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STAG's 20th Glasgow Parks Champions

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Sunday 2nd December 2018

Name Class Club
Ben Brown M18 ESOC
Thomas Eriksen M21 STAG
Andrew Lindsay M21 ESOC
Louis MacMillan M16 ECKO
Alastair Mccartney M14 CLYDE
Ewan Mccartney M12 CLYDE
Craig Nolan M21 ESOC
Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg M21 STAG
Jeff Powell DaviesFacebookTwitter M35 BL

9 Entries

Name Class Club
Colin Brash M50 STAG
Walter ClarkTwitter M40 ESOC
Brad ConnorFacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStrava M45 FVO
Jon Cross M50 FVO
Alastair Dunlop M45 CLYDE
Terry JohnstoneFacebookStrava M50 ESOC
Nick Langley M45 CLYDE
Gordon MacMillan M50 ECKO
Stuart Mccartney M50 CLYDE
John McKendrick M45 STAG
Andy PatersonFacebookTwitterAttackpointStrava M50 CLYDE
Dave Robertson M50 CLYDE

12 Entries

Name Class Club
Keith BrownFacebookTwitter M55 ESOC
James Crawford M60 GO
Ian Davidson M60 CLYDE
Crawford Lindsay M60 ESOC
Gary Longhurst M55 FVO
Ian Maxwell M55 RR
Robert Neil M60 FVO
David Nichol M60 AYROC
Donald Petrie M60 CLYDE
Keith Roberts M55 MAROC
Gerard Thomson M60 STAG

11 Entries

Name Class Club
Dougie Condy M65 AYROC
Leslie Dalgleish M65 ESOC
Robert Findlay M70 ESOC
Ian Hendrie M65 FVO
Alastair Lessells M70 ESOC
Robert Philp M70 KFO
Ian Pyrah M70 ESOC
Roger Scrutton M70 ESOC
Pat Squire M70 INT
Bill Stevenson M65 ESOC
Robin Strain M65 ELO
John Topping M65 CLYDE

12 Entries

Name Class Club
Bill Melville M75 TAY

1 Entry

Name Class Club
Hazel Dean W55 FVO
Laura Hendrie W21 FVO
Jura MacMillan W18 ECKO
Kirstin Maxwell W21 RR
Marta Szydlowska W35 STAG

5 Entries

Name Class Club
Carol Burnapp W50 ECKO
Leonne Hutchinson W45 ESOC
Bridget KhursheedTwitter W50 RR
Louise Longhurst W50 FVO
Susannah Macmillan W50 ECKO
Sally Mccartney W50 CLYDE
Marsela McLeod W50 INVOC
Helena Nolan W50 ESOC
Beccy Osborn W45 FVO
Hanne Robertson W45 ESOC
Joanna Schreiber W50 STAG
Marie Claire Shankland W50 FVO

12 Entries

Name Class Club
Alison Cunningham W55 ESOC
Carol Edwards W60 BL
Fiona Hendrie W55 FVO
Helen James W55 STAG
Jan Kersel W60 ECKO
Sally Lindsay W60 ESOC
Sheelagh Nichol W60 AYROC
Amelia Petrie W60 CLYDE

8 Entries

Name Class Club
Margaret Dalgleish W65 ESOC
Fiona Findlay W65 ESOC
Kathleen Lessells W70 ESOC
Eleanor Pyrah W70 ESOC
Anne Stevenson W70 ESOC
Sheila Strain W70 ELO

6 Entries

Name Class Club
Katharine Melville W75 TAY

1 Entry

Name Class Club
Megan Brown W10 ESOC
Jamie Connor M12 FVO
Adam Fayed M10 STAG
Jamie Lawlor M16 ESOC
Joseph Lawlor M14 ESOC
Rowan Lawlor M12 ESOC
Iris MacMillan W14 ECKO
Calum Robertson M10 ESOC
Kirsten Robertson W14 CLYDE
Maja Robertson W12 ESOC
Tom Tynan M12 ESOC

11 Entries

Name Class Club
Eilidh Connor W10 FVO
Senan Lawlor M10 ESOC

2 Entries

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