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Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathon 2019 - Entry List

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Team of Two
Team Members Class Team Name
Nick Marsh, Paul Scott M Scarsh Times
Matt Gamble, Jake Hewlett M TEAM BOUNCE
Mary Jane Greenhalgh, Richard Greenhalgh MIX Green Monsters
Margaret Hill, Stephen Hill MIX Hillbillys
David Harvey, Chris Browne M The Cool Ducks
John Sean Watherston, Ben Williams M TBC
René van Groningen, Bernard van Eck van Der Sluijs M R & B
Stuart Gregory, Paul Daccus M I B Pro Fun
Jeroen Becker, Dirk Schoute M Odi 1st class
Pryderi Thomas, Sophie Lyburn MIX Dophie
Shaun Plunkett, Peter Hawkins M Team Batter
Paul Houghton, Mark McGleish M MMPH Utd
Ulbo de Sitter, Wouter de Klein M Dutch Tigers
James Matthews, Edward Matthews M Matthews mad men
Sam Hart, Stuart Campbell M The Nae Hopers
Susan Moloney, Kate Abrahams F Bad Moms
George Crowther, Samantha Crowther M Quad trouble
Iain Davidson, Mark Nesbitt M Paid for Pain
Patrick RooijenFacebook, Herman Rooij M DE ROOIJ & S
Ginny Jones, Shirley SwansonFacebook F The Reckless Snails

20 Entries

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