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Oban Sportive - Entry List

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Loch Awe Route - 89 Miles
Participant No. Name Class Team / Club
1 Stuart Small M51  
2 Raymond McLellanFacebook M42  
4 Graeme Burnett M43 Elgin Cycle Club
5 Nick Charlton M49 North Argyll Cycle Club
6 Jamie Smith M41  
8 Steven Groom M36  
9 Alastair Stevenson M48 North Argyll Cycle Club
11 Derek Laidler M51 North Argyll Cycle Club
12 Paul Sutherland M52 Viva Benotto
13 Michael McLaughlan M53  
15 Neil GriffithsFacebook M24 Glasgow Wheelers
17 Radoslaw Rachwal M39 Glasgow Wheelers
18 Mirjam Allik F36 Glasgow Wheelers
22 Scott Chance M56 North Argyll Cycle Club
23 John Jackson M51 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
24 Tanya Jackson F52 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
25 Graeme McNee M30 North Argyll Cycle Club
27 Gavin Blainey M43 North Argyll Cycle Club
28 Michael Bossard M34 North Argyll Cycle Club
30 Hamish Donald M36 Glasgow Wheelers
31 Nigel MacLucas M41 North Argyll Cycle Club
34 Cameron Miller M37  
35 Iona Kewney F44  
39 Billy Wilson M60  
40 Ross BalfourStrava M43 TEAM BALFYBOY
41 William Henderson M50 Dunfermline CC
43 Wim Chalmet M45 East Sutherland Wheelers
44 John Gleich M44  
50 Adam Richards M39  
52 Anne Widdop F55  
53 David Cashley M48 G. C. Ristorante "Debbie's"
54 Lynn Craig F50  
55 Ben HallamStrava M43 East Sutherland Wheelers
56 Chris HoonFacebook M54  
57 Alasdair Hoon M24  
59 Craig Breslin M39 North Argyll Cycle Club
61 Gordon Watson M36  
62 Colin Watson M32  
63 Sarah Heward F53 Glasgow Triathlon Club
64 Nathalie Jones F40 Glasgow Triathlon Club
65 Raeanne Miller F34 NACC
67 Richard Kidd M36 NACC
70 Pamela Craig F36  
71 Emma Parkinson F33 Velodees
72 Marek Sabak M26  
75 Alan McIntosh M60  
76 Malcolm Maciver M59  
80 Garry Rathbone M58  
81 Steven Young M39  
88 Patrick Marrs M39  
89 Alison Stewart F41 Grangemouth Triathlon Club
90 Kyle McIntosh M27  
91 Andy Mckinlay M56 Velo Club Vitesse
92 Norman Lucey M55 Grangemouth Triathlon Club
93 David Healy M52 Glasgow Green Cycling club
94 Stephen Cargill M46  
99 Stephen Whiston M54 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
100 Steven Romans M33 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
101 Julian Gascoigne M54 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
102 Kristian KeeganStrava M47 Levelone Riders
103 Colin Tevendale M48 Levelone Riders
106 Fran Young F53  
108 Claudiu Schuller M39  
109 Mark StevensInstagram M32 Velodees
110 Colin MacFarlane M40 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
111 Geoffery Davison M59  
113 Raymond EvendenFacebook M48 Grangemouth Triathlon Club
116 Charlie Rentoul M41  
117 Paul Davies M49 SWC
120 Paul Fenwick M41  
121 Rafal Ploch M40  
122 Andy Sutherland M57  
123 Niall MacDonald M56 Edinburgh RC
128 Alasdair Macniven M41 Perth United CC
130 Victoria O’Reilly F47 Bute Wheelers
133 David Carey M36 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
139 Aaron JohnsonStrava M22 Deeside Thistle CC
145 Rob Wainwright M53 Coll CC
147 Alexander Dent M16 Spokes Racing Team

79 Entries

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