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JK2018 - Individual (3 days) - Day 1 (Sprint Race)

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Name Class Club IOF Country Day 1 Bib Day 1 Start Time
Julia Allinson W40 WRE GBR (Great Britain) 1021 13:33
Freya Askham W40 SMOC GBR (Great Britain) 1047 Open
Marion Buechli W40 OLG Suhr SUI (Switzerland) 1265 14:10
Brid Casey W40 WatO IRL (Ireland) 1334 Open
Christine Currie W40 SOC GBR (Great Britain) 1481 Open
Sharon Dickenson W40 LVO GBR (Great Britain) 1529 12:58
Heather Findlay W40 SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 1667 13:23
Kerrie Flippance W40 OD GBR (Great Britain) 1677 Open
Melanie Hilton W40 SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 1947 Open
Ange Jackson W40 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 2044 14:40
Kerina Lake W40 SBOC GBR (Great Britain) 2169 12:08
Helen Le Page W40 SN GBR (Great Britain) 2188 14:22
Karen Mills-Hicks W40 GO GBR (Great Britain) 2392 13:17
Sian Mitchell W40 HH GBR (Great Britain) 2407 Open
Diane Mitson W40 POTOC GBR (Great Britain) 2408 13:11
Carys MorganAttackpoint W40 SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 2426 Open
Nicola Morris W40 BOK GBR (Great Britain) 2438 Open
Stephanie Moss W40 SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 2446 12:12
Toni O'Donovan W40 LEI IRL (Ireland) 2519 14:46
Louise Preston W40 SYO GBR (Great Britain) 2674 Open
Lesley Read W40 BAOC GBR (Great Britain) 2716 Open
Louise Reynolds W40 SYO GBR (Great Britain) 2729 13:41
Sarah Rollins W40 SN GBR (Great Britain) 2789 15:03
Kim Sanderson W40 NATO GBR (Great Britain) 2836 Open
Catherine Slade W40 SAX GBR (Great Britain) 2906 14:38
Heidi Stokseth W40 Halden SK NOR (Norway) 2989 Open
Anne Straube W40 OD GER (Germany) 2995 Open
Heather Thomson W40 ESOC GBR (Great Britain) 3061 15:14
Clare Todd W40 LOK GBR (Great Britain) 3075 Open
Claire Ward W40 INT GBR (Great Britain) 3171 15:30
Helen Winskill W40 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 3284 12:24

31 Entries

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