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Striders Trail 5

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Sunday 4th November 2018

Participant No. Name Class Club
2 Vincent Alcock MV40 Spectrum Striders
3 Steven Anders M St Helens Sutton AC
4 Michael Anderson M  
5 Alan Appleton MV60  
6 John Appleton M St Helens Sutton AC
7 Katherine AshworthFacebook FV40  
8 Emma Atherton F  
9 Mark Atherton MV40 Widnes Running Club
10 Peter Atkin M Liverpool Running Club
11 Carl Balshaw MV40 Penny Lane Striders
12 Stephen Barker MV40 Bandstanders
13 John Barr MV60 Bandstanders
14 Caroline Barrow FV40 Widnes Running Club
15 David Barrow MV60 Kirkby Milers AC
16 Ed Beattie MV40  
17 Alex Bentley M Liverpool Running Bugs
18 Nic Beveridge F  
19 Anthony Beyga MV60 Kirkby Milers AC
20 Christine Beyga FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
21 Chris Birkett MV40  
22 Claire Birkett FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
23 Jonathan Birkett MV40  
24 Lee Birkett MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
25 James Blundell M Spectrum Striders
26 Andrew Boulger MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
27 Alan Brady MV60 Spectrum Striders
28 Sarah Brewster F Moorside Park Run Club
29 Helen Broderick FV40 St Helens Tri
30 David Brown MV50 Warrington Running Club
31 Nicola Brown FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
32 Catherine Brownlow F  
33 Angie Byron FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
34 Jason Calland MV40  
35 Robbie Campbell MV40 Widnes Running Club
36 Greg Carns MV50 St Helens Sutton AC
37 Kieron Carr MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
38 Sarah-Jane Carroll F Kirkby Milers AC
39 Michelle Cartin FV40  
40 Louise Casey F Widnes Running Club
41 Mark Challinor MV40 Bandstanders
42 Rachel Chandler F Liverpool Running Bugs
43 Stephanie Charman FV60 Knowsley Harriers
44 Jayne Louise Cheetham FV40 Warrington Running Club
45 Simon Clare M Kirkby Milers AC
46 John Clarke MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
47 Sarah Coates F Wigan & District H & AC
48 Michael Connor MV50 Penny Lane Striders
49 Barry Conway MV50  
50 Gemma Conway F Kirkby Milers AC
51 Lurdes Corlett FV50 Penny Lane Striders
52 Kev Cornwell M Liverpool Harriers & AC
53 Leanne Court F Kirkby Milers AC
54 Matthew Cox M  
55 Rachel Craig FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
56 Tony Craig MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
57 Richard Craven MV40  
58 Deb Crawley FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
59 Paul Crosby MV50 (no club)
60 John Dale M Widnes Running Club
61 Katy Davitt FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
62 Jonathan Dobson M UKRunChat Running Club
63 Stephanie Donald F Kirkby Milers AC
64 Paul Donnell MV40  
65 Philip Dowd MV40 Mersey Tri
66 Andy Drillingcourt MV50 Bandstanders
67 Heather Drillingcourt F Bandstanders
68 Graham Driver MV50 Spectrum Striders
69 Andy Duff MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
70 Kevin Dunbar MV40 St Helens Tri
71 Mark Dunn M Kirkby Milers AC
72 Joanna Durkin F (no club)
73 Ian Dutton MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
74 Vicky Dyas FV40 Bandstanders
75 Kerry Eddleston F Bandstanders
76 David Edwards MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
77 Jackie Ellis FV50  
78 James Ellis M Kirkby Milers AC
79 Jen Ely F Liverpool Running Bugs
80 Joanne Evans F Knowsley Harriers
81 Kirstin Farrar FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
82 James Featherstone MV50 (no club)
83 Katie Fielding F Liverpool Running Bugs
84 Adam Fitzsimmons M Kirkby Milers AC
85 Bethany Forber F Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
86 Christine Forber FV40 Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
87 Michael Forber MV40 Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
88 Andrew Forrest MV40  
89 Karon Foster FV50 Spectrum Striders
90 Owen Gallagher MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
91 Jennifer Gannon F  
92 Tony Gartside MV50 Bandstanders
93 Andrew Gaskell MV50 Spectrum Striders
94 Lisa Gawthorne F Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton H AC
95 Lyndsey Gilbey F  
96 Kirsty Giller F Kirkby milers
97 Andrew Glen MV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
98 Tracey Goble FV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
99 Adele Gold FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
100 Helen Goldsmith FV40 Warrington Running Club
101 Jake Goodwin M Kirkby Milers AC
102 Paul Goodwin MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
103 Jenny Gordon FV40 Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
104 B Graney MV50 St Helens Sutton AC
105 Deborah Grannell F Kirkby Milers AC
106 Ann Green FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
107 Linda Greengrass FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
108 Thomas Griffiths M St Helens Sutton AC
109 Adam Hall M Liverpool Running Bugs
110 Anita HallFacebookTwitter FV50 (no club)
111 Mark Hall MV40  
112 Suzanne Hall F Liverpool Running Bugs
113 Clinton Halsall MV40 Bandstanders
114 Alan Hampson MV60 Liverpool Running Bugs
115 Paul Hancock MV50 Wigan & District H & AC
116 Tanya Hancock FV40 Wigan & District H & AC
117 Kevin Harrison MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
118 Rebecca Harrison FU20 Kirkby Milers AC
119 Sharon Harrison FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
120 Tony Hart MV40 Fylde Coast Runners
121 Pat Helsby FV60 Kirkby Milers AC
122 Ian Hewitt MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
123 Phillip Hewitt MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
124 Vicky Hewitt FV50 Bandstanders
125 Dawn Hibbs FV40  
126 Andrew Hogan MV40  
127 Janet Holmes FV60 St Helens Sutton AC
128 Pauline Horsfall FV60 Widnes Running Club
