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Lancaster Urban Orienteering Weekend - Day 1

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Entry Lists
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MYJ (Young Junior Men 12-)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Erik Bellarby M10 SROC Early
Johnathan Bendrey M12 DEE  
Joshua Bendrey M10 DEE  
Matthew McCreadie M12 DEE  
George Rennie M10 WCOC Middle
Tommy Rollins M12 SN Early
Noah Seath M12 LOC  
Lewis Yates M12 BL  

8 Entries

MJ (Junior Men 16-)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Henry Bangham M14 LOC  
William Ellis M14 PFO Early
Alexander Evans M14 POTOC Middle
Matthew Haddow M16 LOC  
Daniel Lister M16 LOC  
Alex Matthew M14 SROC  
Tom Nicholson M14 LOC  
Harry O'Donovan M16 LOC  
Peter Scott M14 LOC  
Luke Simmonds M14 LOC  
Nathan Tizard M14 LOC  
Jacob Wiles M14 LOC  

12 Entries

MO (Open Men)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Freddie Carcas M20 INT  
Harry Cross M21    
Matt Driver M21 SELOC  
Iain Embrey M21 SROC  
Tom FellbaumTwitterAttackpointStrava M21 MDOC  
Ben Goodwin M18 WCOC Late
Quentin Harding M55 CLARO Middle
Joe Hudd M16 WCOC  
Zac Hudd M18 WCOC  
Finlay Johnson M16 SROC Early
Laurence Johnson M20    
Danny Lusardi M18 SROC  
Chi Kin Man M21   Middle
Warren Mason M50    
Richard PurkisAttackpointStravaPower of 10 M21 NGOC Middle
Charlie Rennie M16 WCOC Middle
Matthew Rooke M21 LOC  
David Roome M35 SROC Middle
Philip Shrimpton M18 LOC  
Francis Smith-Ward M18 LOC  
David Thomas M21 SAX  

21 Entries

MV (Veteran Men 40+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Darren Baker M50 DEE Middle
Dai Bedwell M50 DVO  
James Bellarby M45 SROC Early
Mick Brett M50 BAOC Early
Liam Corner M45 MDOC Early
Mark EdwardsFacebookTwitter M50 SROC  
Edward Halliwell M45 DEE Early
Adrian Harris M50 MDOC  
Trevor Hindle M50 MDOC Early
Nick Howlett M50 LOC Early
David Hunt M55 BOK Early
Terry JohnstoneFacebookStrava M50 ESOC Middle
Tom Matthew M45 SROC  
Adam McCreadie M40 DEE  
Joe Murphy M50 SROC  
Jamie Rennie M45 WCOC Middle
Iain Smith-Ward M50 LOC  
Mark Thomson M50   Early
Paul Watson M40 MDOC Early

19 Entries

MSV (Supervet Men 55+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
John Broadhead M60 WRE Middle
Dave Brown M60 EBOR Middle
Bruce Bryant M60 OD Middle
Graham Capper M60 LOC Middle
Dave Chaffey M55 DVO Middle
James Crawford M60 GO  
Alan Cross M60   Middle
Andy Ellis M55 PFO Early
Nicholas Evans M55 NOC Early
Paul Ferguson M65 SROC  
Simon Filmore M60 LOC Middle
Derek Fryer M60 LOC Middle
Peter Hudd M55 WCOC  
Richard Lecky-Thompson M55 LOC  
Crawford Lindsay M60 ESOC Middle
Ian Marshall M55 AIRE Middle
Tim MartlandTwitter M55 MDOC  
Jerry Purkis M60 LOC Middle
Andrew Quickfall M60 SROC  
Andy Robinson M60 SLOW  
Mark Simmonds M55 LOC  
Patrick Smyth M60    
Graham Thomas M55 SAX  
Keith TonkinFacebook M60 BL Late
Paul Turner M60 SELOC  
Brian Ward M55 HALO Middle

26 Entries

MUV (Ultravet Men 65+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
John Britton M65 MDOC Middle
Steve Brockbank M70 LOC Middle
Doug Dickinson M70 DVO Middle
Christopher Drew M70 EBOR Middle
Doug Edwards M70 MDOC  
Kevin Gallagher M65 LEI Middle
Ian Gilliver M65 MDOC Middle
Norman Hall M70 DEE Middle
Mike Hampton M70 OD Early
Steve Ingleby M65 DEE Early
Julian Lailey M70 SROC Middle
Fred Miller M65 NATO Middle
David Nixon M70 SOC  
Andrew Payne M65 DEE Early
Richard Payne M65 EPOC Middle
Michael Pearson M70 WCOC Late
John Pullin M65 LOC Early
Trevor Roberts M70 MDOC Middle
John Robinson M65 WCH  
Martyn Roome M65 SROC  
Chris Rostron M70 MDOC Middle
Stephen Round M65 SELOC Middle
Philip Senior M65 LOC Early
Roger Smith M70 LOC  
Mike Smithard M65 DEE  
Gerry Symes M70 AIRE Early
Richard Towler M65 LOC Middle
Ian Watson M70 MDOC  

