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Clowne Half Marathon and Fun Run - Entry List

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Half Marathon 13.1 miles
Name Club
Patrick Abbott  
Lindsay Adcock Belper Harriers
Kris Addy  
Manjit Ahiar Stainland Lions Running Club
Emma Aldred Barnsley Harriers
Jon Aldred  
Robert Allen  
Gina Anderson Keeble Stainland Lions Running Club
Karen Archer  
Helen Armitage Stainland Lions Running Club
Neil Armitage Barnsley Harriers
Paul Armitage Stainland Lions Running Club
Louisa Ashley North Derbyshire RC
Steve Ashworth Stainland Lions Running Club
Lee Atkinson  
Adrian Atter Lincoln tri
Alison Audsley Stainland Lions Running Club
Andrew BairdFacebook Stainland Lions Running Club
Tina Baker  
Nick Barnes  
Jason Beadsworth  
Vanessa Beadsworth  
Karl Beckett North Derbyshire RC
Sue Beckett North Derbyshire RC
Steve BeddoePower of 10 North Derbyshire RC
David Bennett  
Laura Bennett Barnsley Harriers
Georgie Bestwick Belper Harriers
Matt Biglin Goyt Valley Striders
Lyndsey Blunkett  
Sara Booth Barnsley Harriers
Shaun Borrill Long Eaton Running Club
Kelvin BowskillFacebook Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Sarah BramleyFacebook  
Jonathan Brassington North Derbyshire RC
Dawn Broom Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Alan Browne North Derbyshire RC
Katie Cadwell Barnsley Harriers
Donna CameronTwitterInstagram Team Derby Runner
Stephen Carford  
Jill Carlton Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Garry Carr Barnsley Harriers
Julie Chamberlain Overseal Running Club
Beverley Cheetham  
Ken Chilcott Stainland Lions Running Club
Julia Cobham Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
John Cooper  
Claire Cordon Barnsley Harriers
Andrea Coupland  
Anne Craddock Stilton Striders
Colette Croft Stainland Lions Running Club
Susan Croft  
Ashley Crow North Derbyshire RC
Clayton Cutter Stainland Lions Running Club
Janet D'Roza Handsworth Roadhogs
Emma Dalton Lincoln & District Runners
Lynne Delaney North Derbyshire RC
Kirsty Denton Steel City Striders
Richard Docker Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Claire Dolling North Derbyshire RC
Derek Doyle Stainland Lions Running Club
Claire Durham North Derbyshire RC
Elaine Durham North Derbyshire RC
Trevor Durham North Derbyshire RC
Fiona Duroe North Derbyshire RC
Allie Eley  
Eve Elliott  
Louise Elrington Barnsley Harriers
Clare Evans North Derbyshire RC
Andrew FalkingbridgeFacebookTwitter Stainland Lions Running Club
Yvonne Faulkner Badgers
Gail Fawcett Stainland Lions Running Club
Brian Foston Lincoln & District Runners
Catherine Fraser Barnsley Harriers
Laura Froggatt Long Eaton Running Club
Sandy Gee Stainland Lions Running Club
Jo Gibbon Lincoln & District Runners
Rob Gibbon  
Helen Gilbert Goyt Valley Striders
Paul Glover South Derbyshire Road Runners
Tracey Glover South Derbyshire Road Runners
Dawn Godley Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Keith Gordon Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Claire Griffiths Long Eaton Running Club
Joanne Hage North Derbyshire RC
Denise Hall  
Chris Hallgarth  
Patricia Hallowell Stainland Lions Running Club
Paul Hanton  
Joanne Hardy Badgers
Keir Hardy Badgers
Kathryn Harrison  
Maria Harron Stainland Lions Running Club
Sara Hawksworth Derwent Runners (Derby)
Samantha Hayes Redhill Road Runners
Greeba Heard Stilton Striders
Marie Hemingway Barnsley Harriers
Zoe Hibbard  
Stephanie Hill Vegan Runners UK
Alison Hilton Barnsley Harriers
Suzie Hilton-Bell City of Hull AC
Joanne Hirst Stainland Lions Running Club
John Hirst Stainland Lions Running Club
Lesley Hodgson Stainland Lions Running Club
Kerrie Holland Vegan Runners UK
Sallie Hollingsworth  
Emma Holt North Derbyshire RC
Vivienne Honey  
Keith HudsonTwitterStrava Ilkeston Running Club
Chris HuntStrava North Derbyshire RC
Tracy Hyland Barnsley Harriers
Stephanie James  
Wendy Jebson  
Fiona Jeffries Smiley paces
