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Wadsworth Trog

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Saturday 2nd February 2019

Name Class Club
Stephen Ainsworth M60 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Simon Aitchison MSEN -Individual-
Colin Allott MSEN Goyt Valley Striders
Simon Anderton M50 Todmorden Harriers
Andy Armstrong M40 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Kim AshworthInstagram WSEN Todmorden Harriers
Giles Bailey M50 Meltham AC
Belinda Baquero WSEN Pudsey & Bramley AC
Nick Barber M40 Todmorden Harriers
Stephen Bark M40 Lincoln & District Runners
Jill BartonFacebookTwitterInstagram W40 Rochdale Harriers & AC
Joe BaxterTwitterInstagramStrava MSEN Pudsey & Bramley AC
Nick Beanland M40 .
Ben Beckwith MSEN Todmorden Harriers
Carlos Bedson M50 Cheshire Hill Racers
Phill BeecroftTwitter MSEN Calder Valley Fell Runners
Owen Beilby M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Jim Bennett M40 Unattached
Melanie Blackhurst W50 Todmorden Harriers
Anil Bose M50 Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers
Simon Bourke M50  
John Bramwell M40 Rochdale Harriers & AC
Paul Brannigan M50 Todmorden Harriers
Andrew BrittonFacebookTwitterStrava M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Graeme Brown M40 Todmorden Harriers
Verity Brown WSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Tim Buck MSEN Unattached
Martin Bullock M50 Pudsey Pacers RC
James Byrne M40 Ambleside AC
Lisa Carter W40 Radcliffe AC
Xavier Chaduc M40  
Oliver Cheyne MSEN Bingley Harriers & AC
Maxwell Cole M40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Oliver Cook M50 Long Eaton Running Club
Wally Coppelov M60 Newburgh Nomads RC
Elaine Corcoran W40 Trawden Athletic Club
James Crook M40 Trawden Athletic Club
Ian Cross M50 Craven Energy
David Culpan M50 Stainland Lions Running Club
Sian Davies WSEN Rothwell Harriers & AC
Lawrence Day M40 Ambleside AC
Tim Dempsey MSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Zoe Dijkman WSEN Todmorden Harriers
Pete Dimitrijevic M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Sam Downey M40 Keighley & Craven AC
Friedrich-Wilhelm Duenbier M60 Newburgh Nomads RC
John Duff M50 Northumberland Fell Runners
William Duggan M50 Bingley Harriers & AC
Matt Dunn. M40 Holcombe Harriers
Chris Elliott M40  
Paul Evans MSEN Elvet Striders
Toby Evans M40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Andrew Fairburn MSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Russell Fairhurst M50 Keighley & Craven AC
Kate Farley W40 Bingley Harriers & AC
Joshua Fenton-GlynnTwitter MSEN  
Ian Ferguson M50 Bingley Harriers & AC
Martyn Finn M50 Unattached
Simon Fisher M40 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Leon Flesher M40 Wesham Road Runners & AC
Andy FordFacebookTwitterInstagramPower of 10 MSEN Horwich R M I Harriers
Andrew FosterTwitter M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Alex Frost M50 Rochdale Harriers & AC
Chris FunnellFacebook M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Ewan GibbTwitterStrava MSEN Saltaire Striders
Andy Gibbons MSEN Bingley Harriers & AC
Christopher Goddard M40 Todmorden Harriers
Karl Gray M40 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Phil Gray M50 FRA
Daniel Greenwood M40 Meltham AC
Martin Greenwood MSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Liam Gribben MSEN  
Robert Halstead M50 Todmorden Harriers
Hinda Hardaker W40 Keighley & Craven AC
Julia Hartley W40 Accrington Road Runners
Roger Haworth M50 Todmorden Harriers
Norman Hayhurst M50  
Paul HeskethFacebookStrava M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Christopher Hewitson M40  
Shaun Heys MSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Vicky Heys W40 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Mike Hill M50 Wilmslow Running Club
Richard Hindle M60 Keighley & Craven AC
Lucy Hobbs W40 Todmorden Harriers
Paul Hobbs M40 Todmorden Harriers
Paul Hodgson M40 Durham Fell Runners
Robert Holdsworth MSEN Todmorden Harriers
Ben HolmesFacebook MSEN Todmorden Harriers
Kevin Hoult M40 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Martin Howard MU21 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Max Howard M60 Retford AC
Robert Howard M50 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Paul Hunt M50 Goyt Valley Striders
Scott Hutchinson M40 -Individual-
Imtiaz Ilahi M40 Unattached
Jack InghamFacebookStrava MSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Richard IrvineTwitter M40 Valley Striders AC
Rob Jebb M40 Helm Hill Runners
Alastair JewsburyFacebookStrava MSEN Bingley Harriers & AC
Simon Jones M50 Bingley Harriers & AC
