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The Run And Become Tinto Hill Race

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Saturday 10th November 2018

Name Class Club
David Adams M  
Katie Adams F  
Richard Airlie-Gilbert MV50 Unattached
Tricia Alston FV50 Interlopers
Adam Anderson MV50 Annan and District Athletic Club
Laurie Anderson MV50 lomond hill runners
Alastair AndrewTwitterStravaPower of 10 M Parnie Street Runners
Gergely Bajzath M Tinto Hill Runners
Duncan Ball MV50 Penicuik Harriers
Tommy Begley MV40 Irvine Running Club
Graham Benny MV70 Westerlands
Michelle Best FV40 Carnegie Harriers
Elspeth Bleakley F  
Raphael Bleakley M  
Kevin BloyFacebook MV50 Ayr Seaforth
Angus Bowman MV60 lomond hill runners
Jean Bowman FV60 lomond hill runners
Susan Breckenridge FV50 Shettleston Harriers
William Breckenridge MV50 Shettleston Harriers
Gareth Brown M North Ayrshire AC
Iain BrownStrava M Parnie Street Runners
Christopher ButlerStrava M Westerlands
Thomas Butler MV50 Ochil Hill Runners
Gillian Cairns FV40 Penicuik Harriers
Gordon Campbell MV40 Penicuik Harriers
Dave Christie M Unattached
Billy Colvin MV40 Penicuik Harriers
John Connaghan MV40 Shettleston Harriers
Alyson ConquerTwitterInstagram F  
Kieran Cooper M  
Richard CooperFacebookStravaPower of 10 MV40  
Alistair Cox MV40 Tinto Hill Runners
Malcolm Cox MV70  
Evan Crane M Motherwell Athletics Club
Charles Crawford M Penicuik Harriers
Ewan Crawford M Hunters Bog Trotters
Lindsay Cunningham MV40 Milburn Harriers
Yvonne Cunningham FV40 Milburn Harriers
Mark Cuthbertson MV40 Hartfell hill running club
Iain Davidson MV50 Girvan Harriers
Stewart Davidson MV60 Fife AC
Kevin DavieFacebook M Carnegie Harriers
John Donnelly MV50 Westerlands
George Douglas MV50 Westerlands
James DurwardLinkedIn M  
Ian Easton MV40 Westerlands
Dan FishStrava M Parnie Street Runners
Roderick Fleming M Westerlands
Karen Forsyth F Carnegie Harriers
Carole FortuneFacebook FV50 Harmeny AC
Colin FrameFacebookTwitterInstagramStravaPower of 10 M Parnie Street Runners
Gary Fraser MV50 Ochil Hill Runners
Andrew Fullwood MV50 Westerlands
David Fulton M Hunters Bog Trotters
Sam Gillies M  
Thomas Graham MV40  
Michael Greens M Penicuik Harriers
David Greig MV40 Carnegie Harriers
Dougie Harvey M  
Ian Hawkins MV50 Fife AC
Adam Hayward M Ochil Hill Runners
Walter Henderson MV50 Shettleston Harriers
Alistair Hindle MV40 Hunters Bog Trotters
Gordon Hobbs MV40 Unattached
Tom Hobbs MV50 Moorfoot Runners
Yan Horsburgh MV50 Gala Harriers
David Houston M Unattached
Chris Huntley MV60 Tinto Hill Runners
Iain Hutchinson MV40 Harmeny AC
Roger Irving MV50 Annan and District Athletic Club
Johnnie Johnston MV40  
Simon Johnston MV40 Falkirk Victoria Harriers
Stephen JohnstonFacebookInstagram MV50 Milburn Harriers
Davie Jones MV40 Ayr Seaforth
Tony Kane M  
Sadie KempFacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10LinkedIn FV40 Penicuik Harriers
Yvonne Kerr FV40 Hartfell hill running club
Gordon King MV40 Run Recover
Neil Little MV40 Hardrock hoodlums
Euan MacDonaldFacebookInstagram M Tinto Hill Runners