Christopher Johnson Derwent Runners (Derby)
Lucas Jones Goyt Valley Striders
John Kees Selby Striders
Ita Kelly Goyt Valley Striders
Fiona KestevenTwitter Totley AC
Jan King Stainland Lions Running Club
Diane Kirby Lincoln & District Runners
Thomas Kirman Lincoln & District Runners
Gareth Knight Stainland Lions Running Club
Adrian Knowles  
Tony Lambert Pudsey Pacers RC
John Lawcock Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Vicky Levitt Barnsley Harriers
Annie Lightowler Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Sam Linley  
Andrew Little  
Louise Little  
Chris Livesley Totley AC
Joanne Loftus St Theresa's A.C.
Shaun Loftus St Theresa's A.C.
David Lunn South Derbyshire Road Runners
Susan Manning Stainland Lions Running Club
Jennifer Marchant Derwent Runners (Derby)
Gerard Mccreesh  
Catherine Mchugh Stainland Lions Running Club
Dean McLaughlin North Derbyshire RC
Keely McNiffe Sleaford Striders AC
Vince McNiffe Sleaford Striders AC
James McNutt Stainland Lions Running Club
Robin Mitchell Belper Harriers
Emma Moorhouse Barnsley Harriers
Graham Morris  
Jim Morris Caistor Running Club
Mandy Morris Ivanhoe Runners
Naomi Morrison Smiley paces
Sara Morrow Selby Striders
Anthony Mott Stainland Lions Running Club
Tracy MottTwitter Stainland Lions Running Club
Anna Mulligan-Freeman Long Eaton Running Club
Sangita Mundy  
David Naisbitt Sheffield striders
Joshua Naisbitt  
Dave Needham Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Michelle Newton Selby Striders
Alexandra Noden Goyt Valley Striders
Sara Nuttall  
Jo Owens  
Carl Pattison UKRunChat Running Club
Jules Pattison Barrow Runners
Will Pattison Barrow Runners
Wendy Paulson Stainland Lions Running Club
Alison Pearson Stainland Lions Running Club
Paula Pickersgill Stainland Lions Running Club
David Price  
Suzanne Price Handsworth Roadhogs
Ron Pundick  
Lisa Raffo Killamarsh Kestrels
Paul Raffo Killamarsh Kestrels
G Mark Richardson Dewsbury Road Runners
Clare Robinson  
Rachael Roddis Barnsley Harriers
Michelle Rogerson Stainland Lions Running Club
James Rose Steel City Striders RC
Ruth Sampson  
Stephen Sanders Goyt Valley Striders
Hilary Scargill Stainland Lions Running Club
Justin Scargill Stainland Lions Running Club
Laura Schuller  
Robert ScrivenFacebookTwitterInstagramStravaPower of 10Flickr North Derbyshire RC
Jason Shepherd Barnsley Harriers
Paul Smith Dewsbury Road Runners
Stu Smith Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Christine Spencer Barrow Runners
Kath Spencer Barrow Runners
Emma Spencer-Cumberland Barrow Runners
Madeleine Stansfield Dewsbury Road Runners
Paula Statham Stainland Lions Running Club
Ian Stewart Retford AC
David Stocks  
Rebecca Stocks Kimberworth Striders
Matt Stringer  
Ian Sutcliffe Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletic Club
Caroline Swann North Derbyshire RC
Lindsay Sykes Stainland Lions Running Club
Mandy Taylor Steel City Striders
Mark Taylor Smalley Road Runners
Frank Thomas Caistor Running Club
Alison Thornhill North Derbyshire RC
John Thorpe Matlock Athletic Club
Iain Threlkeld Stainland Lions Running Club
Mark Tomlinson Redhill Road Runners
Ruth Toyn North Derbyshire RC
Daisy Wakefield Lincoln & District Runners
Christopher Walker Denby Dale Athletics Club
Jenny Walker Stainland Lions Running Club
Julie Walker Notts Women Runners
Tim Walker Stainland Lions Running Club
Malcolm Ward Clowne Road Runners Club
David Watson  
Katie Watson  
Katherine Wenham Lincoln & District Runners
Steve Weston North Derbyshire RC
Christopher Whitfield  
Alex Whyte Stainland Lions Running Club
Brad WildTwitter  
Georgina Williams-Mahoney Sheffield RC
Nicola Williamson Notts Women Runners
Peter Wilmot Matlock Athletic Club
Debs Wilson Stilton Striders
James Wilson  
Jon Wilson Stilton Striders
Nicola Wilson  
Sallyann WinslowFacebookInstagram Steel City Striders RC
Kat Wisniewski  
Sarah Witham North Derbyshire RC
Simon Wood  

230 Entries

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