Hadrian Knight M40 Rothwell Harriers & AC
Jonathan Lane M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Roger Laycock M60 Settle Harriers
Dom LeckieFacebookInstagramStrava MSEN Todmorden Harriers
Christopher Leech M60 Leighton Buzzard Triathlon Club
Eddie Lesniak M60 Achille Ratti Climbing Club
Jake Lodge MSEN Meltham AC
William Lowe M60 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Stephen Lysaczenko M50 Quantock Orienteers
Kate Mansell W40 Todmorden Harriers
Tom Marler MSEN Chorlton Runners
Pauline May WSEN Todmorden Harriers
Andreas Mayer M40 Valley Striders AC
Charlie Mcintosh M50 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Brian Melia M50 Ilkley Harriers AC
Michael MillsTwitter M40 Unattached
Elise Milnes W50 Todmorden Harriers
Simon MoffattPower of 10 M50 Harrogate Harriers & AC
Edward MorrisInstagram M40  
Henry MorrisTwitter MSEN  
Robert Morrison M40 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
David Murphy M50 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Natalie Murphy W50 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Ben Myers MSEN Pickering Running Club
Thomas Needham MSEN Bingley Harriers & AC
Craig NevilleFacebookTwitterStrava M40 -Individual-
Gavin O'ConnorTwitter MSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Lindsay Palmer W50 Glossopdale Harriers
Rebecca Patrick W40 Todmorden Harriers
Richard Pattinson M50  
Stephen Pattison M60 Pudsey Pacers RC
Susie Pedder W40 Trawden Athletic Club
Andrew Petrie M40 Stadium Runners
Jean Powell W50 Wharfedale Harriers
Louise Preston WSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Catriona Purdy W40 North Leeds Fell Runners
David RalphsFacebook M50 Kayleigh's Fitness Run Club
Dave ReynierTwitter M40 Ilkley Harriers AC
Matthew Richardson MSEN Saltaire Striders
Duncan Ritchie M40 Todmorden Harriers
Tony Rivers M50 Airecentre Pacers RC
Andrew Roberts M50 Congleton Harriers
Matthew Robinson M40 Unattached
Jonathan Iqbal Robun M40 Saltaire Striders
Gary Rogerson M40 26.2 Road Runners Club
James Rooney M40 St Helens Tri
John RostronTwitterInstagramStrava M40 -Individual-
Peter Rowe M50  
Andrew Sandercock MSEN North Leeds Fell Runners
Jonathan SangsterInstagram MSEN Burnden Road Runners
Barbara Savage W50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Jackie Scarf W50 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Phil Scarf M50 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Matthew Seddon MSEN Pudsey & Bramley AC
Lee Shimwell MSEN Calder Valley Fell Runners
John Singh MSEN Saltaire Striders
Steven Sladdin MSEN Halifax Harriers & AC
Andrew SmithFacebook M50 Queensbury Running Club
Nathan Smith M40 Harrogate Harriers & AC
Chris SnellStrava MSEN Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
David Soles M50 Pennine Fell Runners
Craig Stansfield M50 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Craig Storozuk MSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Tim StraughanFacebookTwitterStrava M50 Valley Striders AC
Andrew Sugden M50 Fell Runners Association
Craig Sutherland M60 Middleton Harriers AC
Ken Sutor M40 Cheshire Hash House Harriers
Mike Symons M50  
Nik Tarrega WSEN York Knavesmire Harriers
Edwin Tate M40 Unattached
Dan Taylor M40 Todmorden Harriers
Sharon Taylor WSEN Helm Hill Runners
John Telfer M50 Northumberland Fell Runners
John Thompson M50 Newburgh Nomads RC
Bryan Thorpe M50 York Knavesmire Harriers
Terry Tillotson M40 Rothwell & District Harriers
Ben Timbers M40 Keighley & Craven AC
James Tingle MSEN Unattached
Darren Tweed M40 Todmorden Harriers
Colin WalkerFacebookStrava M40 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Neil WallaceFacebookTwitter M40 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Christine Waller WSEN -Individual-
George Waller MSEN  
Mark Walsh M50 Horwich R M I Harriers
David Ward M40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Andrew Webster M40 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Allon Welsh M50 Northumberland Fell Runners
Mark WhelanFacebookStravaPower of 10 M50 Goyt Valley Striders
Guy Whitmore M50 Todmorden Harriers
Mark WhittakerTwitter M40 Unattached
Matthew Wilcock M50 Trawden Athletic Club
Paul Wilkinson MSEN  
Robert WilkinsonTwitter M40 Ribble Valley Tri Club
Fiona Williams WSEN Rochdale Harriers & AC
J Robert WilliamsFacebook M40 Bingley Harriers & AC
Stuart Wolstenholme M40 Todmorden Harriers
Ian Wood M50 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Jack Wood MSEN Ilkley Harriers AC
Andrew Worster MSEN Todmorden Harriers
Jonathan YoungStrava MSEN Kirkstall Harriers

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