9  
William Crawford MU9  
Lewis Cumming MU9 St Columbas primary school
Niamh Cumming FU13  
Struan Cumming MU9 St Columbas primary school
Isla Davie FU13 Castlehill Primary School
Ross Davie MU11 Castlehill Primary School
Cameron Dickson MU11 Fife Athletic Club
Lewis Dickson MU9 Madrascals
Eva Duke FU15 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Adam Duncan MU13 Fife Athletic Club
Archie Duncan MU13 Bell Baxter HS
Joe Duncan MU9 Castlehill Primary School
Katie Duncan FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Anais Esslemont FU9  
Jude Esslemont MU9  
Elizabeth Ferris FU13 St Columbas primary school
Sonny Flett MU11 Madrascals Rugby
Maci Fotheringham FU11 Pitreavie
Xiomara Frisby FU11 Elie Primary School
Fergus Fyfe MU9  
Isla Fyfe FU9  
Finch Geary MU11 Fife Athletic Club
Oscar Geary MU9 N/a
Polly Geddes FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Rae Geddes FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Moritz Gerken-Dempster MU11  
Calum Gibson MU13 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Ruaridh Gibson MU11 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Andrew Gourley MU15 Bell Baxter HS
Katie Gourley FU9 Castlehill Primary School
Angus Graham MU13 Fife Athletic Club
Hannah Graham FU9 Ceres Primary School
Logan Graham MU11 Fife Athletic Club
Calan Greig MU13  
Rowen Greig FU9  
Adam Harvie MU9 Castlehill Primary School
Beth Harvie FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Sophie Haslam FU13 West Cheshire
Freya Hedley FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Isla Hedley FU15 Fife Athletic Club
Arran Howe MU18 Fife Athletic Club
Mackenzie Howe MU18 Fife Athletic Club
Sam Jaffray MU13 Fife Athletic Club
Eilidh Jarrett FU15 East Fife Tri
Fraser Johnson MU13  
Olivia Johnson FU9  
Dane Johnstone MU13 Bell Baxter HS
Alana Laws FU11 Falkland Trail Runners
Holly Laws FU9 Falkland Trail Runners
Lewis Laws MU9  
Richard Laws MU13  
Angus Logan MU9 N/a
Kaitlyn Lumsden FU13 Falkland Trail Runners
Nellie Luxford FU11  
Euan Macfarlane MU11 Fife Athletic Club
Jaden Mackay MU9 Crossford Primary School
Annie Mackenzie FU11 Lomond Hill Runners
Lily Mackenzie FU9 Lomond Hill Runners
Louis Mackenzie MU15 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Rory Mackenzie MU9  
Arran MacPherson MU13 St Columbas primary school
Alice Maitland FU9 Smart Cookies.
Callum Maitland MU11  
Emma Maitland FU9 Newburgh PS
Ross Maitland MU13 Newburgh PS
Bradley Marshall MU13 Falkland Trial Runners
Georgia Marshall FU11 Falkland Trail Runners
Megan Marshall FU9 Falkland Trail Runners
Daniel Oliver Martin MU15 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Grace Matthews FU15 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Kieran Matthews MU13 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Ella McGeorge FU13  
Katie McGhie FU15 Wormit Runners
Tara McGhie FU13  
Lyle McKelvie MU9  
Emerson McNeil FU11 Kirkton of Largo Primary School
Abigail McNeilly FU9 Ceres ps
Alex McNeilly MU11 Ceres ps
Freddie Melville MU11  
Freya Melville FU9  
Jack Milne - Akermo MU9  
Theo Milne -Akermo MU9  
Ella Morenikeji FU9 N/a
Josh Morenikeji MU11 N/a
Lucy Nuttall FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Rhys Nuttall MU11 Fife Athletic Club
Kaz O'Connor MU11 Ceres Primary School
Rory O’Hare MU9 Letham PS
Rowan O’Hare MU9 Letham PS
Stella Papathomas FU9  
Thomas Papathomas MU11  
Fraser Passway MU15 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Isabella Passway FU13 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Bertran Penacchio MU9  
Guillem Penacchio MU15 Fife Athletic Club
Martí Penacchio MU13 Fife Athletic Club
Adam Phillips MU15 East Fife Tri Juniors
Robbie Phillips MU11 East Fife Tri Juniors
Bruce Pickard MU13 N/a
Jennifer Pickard FU15 Fife Athletic Club
Thomas Pickard MU13 N/a
Joseph Placentino MU15 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Sophia Placentino FU9 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Indigo Pratt FU11 Fife Athletic Club
James Reid MU13 St Columbas primary school
Peter Reid MU11 St Columbas primary school
Jake Reynolds MU11  
Murray Robertson MU11  
Struan Robertson MU13  
Eden Russell FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Tilly Russell FU11 Fife Athletic Club
Andrew Sanderson MU13 St Columbas primary school
Michael Sanderson MU18 Fife Athletic Club
Tejay Scott MU18 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Tianah Scott FU13 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Willow Scott FU13 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Fletcher Smith MU11  
Katie Smith FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Libby Smith FU18 Fife Athletic Club
Rebecca Smith FU9 Kirkton of Largo PS
Hannah Staal FU15 Cupar and District Swimming Club
Maia Staal FU11 Fife Athletic Club
Amelia Stephen FU9  
Donald Stevenson MU11 St Columbas primary school
Fraser Stewart MU13 Fife Athletic Club
Walter Stewart MU9 Ceres Primary
William Stewart MU11 Ceres Primary
Anna Suttie FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Archie Suttie MU13 Fife Athletic Club
Cillian Sweeney MU9 BALMULLO
Freja Sweeney FU18 BALMULLO
Esmee Thoms FU15 Fife Athletic Club
Isla Thoms FU13 Fife Athletic Club
Andrew Thomson MU18 PH Racing
Deryn Trewartha FU9 East Fife Tri Juniors
Struan Trewartha MU11 East Fife Tri Juniors
Maisie Watson FU15 Cupar and District Swimming Club
Ava Webster FU13  
Jack Webster MU13  
David Wedderburn MU11 St Columbas primary school
Lewis Whittingham MU11  
Willow Williams FU9 Elie Primary School
James Wright MU9  
Sanna Wright FU11  
Frida Young FU9 Elie Primary School
Tegan Young FU11 Fife Athletic Club

167 Entries

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