Ian Macintyre MV40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Fraser MacKenzie M Lochaber Athletic Club
Kirsty Mackenzie FV40 Unattached
Ruaraidh MacKenzie M Lochaber Athletic Club
Robert Maclean MV50 Lochaber Athletic Club
John Malcolm M Lothian Running Club
Craig MalcolmsonFacebook MV50 Dumfries Running Club
Billy Mathieson MV60 Strathaven Striders
Susie Maxwell FV40 Penicuik Harriers
Rachel Mcaleese F lauderdale limpers
Alasdair McCallum MV50 North Ayrshire AC
Mark McCallum MV40  
Kenny McDonald MV40 Bellahouston road runners
Ronnie McGavock MV50 Bellahouston road runners
Graham McIntyre MV60 Interlopers
Morag McIntyre FV50 Interlopers
Christopher McKiddieTwitter M Westerlands
Richard McLachlan M Hardrock hoodlums
Jean Mclennan FV50 Dunoon Hill Runners
Lorna McMillanFacebook FV40 Westerlands
Hugh McPherson MV70 Tinto Hill Runners
John Mcrobert MV40 Hardrock hoodlums
Jonathan Millar M Carnegie Harriers
Douglas Milligan MV70 Solway
Mark Milne MV50 Unattached
David Mitchell MV50 Kilmaurs
Luis Molero M lauderdale limpers
Arthur Mulholland MV50 East Kilbride
Ray Murdoch MV70 Lochaber Athletic Club
Craig Murphy MV50 Girvan Harriers
Stuart Murray MV40  
Owen O'Neill M Westerlands
Adam Park M Ochil Hill Runners
Archibald ParkFacebook MV50  
Lynsey Parker FV40 Maryhill harriers
David PenningtonFacebook MV60 Hartfell hill running club
Jane PenningtonFacebook FV50 Hartfell hill running club
Iain Pettigrew MV50 Ayr Seaforth
Sebastian Pflanz MV50 Dumfries Running Club
John Plenderleith M  
Kevin Plummer MV50 Hartfell hill running club
Louise Plummer FV50 Hartfell hill running club
Alastair Pringle MV50 Shettleston Harriers
Gordon Pryde MV60 lomond hill runners
Roderick Pugh MV60 Kilmarnock Harriers
Denise Purves FV40 lomond hill runners
Don Reid MV60 Westerlands
Colin Reynolds MV40 Carnegie Harriers
Hilary Ritchie FV50 Fife AC
Corrie Roberts F Harmeny AC
Jon Roberts MV50 Hinc Sanitas
Giles RuckTwitter MV50 Hunters Bog Trotters
Jennifer Ruddick F Westerlands
Jocelyn Scott FV60 Fife AC
Tom Scott MV60 Fife AC
Peter Simpson MV50 PH Racing Club
Stuart Simpson MV40 Stornoway Running and Athletics Club
Michelle Smart FV40 Carnegie Harriers
Janice Smith FV60 Hunters Bog Trotters
Phil Smithard MV70 Carnegie Harriers
David Stakes MV50 Unattached
John Stannard MV60 Hartfell hill running club
Iain Steele M Unattached
Emma Stewart F Dunoon Hill Runners
Sheila Strain FV70 Hunters Bog Trotters
Thomas Street MV40 Ayrshire Hill and Trail Runners
Alex Taylor M  
Michael Waddington MV40 Stewarton Ultra Runners
Craig Walker M  
Stewart Walker MV50  
Richard Wall MV60 Hunters Bog Trotters
Sandy WallaceFacebookTwitter MV60 Haddington Running Club
Mark Whitelaw MV40 Annan and District Athletic Club
Alison Whyte FV40 PH Racing Club
Thomas Whyte M Unattached
Graham Wilde MV40 Carnegie Harriers
Alan Wilson MV50 Tinto Hill Runners
Colin Wilson MV50 lomond hill runners
Iain Wilson MV50  
Joan Wilson FV50 lomond hill runners
Moira Wilson FV50  
Rob Wilson MV40 Penicuik Harriers

162 Entries

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