129 Robert Hough MV40 Spectrum Striders
130 George Houghton MU20 St Helens Tri
131 Lynette Houghton FV40 St Helens Tri
132 Stephen Houghton MV50  
133 Ashley Hughes M Bandstanders
134 Becky Hughes F Bandstanders
135 Elaine Hughes FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
136 Neil Hunter MV40 St Helens Tri
137 Andrew Hurst M (no club)
138 John Irwin MV70 St Helens Sutton AC
139 Kate Johnson FV40 Spectrum Striders
140 Stuart Johnson M Spectrum Striders
141 David Jones MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
142 Elaine Jones FV40 Liverpool Running Club
143 Kate JonesInstagram F  
144 Michael Kay MV40 Warrington Running Club
145 Karen Kelly FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
146 Mathew Kelly MV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
147 Helen Kelsall F Kirkby Milers AC
148 Gary Kilshaw MV40  
149 Danika Leahey F Kirkby Milers AC
150 Barbara Leather FV50 Fylde Coast Runners
151 Christopher Lee MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
152 Andrew Leslie M Widnes Running Club
153 Katie Lloyd F Liverpool Running Bugs
154 Philip Lloyd MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
155 Debbie Lodge FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
156 Kev LogueTwitter M  
157 Sean Loughran MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
158 Tom Loughran M Kirkby Milers AC
159 Alan Lowry MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
160 Dave Lynch MV40  
161 Catherine Lyon F Spectrum Striders
162 Nicola Maddock FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
163 Stephen Maddock MV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
164 Graham Maguire MV50 Fylde Coast Runners
165 Ciaran MarronStrava M Kirkby Milers AC
166 Sharon Martin FV40 Knowsley Harriers
167 Ben Mason M Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
168 Jayne Mason F Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
169 Andy Mcallister MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
170 Thea McCarten FV40 Bandstanders
171 Kevin McCooey M Bandstanders
172 Danielle McEwanInstagram F Liverpool Running Bugs
173 Frances McGlynn FV60  
174 James McGlynnFacebook MV60 Wigan & District H & AC
175 Sharon McGough FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
176 Gary McGovern MV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
177 Luke McGovern M Liverpool Running Bugs
178 Sandra Mcgreavy FV50 Widnes Running Club
179 Sarah McKenna F Kirkby Milers AC
180 Steve Mckenzie MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
181 Claudia Mclean FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
182 Alison Medlicott FV50 Warrington Running Club
183 Paul Meehan MV50 Fylde Coast Runners
184 Krista Mellor F  
185 Annmaria Miller FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
186 Michael Miller MV50  
187 Bhav Mistry FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
188 Alex Mitchell M Liverpool Running Bugs
189 Sonya Monaghan FV40  
190 Alan Moore MV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
191 Ann Moore FV60 Liverpool Running Bugs
192 Lee Moore M Kirkby Milers AC
193 Sue Morris FV60 Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
194 Janet Mullin FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
195 Tim Murphy MV50 Spectrum Striders
196 Rachel Murray FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
197 Paul MyersTwitter MV40  
198 Phil O'RourkeTwitter MV50 Liverpool Running Club
199 Carrie O'Brien F Kirkby Milers AC
200 Mick Obrien MV50 Knowsley Harriers
201 Natalie O'Brien F Kirkby Milers AC
202 Michael Palmer M Liverpool Running Bugs
203 Michelle Partington FV50 Wigan & District H & AC
204 Craig Pearce MV40  
205 Daniel Peers M Spectrum Striders
206 Carol Platt FV60 Kirkby Milers AC
207 Jennie Platt F Liverpool Harriers & AC
208 Simon PooleStrava MV40  
209 Katie Pownell F Knowsley Harriers
210 Wesley Preston M (no club)
211 Ian Rivers MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
212 Eddie Roberts MV40 Knowsley Harriers
213 Ian Roberts MV40 St Helens Sutton AC
214 Rachel Roberts MV40 Knowsley Harriers
215 Matt Sanderson MV40 Warrington Running Club
216 Cathy Sankey F Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
217 Dave Shearman MV40 Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
218 Rachel SimmFacebookTwitter F Wigan & District H & AC
219 John Simpkin MV50 Fylde Coast Runners
220 Ian Sinnott MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
221 Hayley Smallman FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
222 John Smith MV40 (no club)
223 Lesley Smith FV50  
224 Nicola Smith F Kirkby Milers AC
225 Brenda Spotswood FV40 Swinton Running Club
226 Sava Stevens MV40 Mad runners
227 Christopher SullivanTwitterStrava MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
228 Gill Swadkins FV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
229 Mollie Swadkins F Liverpool Running Bugs
230 Joanne Swallow F Kirkby Milers AC
231 Sharon Swift FV50 Bandstanders
232 Lesley Syms FV50 (no club)
233 Beth Taylore FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
234 Craig Tessyman M Fylde Coast Runners
235 Jane Tetlow FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
236 Kay Thompson FV40 Warrington Running Club
237 Claire Tipton F Knowsley Harriers
238 Sarah Underhill F  
239 Vicky Unsworth F Liverpool Harriers & AC
240 Lynn Vickers FV50 Southport Waterloo AC
241 Matthew Whalley M Kirkby Milers AC
242 James Williams M Kirkby Milers AC
243 Ant Wilson MV40 100 Marathon Club
244 Paul Wilson MV50 Widnes Running Club
245 Gary Wilton MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
246 Susan Workman FV50  
247 Rebecca Worsley FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
248 Dennis Yarwood MV50 Spectrum Striders

247 Entries

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