28 Entries

MHV (Hypervet Men 75+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Steve Burge M75 LOC Middle
John Evans M80 DEE  
Keith Henderson M75 WIM  
Dave Mawdsley M75 MDOC  
Robert Verity M75 DEE  

5 Entries

WYJ (Young Junior Women 12-)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Matilda Alger W12 LOC  
Marnie Lusardi W12 SROC  
Cate Matthew W12 SROC  
Emily McCreadie W12 DEE  
Harriet Rooke W10 SROC  
Amelia Thompson W12 LOC  

6 Entries

WJ (Junior Women 16-)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Laura Brown W14 LOC  
Verity Cooper W14 LOC  
Fiona Eades W14 INT  
Eleanor Ellis W16 PFO Early
Jess Evans W14 LOC  
Sophie Evans W16 LOC  
Lucy Gibson W16 LOC  
Elizabeth Hampshire W14 LOC  
Rebecca O'Donovan W14 LOC  
Daisy Rennie W12 WCOC Middle
Ellie Simmonds W16 LOC  
Emily Turner W14 LOC  
Gillian Wells W14 LOC  
Alice Wood W16 LOC  
Ella Grace Wood W14 LOC  
Maisy Yates W14 BL  

16 Entries

WO (Open Women)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Pippa Carcas W16 INT  
Louise Cross W21   Middle
Lorna Eades W50 INT  
Mairi Eades W18 INT  
Alex Earley W21 LOC Middle
Anna Harris W16 DEE Late
Elizabeth Hindle W60 LOC  
Diane Mitson W40 POTOC Middle
Julia Preston W35 WCH  
Sophie Roberts W21 SROC Helper (Open)
Sarah Rollins W40 SN Early
Harriet Wood W18 LOC  

12 Entries

WV (Veteran Women 40+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Alison Alger W50 LOC  
Sal ChaffeyFacebook W50 DVO Middle
Helen Ellis W45 PFO Early
Heather Fellbaum W55 MDOC Middle
Ruth Harris W45 DEE Late
Catherine Hill W50 DEE  
Jo Matthew W40 SROC  
Rebecca McCreadie W40 DEE  
Deb Murrell W50 SROC Helper (Open)
Ianka Petrova Evans W50 POTOC Middle
Liz Phillips W50 OD Middle
Helen Rennie W45 WCOC Middle
Mel Simmonds W40 LOC  
Elaine Sutton W50 DEE Middle
Sarah Watkins W40 SROC Helper (Open)
Jane Yates W50 BL  

16 Entries

WSV (Supervet Women 55+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Gill Adams W55 AIRE  
Jane Anthony W60 SROC  
Lindsey Bayles W55 LOC  
Rebekah Beadle W55 LOC  
Pam Brown W55 EBOR Middle
Rowena BrowneFacebook W55 SROC  
Judy Burge W60 LOC Middle
Louise Dunn W55 LOC Middle
Carol Edwards W60 BL  
Janet Evans W55 NOC Early
Glenys Ferguson W65 SROC  
Susan HardingFacebookTwitter W55 SROC Helper (Open)
Hazel Hindle W55 MDOC Early
Julia Laverack W55 WAROC Early
Jill Libby W60 CLOK Middle
Sally Lindsay W60 ESOC Middle
Karen Quickfall W55 SROC Helper (Open)
Christine Robinson W60 SLOW  
Vicky Thornton W55 MDOC Middle
Amanda Ward W55 HALO Middle
Linda Williams W60 LOC  

21 Entries

WUV (Ultravet Women 65+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Alison DoyleFacebook W65 MDOC  
Liz Drew W65 EBOR Middle
Kate Ingleby W65 DEE Early
Christine KiddierFacebook W65 BL Late
Janet Nash W65 LOC Middle
Mary Nixon W65 SOC  
Jean Payne W65 DEE Early
Susan Roome W65 SROC  
Miriam Rosen W65 SROC Helper (Open)
Barbara Verity W65    
Maureen Webb W65 LEI Middle

11 Entries

WHV (Hypervet Women 75+)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref
Sue Birkinshaw W80 MDOC  
Ursula Oxburgh W80 WAOC  

2 Entries

Course 1
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref

0 Entries

Course 2
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref

0 Entries

Course 3
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref

0 Entries

Course 4
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref

0 Entries

Course 5
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref

0 Entries

Course 6 (Adult Novice)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref

0 Entries

Course 7 (Junior Novice)
Name Class Club Sunday Start Pref

0 Entries

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