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Derwent Water Dawdle

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Saturday 27th April 2019

Name Class Club
Sophie Abdy F  
Beyhan Akyollu F Knaresborough Striders
Lesley Allison F Eden Runners
Mike Allison M Eden Runners
Joanne Anderson F Sunderland Strollers
Nick Archer M  
Rachel Archer F Swinton Running Club
David Arthur M  
Edwin ArthurTwitterInstagram M Trail running association
Laura Arthur F  
David Baglee M Eden Runners
Paul Bailey M  
Marie BainbridgeInstagram F Derwent Valley Trail Runners
Stephen Bainbridge M  
Steven Barnsley M LDWA
Tom Beach M Royston Runners
Joanne Beahan F unattached
Steven Beahan M unattached
Michael Beech M Raikes Road Running Club
Gillian Bell F Tynedale Harriers
Harry Berger M St bees triers
Anne Berry F Wesham Road Runners
Tawera Beveridge F Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Dan BiggsTwitter M Calder Valley Fell Runners
Kirsty-Jane Birch F Pennine
Andy Birkbeck M Red Rose Road Runners
Abby Bland F  
Louise Bland F N/A
Becca Bolton F  
Christine Bond F I do no have a club
Stuart Bond M Skipton AC
Kate Bowden F Glossopdale Harriers
Judith Bowron F  
Lee Bradbury M  
Elizabeth Breheny F Kayleigh’s fitness run club
Adam Bridges M Run Peterlee
Jill Bridges F Run Peterlee
Ian Brieley M  
Annette Brown F  
Gareth Brown M North Ayrshire AC
Duncan Bruce M North Ayrshire AC
Sally Buckworth F unattached
Helen BullockTwitterInstagram F Derwent Valley Trail Runners
Sally Burns F  
Steve Burton M  
Andrew Butler M  
Jacqueline Candlish F Saltwell Harriers
Jessica Cartwright F  
Bryony Catlow F  
Leonie Caul F Kayleigh’s fitness
Dave ChalkFacebookStrava M  
Russell Charlton M pickering
Ursula Cheetham F Kayleigh’s fitness run club
Alisa Cherry F  
Tricia ClarkTwitterInstagram F Morpeth Harriers
Phil ClaytonFacebookTwitter M Black Combe Runners
Lucy Colquhoun F N/A
Janette Covell F Red Rose Road Runners
Simon Cowling M  
Jennifer Crocker F LDWA
Jon CrooksFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M Royton Road Runners
Rob Cross M I do no have a club
Catherine Cuthbert F Wallasey AC
Philip Cuthbert M  
Charlie DayInstagram M  
Claire Denny F N/A
Lucy DenverInstagram F unattached
James DickinsonFacebook M SCARAB TRI
Rachel Donaldson F  
John Donnelly M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Emily Dore F  
Jayne Dore F  
Paul Dye M Cumberland Fell Runners
Mark EdwardsFacebook M LDWA
Billy Elliott M Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Darren Elliott M  
Dorothy Elliott F Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Mark Evans M  
Anthony Fahy M  
Dawn Fahy F Burgess Hill Runners
Janet Finn F  
Mark Finn M  
Kim Firstbrook F Tynedale Harriers
Laura Fleming F  
Leon Flesher M Wesham Road Runners
David Foley M  
Kenneth Fordyce M Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Nigel Forster M  
Claire Forsyth F N/A
Kevin FoxTwitter M  
Clive Fraser M  
Linda Gant F  
Chrissy Geist F Warrington Running club
Andrew GerrardInstagram M Wigan Phoenix
Steven GilliganStrava M Westerlands Cross Country Club
Kenny Goodliffe M N/A
Katherine Gordon F  
Michele Grainger F  
Marilyn Grant F  
Steve Grant M unattached
Angela GreenFacebookInstagram F Kayleigh’s fitness run club
Michelle Griffiths F Red Rose Road Runners
Ben Grove M unattached
Jessica Hale F N/A
Gillian Halhead F  
Andrea Harbourne F Northern Fells Running Club
David Harbourne M Northern Fells Running Club
Paul Hart M Dumfries Running Club
Tony Hart M Fylde Coast Runners
Sarah Haslam F Red Rose Road Runners
Robert Hemingway M  
Malcolm Hetherington M  
Sophia Hickinson F  
Nigel Hierons M Eden Runners
Phil Howarth M SCARAB TRI
Kate Hurr F SWPT
Stephanie Illingworth F Parbold Pink Panthers
Alan Jackson M Pocklington runners
Alex Jackson M unattached
