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Aonach Mor Uphill 2019 (New Year)

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Tuesday 1st January 2019

Name Class Club
Morag Aitken FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Sam Alexander M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Derek Arnot MV60 Unknown Runner
Andrew Barr M Forres Harriers
Elizabeth Barr FV50 Forres Harriers
Kathryn Barr F Forres Harriers
Nick Barr MV50 Forres Harriers
Owen Bass MV50 Deeside Runners
Ros Baxter FV40 Insch Trail Running Club
Alfie Bentley M Lochaber Athletic Club
Iona Bergin F Lochaber Athletic Club
Peter Berrie MV60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Amanda Blackhall FV40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Kristopher Blake M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Alistair Boyer M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Robbie Cant MV40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Samson Collier M  
Ritchie Collins MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Pete Conway M Lochaber Athletic Club
John Cooper M Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
Sonia Cooper F  
Ruth Crewe F Westerlands Cross Country Club
Stuart Crutchfield M Lochaber Athletic Club
Laura Cumming F  
Shaun Cumming M  
Kerry Cunningham F Westerlands Cross Country Club
Roddy Cunningham M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Steven Darby M  
Arlene Ditchfield FV40 Oban Mountain Goats
James Ditchfield MV40 Oban Mountain Goats
Enrico Donghi M  
George Douglas MV50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Lorna Douglas FV50  
Christoff Du Plessis M Lochaber Athletic Club
David Duncan MV60 Ochil Hill Runners
Davy Duncan MV50  
Sarah DunnFacebookAttackpoint FV50 Deeside Runners
Marie Entwistle FV40 Deeside Runners
Leyre Flores F Westerlands Cross Country Club
Stuart Forrest M Highland Hill Runners
Damian Forster MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Katy Forster FV50 Lochtayside
Nicola ForsterFacebook FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Callum Fraser M Lochaber Athletic Club
Sandra Gunn FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Robert HamlinStrava M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Dougie Harvey M  
Rebecca Helliwell FV40 Mid Argyll Tri
Edie Isobel HemstockTwitterInstagram F Lochaber Athletic Club
Katie Henderson FV40 Deeside Runners
Sara Henry FV40 Deeside Runners
John Hepburn MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Alison Johnston FV50 Hunters Bog Trotters
Angus Kay MV50 Lochtayside
Sam Kerr F  
Paula Laidler F Blyth Running Club
Donald Lamont M Lochaber Athletic Club
Naomi LawrieFacebook FV40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Phil Lee MV40  
Victoria Lee FV40  
Helen Leggett FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Victoria Leiper F Shettleston Harriers
Selin Leuch F  
Miss Lund F Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies
Niall Alisdair MacBeath MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Arlene MacDiarmid FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Iain Macdonald MV50 Forres Harriers
William MacDonald MV60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Alasdair MacInnes M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Stewart Mackay MV40  
Gordon Mackenzie MV40 Scottish Police Athletics
Eugene MackieInstagram M Highland Hill Runners
Barrie MacKinnon M Lochaber Athletic Club
Jason Mackinnon M  
Hugh MacKintosh MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Anita Maclean FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Lisa Maclean FV40  
Robert Maclean MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Crispin Mason M  
Kenny Mcallister MV40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Gavin McCollInstagram M  
Craig McGougan M Lochaber Athletic Club
Rebecca McKenzie F  
Ryan McKenzie MV40 Highland Hill Runners
Marie MeldrumFacebookInstagramStrava FV40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Craig Mitchell MV40 Vegan Runners UK
John Moffat MV50 Highland Hill Runners
Alastair Morton M U/A
Philip Mowbray MV40 Hunters Bog Trotters
Eilidh Moynihan F BNRA
David Munro MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Graham Munro MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Chris Murray M  
Jon Murray MV40  
Jon Musgrave MV50 Deeside Runners
Joanna Ness FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Alex Oliver MV40 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
David Oliver MV50 Deeside Runners
Jane Oliver FV50 Deeside Runners
Mikayla Parton F  
Brenda Paul FV40 Westerlands Cross Country Club
David PayneStrava MV40  
Emma Pearce FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Sophie Philbrick F Westerlands Cross Country Club
Stuart Pringle MV40 Deeside Runners
Angela Reid FV40 North Ayrshire Athletics Club
Susan-Jane Ross FV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Robert Russell M  
Nick Sedgwick M Lochaber Athletic Club
Trevor Shaw MV50 Lochtayside
Geoff Simpson MV50 Hunters Bog Trotters
Geoff Simpson MV50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Ben Stansfield MV50 Forth Valley Orienteers
Clare Stansfield F Forth Valley Orienteers
Daniel Stansfield M Forth Valley Orienteers
Josie Stansfield FV40 Forth Valley Orienteers
Helen Stewart F  
Ian Strachan MV60  
Jamie Strachan M Thame Runners
Ewan Taylor M PH Racing Club
Gordie Taylor MV50 Highland Hill Runners
Damien Theaker MV50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Mick Tighe MV60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Steven Traill M Lochaber Athletic Club
Claire Marie Treasurer F Lochaber Athletic Club
Esmond TresidderFacebookTwitter M Lochaber Athletic Club
John Urquhart MV50 Keith & District AAC
Emilie Vrain F  
Alistair Walker M Deeside Runners
Ben Wallace M Glaxo Hoad Hill Harriers
Lisette Walter F Lochaber Athletic Club
Neil Waslidge MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Dan Watson MV50 Lochtayside
Jonathan Weir MV40  
Mandy WilliamsFacebook FV40  
Alison Wilson FV40 Inverness Harriers
Colin Wilson MV50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Joan Wilson FV50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Stewart Wilson MV50 Highland Hill Runners
Sam Wood M My own fan club.

140 Entries

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