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Dalbeattie Hardrock Challenge

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Sunday 7th October 2018

Name Class Club/Team Name
Paul Alcock MV50 Carlisle Tri Club
Fergus Allan MV50 Go hard or go home!
Rik Allsop MV50 Unattached
Vicky Armstrong FV40 Unattached
Chris Ashurst MV50 Crazy Chris
Andrew Bailey M Unattached
Graham Bailey M Unattached
Iain Bell MV50 Unattached
Oliver BlenkinsopInstagram MU21 Unattached
Dean BrysonFacebookStrava M Dalbeattie Hairy Bikers
Guy Bryson MV40 Dalbeattie Hairy Bikers
Nickie BrysonFacebookStrava MV40 Dalbeattie Hairy Bikers
Rebecca Bryson F Dalbeattie Hairy Bikers
Laura Carey F Unattached
Wendy Chambers FV40 Talon cycles
Matt Coleby M Unattached
Kevin Coltart M Unattached
Peter Corson MV40 Trailbrakes Biking Holidays
Colin Cowan MV40 Hardrock Hoodlums
Jonathan Dale MV50 Bang Tidy Racing
Adam Dickie M Unattached
Callum Dunn M Dalbeattie Hairy Bikers
Lauren Grant F Unattached
Rory Grant M Unattached
Mark HannayFacebook MV40 Rumours of my demise are untrue...
Matt Heron M Unattached
David Houston M Houtsport
Andrew Howarth MV40 Unattached
James Kellock MV50 Dumfries Tri Club
Hamish Kerr MV40 Unattached
Petr Kujan M Unattached
Martin Lane M Unattached
Ian Livingston MV50 Wednesday night bike
Kenny Livingston MV50 Wednesday night bike
Ben Marsh M Unattached
Thomas Marshall M Pottery on Wheels
Graham McLellan MV40 Flying solo
John Mcrobert MV40 Hardrock Hoodlums
Simon Mein MV40 Unattached
Andrew Mitchell MV40 Unattached
Matthew Newbould MU21 Unattached
Catherine Niblock F Rik's Bike Shed
Archibald ParkFacebook MV50 Unattached
Ian Patterson MV40 Whisky Chasers
Michael Pluckrose MV40 Carlisle Tri Club
Kevin Plummer MV50 Hartfell Hill Running Club
Louisa Ramsay F Wednesday night bike
Joseph RidleyFacebook M Unattached
Mark Ryan M Carlisle Tri club
Graeme Scott MV40 Dumfries Tri Club
Ian Spence MV40 Unattached
Kim Spence FV40 Unattached
Nick Stapleton MV50 Unattached
Jack Taylor M Unattached
Ken Taylor M Unattached
Jonathan Waller M Team Greystone
Tony WatersFacebookInstagram M Army
Ally Wight MV40 Hardrock Hoodlums
Alan Wixon M Hardrock Hoodlums
Ian WoodsTwitter MV50 Galloway Christian Centre
Tom Young M Unattached

61 Entries

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