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Lowther Lakeland Fell & Trail Run

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Sunday 12th August 2018

Participant No. Name Class Club
109 Janice Allan W50  
110 Nick Andralojc M50 Harrogate Harriers & AC
111 Jamie Arkle MSEN Esk Valley Fell Club
112 Matthew Armistead MSEN Unattached
113 David Baglee M50  
114 Kathleen BattyTwitterInstagram WSEN Northern Fells Running Club
115 Robert Bee M40  
116 Stuart Bell M60 Kendal Amateur Athletic Club
117 Judith Bellis W50  
118 Peter Bellis M60 Bolton United Harriers & AC
119 Isabel Berry WSEN Border Liners Orienteering Club
120 Andy Birkbeck M50 Red Rose Road Runners
121 Sharon Birkbeck W50 Red Rose Road Runners
122 Rajeshwar BishtStrava MSEN Unattached
123 Fred Boardman M40  
124 Matthew Bouette MSEN Mornington Chasers
125 Karoline Sidelmann Brinch W40 Mogens’ Disciple
126 Joe Brindley MU23  
127 Sian Calow W50 Deeside Orienteering Club
128 Gary Carlisle M50 Kirkstall Harriers
129 Justine Carruthers W40 Eden Runners
130 James Chapman MSEN Northern Fells Running Club
131 Debbie Charlton W40 Keswick AC
132 Jim Clapp M60 Durham Fell Runners
133 Chris Clark M60 Keswick AC
134 Kim Clark W60 Keswick AC
135 Darcy Crowther MU23 Unattached
136 Simon Cummins M50 Howgill Harriers
137 Huw DaviesFacebook MSEN Mercia Fell Runners
138 Justine Delroy W40  
139 Joe Dobson MSEN Garstang Running Club
140 Graham Douglass M40 Benfleet RC
141 Bruce DuncanTwitter MSEN Helm Hill Runners
142 Clare Edgar WSEN  
143 John EvasonStrava MSEN Black Combe Runners
144 Jack Eyre MSEN Eden Runners
145 Kim Firstbrook W50 Tynedale Harriers & AC
146 Dan FisherInstagram MU23  
147 Hailey FletcherTwitter WSEN Keswick AC
148 Jane Forrest W50 Burnden Road Runners
149 Katherine France W40 Helm Hill Runners
150 Linda Gant W60 BodyFit Cumbria Running Club
151 Christopher Garton MSEN  
152 Peter German MSEN Helm Hill Runners
153 Astrid Gibbs W40 Ambleside AC
154 Tom Gibbs M40 Ambleside AC
155 Anne Giles W50 Ambleside AC
156 Mike GillFacebook M70 Blackhill Bounders
157 Alyson Glover W50 Kirkstall Harriers
158 Chris Glover M50 Kirkstall Harriers
159 Michael Good M50 Middlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers
160 Julie GrahamFacebook W50 Garstang Running Club
161 Liam Graves MSEN Unattached
162 Chris Guest MSEN  
163 Rebecca Guy WSEN Vegan Runners UK
164 Andrew Haggar M50  
165 Thomas Harkin M40 Unattached
166 Jessica Hartley WSEN  
167 Nigel Hierons M40 Eden Runners
168 Vicki Hipkiss W50 Kirkstall Harriers
169 Julian Hood M40 Skipton AC
170 Wayne HopeFacebook M50 Red Rose Road Runners
171 Pete Hopley M50 Burnden Road Runners
172 Helen Horne W50 Northern Fells Running Club
173 John Horne M50 Northern Fells Running Club
174 Stephanie Hulford W40 Howgill Harriers
175 Ronald Hummelink M40 Lonsdale Fell Runners
176 Rebecca Hylton WSEN Mossley Hill AC
177 Tony Jewell M60 BodyFit Cumbria Running Club
178 Bithja JonesStrava WSEN Reading Roadrunners
179 Andrew Keeley M50 Penny Lane Striders
180 Henry Keighley-Elstub M40 Wimbledon Windmilers
181 Brian Kennedy M50 Settle Harriers
182 Laura Kinnard WSEN Eden Runners
183 Jodie LairdTwitter WSEN Unattached
184 Sally Anne Lambert W50 Wray Runners
185 Kevan Latham M60 SELOC
186 Will Lloyd MSEN Tynedale Harriers & AC
187 Derek Lockhart M40  
188 Nick Lyons M60 Lincoln & District Runners
189 Lucy Maggiori W40  
190 Katie Mckay WSEN  
191 Clare Mckeown W40 Border Harriers & AC
192 Danielle Mcleavy WSEN  
193 Keith Melvin MSEN Unattached
194 Kevin Murray M50 Serpentine RC
195 Catherine Musetti W50 Ambleside AC
196 Paul Nickells M50 Eden Runners
197 Penny Noel W40 Fife Athletic Club
198 Ben Opie M40 Cumberland Fell Runners
199 Geoff OsbaldestinTwitterStrava M40 Mow Cop Runners
200 John 'Oz' Osborne M50 Settle Harriers
201 Maksym Piwonski M40 Unattached
202 Paul Poddington MSEN  
203 Caroline Glover W50 Wharfedale Harriers
204 Jeff Powell DaviesFacebookTwitter MSEN  
205 Katrina Raschen WU23  
206 Kirsty Reade W40 Ambleside AC
207 Alan RobinsonFacebook M60 FUF
208 Aidan Robson MSEN  
209 Hazel Robson WSEN  
210 Lee Roe MSEN Keswick AC
211 Dan Simmons M50 Harrogate Harriers & AC
212 Richard Slack M50 Claremont Road Runners
213 Chris SmithStrava MSEN Keswick AC
214 Kevin Smith M50 Red Rose Road Runners
215 Stephen Smith M40 Metro Aberdeen Running Club
216 Robert Spavin M40 T3 - Tadcaster Triathlon Team
217 Julian Spencer M50 Spectrum Striders
218 Linda Stamper W40 Eden Runners
219 Nick Stamper M50 Eden Runners
220 Andy Staveley M50 Burnden Road Runners
221 Shirley Staveley W50 Burnden Road Runners
222 Mel Steventon WSEN Skipton AC
223 Jeremy StolbergFacebook M50  
224 Thomas Svendsen M50 Mogens’ Disciple
225 Tobias Svendsen MU23  
226 Graham Tennet M40 Unattached
227 Robert Thirkell M50 Unattached
228 Stuart Todd M50 Unattached
229 Kate Turnbull WSEN  
230 Ben TurnerFacebookStrava MSEN  
231 Willem Van Prooijen M70 Clwydian Range Runners
232 Arran Varley MSEN Unattached
233 Sabrina VerjeeFacebook WSEN  
234 George Wakefield MSEN Unattached
235 Natasha Wakefield WSEN Unattached
236 John Walter M60  
237 Robert Ward M50 Howgill Harriers
238 Neild WaringFacebook M40  
239 Lisa Watson W40 Ealing Eagles Running Club
240 Claire Weller WSEN  
241 Louise Winter W40 Keswick AC
242 Sarah Witte W40 Ambleside AC
243 Sarah Wright W40 Eden Runners
244 Victoria Wright WSEN Unattached

136 Entries

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