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JK2018 - Individual (3 days) - Day 1 (Sprint Race)

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Name Class Club IOF Country Day 1 Bib Day 1 Start Time
David AlcockTwitter M40 AIRE GBR (Great Britain) 1013 Open
Rob Askham M40 SMOC GBR (Great Britain) 1050 Open
Rob BakerAttackpoint M40 CLOK GBR (Great Britain) 1077 15:04
Mykyta Chubynsky M40 OD UKR (Ukraine) 1379 14:07
James Collings M40 RAFO GBR (Great Britain) 1404 13:29
Paul Couldridge M40 SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 1437 15:00
Scott Craig M40 BAOC GBR (Great Britain) 1450 12:38
David Currie M40 SOC GBR (Great Britain) 1482 Open
Kelvin DawsonFacebook M40 WCH GBR (Great Britain) 1511 Open
David Dunn M40 RSOC GBR (Great Britain) 1562 Open
Stuart EbbrellFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M40 BAOC GBR (Great Britain) 1575 13:12
Geoff Ellis M40 BOK GBR (Great Britain) 1603 15:23
Ben Flippance M40 OD GBR (Great Britain) 1675 Open
Andy GloverStrava M40 LEI GBR (Great Britain) 1753 Open
Roger Goddard M40 FVO GBR (Great Britain) 1758 14:17
Ian Hargreaves M40 SOS GBR (Great Britain) 1857 15:02
Andrew Howard M40 WIM GBR (Great Britain) 1992 Open
Rob Jackman M40 NOR GBR (Great Britain) 2042 13:00
David Jolly M40 RAFO GBR (Great Britain) 2079 13:37
Peter Lake M40 SBOC GBR (Great Britain) 2170 12:05
Matthias Mahr M40 SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 2287 Open
Tom McComiskieFacebookInstagram M40 BAOC GBR (Great Britain) 2356 15:27
Jolyon Medlock M40 WSX GBR (Great Britain) 2379 14:21
Peter Murphy M40 DEE GBR (Great Britain) 2457 Open
Gareth Phoenix M40 SYO GBR (Great Britain) 2639 13:18
Martin Pigott M40 POTOC GBR (Great Britain) 2651 13:08
Alistair Powell M40 OD GBR (Great Britain) 2665 13:35
Andrew Preston M40 SYO GBR (Great Britain) 2672 Open
Steve Read M40   GBR (Great Britain) 2717 Open
Glen Richardson M40 NOR GBR (Great Britain) 2738 14:31
Andrew Selby M40 DVO GBR (Great Britain) 2861 Open
Francis Shillitoe M40 NATO GBR (Great Britain) 2887 Open
Anthony Squire M40 NOC GBR (Great Britain) 2958 12:48
Peter SubaFacebookAttackpointStrava M40 WSX GBR (Great Britain) 3002 13:22
Paul Todd M40 LOK GBR (Great Britain) 3079 Open
Peter Tryner M40 SYO GBR (Great Britain) 3107 14:01
Ray Ward M40 INT GBR (Great Britain) 3180 15:20
Paul Watson M40 MDOC GBR (Great Britain) 3197 12:17
Simon WebbStrava M40 WCH GBR (Great Britain) 3203 13:20
James WilliamsAttackpoint M40 EPOC GBR (Great Britain) 3254 15:07
Dai Wilson M40 RAFO GBR (Great Britain) 3269 13:51
Phil Winskill M40 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 3286 12:22

42 Entries

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