Fiona Jackson F  
Nicky Jeffrey F Tynedale Harriers
Mike Kennedy M  
Michael KingTwitter M  
Andrew Kippax M  
Anita Kirkman F  
Nikki Knappett F Bramhall Runners
Fraser Lacey M  
Jodie LairdTwitter F Northern Fells Running Club
Jayne Land F Skemersdale boundary Harriors
Paul Land M Skelmersdale boundary harriors
Carla LangleyInstagram F St Helens Trail and Ale Running Hub
Laura Lawler F BWFAC
Chris Lawton M  
Graham Lawton M Lancaster and Morecambe athletic club
Matt Leech M  
Jack Leonard M  
Dean Lindsey M Trail running association
Katy Livingston-Bray F Eden Runners
Johnny LoganTwitterStrava M  
Andrew LoweFacebookTwitterStrava M  
Melanie Lowe F Red Rose Road Runners
Sarah Lowe F  
Tony Lucas M  
Ian MaddrellFacebookInstagramStrava M Atherton Running Club
Sarah Maltby F Red Rose Road Runners
Nigel Martin M  
Jonathan May M  
Ken Maynard M Sunderland Strollers
Kerry McCarthy M  
Lynn Melvin F Red Rose Road Runners
Christopher Miley M  
Jayne Mitchell F  
Lucy Monkhouse F  
Dan Moody M LDWA
Gerry Moore M  
Paula Morgan F  
Ian MorrisFacebookStrava M Darlington Harriers and Athletics Club
Estelle Mortimer F  
Daniel Moulsher M  
Andy Mouncey M  
John Mounsey M I do no have a club
Alison Munford F  
Peter Murray M DH Runners
Bev NaveseyFacebookTwitterStrava F  
Steve NaveseyFacebookTwitter M  
Amy Naylor F Knaresborough Striders
Naomi Newman F Red Kite Runners
Emma Nicholson F Steel City Striders RC
Ree O'Doherty F New Balance Run Club Keswick
Kevin O'Neill M Sunderland Strollers
Tricia O'Neill F Sunderland Strollers
Andy O'Sullivan M  
Morag O’Neil F I do no have a club
Mark Osborne M unattached
Andrew Parker M  
Nicola Parker F  
Naomi Parkinson F North Herts Road Runners
Bethany Parr F N/A
Chris Patterson M Trail running nation
Andrew Peacock M I do no have a club
Stuart Percival M Sunderland Strollers
Kerry Peters F Warrington Running club
Isaline Pollitt F Burnden Road Runners
Martyn Pollitt M Burnden Road Runners
Simon PooleStrava M  
Nick PopeTwitter M Staffordshire Moorlands AC
Belinda Porter F  
Helen Porter F  
Stephen Pullan M Todmorden harriers
Janet Regan F Lancaster Runners
Grant Remington M  
Lisa Robinson F Run Peterlee
Neil Robinson M Run Peterlee
Sarah Rowan F Kayleigh’s fitness run club
Rebecca Rutter F N/A
Harold Sach M  
Paul Satterley M  
Samantha Scanlon F Red Rose Road Runners
Stephanie Sharp F  
Jen Shepherd F Edinburgh Running Network
Martin Simpson M Red Rose Road Runners
Donna Southwell F  
Jessica Spears F Harvel Hash House Harriers
Bob Stephens M  
James Stephens M  
Jennifer Stephenson F  
Pete StockFacebookStrava M SCARAB TRI
Yvonne Storey F  
Linda StottFacebook F  
Paul SumnerFacebookTwitterStrava M Atherton Running Club
Lorna Taylor F Red Rose Road Runners
Sharon TaylorFacebookStrava F Westerlands Cross Country Club
Charlie Thompson M  
John Thompson M Trail running nation
Paul Thompson M  
Susie Thompson F Derwent Valley Trail Runners
Anthony Tiernan M Sunderland Strollers
Nick Tippey M Harvel Hash House Harriers
Michelle Tones F unattached
Terry Topping M Sunderland Strollers
Alan Tower M  
Paul Towers M  
Simon WalkdenTwitterStrava M Totley AC
Mark Wallace M SCARAB TRI
Josephine Louise Walsh F Red Rose Road Runners
John WaltonTwitter M Saltaire striders
James Warburton M Knaresborough Striders
Richard Ward M Red Rose Road Runners
Wendy Ward F Red Rose Road Runners
Jane Warner F Parbold Pink Panthers
Nicola Watson F  
Gary Webster M Knaresborough Striders
Lisa Whetter F  
Debs White F Cambridge & Coleridge
David Whitfield M Raikes Road Running Club
Stephen Wilburn M  
Louise Winter F Cumberland Fell Runners
Claire Witham F  
Hannah Wood F Ipswich JAFFA RC
Sue Woods F  
Craig Wright M  
Sarah Wright F Eden Runners
Andrew Yates M  
Louisa Yates F  

245 Entries

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