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The Mourne Seven Sevens Challenge

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Saturday 14th August 2021

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Friday 25th June 2021
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Sunday 8th August 2021
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Event Administrator - Mark Pruzina

Objective: The Seven Sevens is an 18 mile, 8100ft test of endurance and mountain skills . The objective is to climb all seven peaks in the Mourne Mountains that are over 700m* above sea level following your own route between fixed checkpoint.

* There are actually only 6x 700m peaks - see website for more info

It is important to note that this site is for the Challenge Walk only. It’s not a race - there are no prizes. If you plan to do the mountain race which is run as a separate event then you should consult the Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association (NIMRA) website   This is also not the Cancer Focus NI event being run in June.

Important: Participants need to be have the skills, fitness and experience to complete a walk of this length in the high mountains. Navigation skills are essential in poor weather.

Please read full details of the event on our website before entering.

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