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JK2018 - Individual (3 days) - Day 1 (Sprint Race)

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Name Class Club IOF Country Day 1 Bib Day 1 Start Time
Jim Bailey M16 BOK GBR (Great Britain) 1068 13:53
Nicolas Barrett M16 SN GBR (Great Britain) 1097 14:12
James Bedwell M16 DVO GBR (Great Britain) 1127 12:45
Linus Bjørke M16 Halden SK NOR (Norway) 1168 14:59
Dominic Bowers M16 HH GBR (Great Britain) 1198 13:33
Martin Brække M16 Halden SK NOR (Norway) 1210 15:04
Daniel Campbell M16 MOR GBR (Great Britain) 1311 14:40
Nathan Chapple M16 OD GBR (Great Britain) 1363 13:31
Luke Collins M16 LVO GBR (Great Britain) 1409 14:36
Adam Conway M16 GO GBR (Great Britain) 1418 12:29
Liam Cotter M16 BOC IRL (Ireland) 1432 13:41
Joe Cunliffe M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 1475 14:34
Ben Dempsey M16 MDOC GBR (Great Britain) 1520 15:01
Fraser Dixon M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 1535 14:15
Daniel Earnshaw M16 LVO IRL (Ireland) 1572 14:50
Jonathan Eylertsen M16 Halden SK NOR (Norway) 1635 15:16
Oscar Ferris M16 LEI GBR (Great Britain) 1655 13:38
Alex Fielding M16 HH GBR (Great Britain) 1657 12:01
Oliver Flippance M16 OD GBR (Great Britain) 1678 12:00
Jack Forrest M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 1684 14:38
Obbie Fox M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 1688 14:21
Matthew Gooch M16 MAROC GBR (Great Britain) 1766 15:22
Jonty Goodwin M16 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 1773 12:35
Flurry Grierson M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 1800 15:27
Maël HéritierInstagram M16 NOSE FRA (France) 1926 13:23
Matthew Haddow M16 LOC GBR (Great Britain) 1814 13:55
David Hall M16 INVOC GBR (Great Britain) 1821 12:05
Oscar Healy M16 SBOC GBR (Great Britain) 1900 14:23
Alf Kristian Helle M16 Halden SK NOR (Norway) 1910 15:20
Joe Hudd M16 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 2003 15:24
Finlay Johnson M16 SROC GBR (Great Britain) 2065 14:57
Sam Johnson M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 2071 14:26
Daniel Lister M16 LOC GBR (Great Britain) 2241 13:50
Felix Lunn M16 OD GBR (Great Britain) 2265 14:42
Oliver Lunn M16 OD GBR (Great Britain) 2267 14:52
Louis MacMillan M16 ECKO GBR (Great Britain) 2279 15:25
Odhran Mc Goldrick M16 FERMO IRL (Ireland) 2339 13:19
Aidan McCann M16 INVOC GBR (Great Britain) 2345 13:27
Alexander Mitchell M16 HOC GBR (Great Britain) 2399 12:13
Peter Molloy M16 FVO GBR (Great Britain) 2413 13:58
Harry O'Donovan M16 LOC GBR (Great Britain) 2515 13:35
Connor O'Hara M16 LOC GBR (Great Britain) 2520 14:01
Joe Owens M16 SYO GBR (Great Britain) 2539 14:45
Jacob Oxtoby M16 OD GBR (Great Britain) 2546 14:06
Euan Raeside M16 SO GBR (Great Britain) 2704 12:47
Charlie Rennie M16 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 2722 15:06
Cuan Riordan M16 3ROC IRL (Ireland) 2752 15:02
Matthew Ross M16 INT GBR (Great Britain) 2810 15:10
Sigurd Saxe Sandvik M16 Halden SK NOR (Norway) 2840 15:12
Robert Seddon M16 SELOC GBR (Great Britain) 2860 13:00
Alastair Shapland M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 2868 14:30
Alfie Spencer M16 WCH GBR (Great Britain) 2952 12:08
Harry Stagg M16 BOK GBR (Great Britain) 2963 12:27
Joe Sunley M16 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 3004 13:09
Henry Teasdale M16 WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 3027 12:51
Harry Thomas M16 MWOC GBR (Great Britain) 3045 13:44
Adam Thorpe M16 EPOC GBR (Great Britain) 3066 14:32
Eric Todd M16 INVOC GBR (Great Britain) 3076 14:55
Sorley Todd M16 INVOC GBR (Great Britain) 3080 15:14
Oliver Tonge M16 BOK GBR (Great Britain) 3090 13:47
Jakob Torgersen M16 Halden SK NOR (Norway) 3096 15:08
Frank Townley M16 SN GBR (Great Britain) 3098 13:11
Daniel Vasey M16 LVO GBR (Great Britain) 3134 14:18
Matthew Vasey M16 LVO GBR (Great Britain) 3135 14:04
Henry Webb M16 WCH GBR (Great Britain) 3201 13:17
Alex Wetherill M16 WAOC GBR (Great Britain) 3217 15:30
Eoghan Whelan M16 WatO IRL (Ireland) 3224 15:18
Oisin Wickham M16 Ajax IRL (Ireland) 3239 12:23
Atle Nikolai Wollo M16 GO GBR (Great Britain) 3288 12:15
Christian Wood M16 PFO GBR (Great Britain) 3291 12:56
Tommy Wright M16 DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 3314 14:09

71 Entries

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