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Grasmere Gallop

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Saturday 1st June 2019

Name Class Club
Stuart Aston MV50  
Hannah Bailey FU16 Ackworth Road Runners
Jeannette Beaumont FV40 -Individual-
Kitty Bloomfield FU16 (no club)
Sue Bloomfield FV50 (no club)
Claire Callaghan FV50 -Individual-
Sandra Carleton FV50  
Keegan Carroll MU16  
Phil Carroll MV40  
Talisa Carroll FU16  
Gwyneth Clayton FV60 SOAP
Karen Coates FV50  
Dylan Courtney MU16 Salford Metropolitan AC
Lisa Courtney FV40 0
Niamh Courtney FU16 0
Julia Dunlop FV60 0
John Elliott MV50  
Dolores Flynn FU16  
Emerson Flynn MU16  
Louise Flynn F 0
Oscar Flynn MU16  
Annie Gardner-Aston FV40 Jogging Pals
Keir Gardner-Aston MU16 Jogging Pals
Adrian Hale MV40 -Individual-
Amelia Hathway FU16 (no club)
Owen Hathway FU16 (no club)
Poppy Hathway FU16 (no club)
James Hickton M (no club)
Karen Hickton FV40 Calder Valley Fell Runners
William Horobin MU16 Ackworth Road Runners
Georgie Johansen FU16 Durham City Harriers & AC
Jonny Johansen MU16 Durham City Harriers & AC
Alice Jones FU16 WESPA
Cassian Jones MU16 (no club)
Fiona Jones F (no club)
Sophia-Rae Jones FU16 (no club)
Kay Kavanagh FV50 Arran Runners
Lucy Law F 0
Margaret Maguire FV70 (no club)
Barbara Malley FV50 -Individual-
Adelaide Mather FU16 (no club)
Lisa Mather FV50 (no club)
Alasdair May MU16  
Douglas May MV40  
Kathryn May FV40  
Oscar Mayfield MU16  
Sophie Mayfield FU16  
Tracey Mayfield FV40  
Florence McGinnety FU16  
Hughie McGinnety MU16  
Sarah McGinnety FV40  
Simon McGinnety MV40  
Wendy RichardsonFacebook FV50  
Debbie Rickard FV50 Rock’ard Runners
Adele Robinson FV50 Rock’ard Runners
Alice Robinson FU16 Rock’ard Runners
K Smerdon F (no club)
William Spedding MU16  
Julie Steed FV50 (no club)
Lucy Stephen FV40 Bingham Tri Club
Martha Stephen FU16  
Phoebe Stephen FU16  
Sonia Suggars FV60 0
Alison Unsworth FV50  
Mick Unsworth MV50  
Claire Victoratos FV40  
Jack Victoratos MU16  
Sam Victoratos MU16  
Henry Wadeson MU16  
Imogen Wadeson FU16  
Steven Wadeson MV40  
Jack Wallace MU16  
Sarah Walton FV40 (no club)
Ben White MU16 -Individual-
Liz White FV40 -Individual-
Lucy White FU16 -Individual-
Sue Wilkes-Siddeley FV50 Rock’ard Runners
Michael Williams M (no club)
Oliver Willoughby MU16 Helm Hill Runners
Lennon Wilson MU16 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Ava Wright FU16 (no club)
Harry Wright MU16 (no club)

82 Entries

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