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SROC Astley Park & Village NW Urban League

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Sunday 5th September 2021

Entries Open
Thursday 29th July 2021
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Wednesday 1st September 2021
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61 Participants
Entry Fees

Adult £9 (non BOF £11).
Juniors/students £3.

The Organiser - Les Davies

This event forms part of the NW Urban League 2021. All usual UL categories are catered for and all should enter by UL age class (e.g. Open, Vet, Super Vet etc). Anyone “running down” may enter by course name.

The map is an “issprom 2019” version of the British Sprint Elite Champs map from 2010 also used for Chorley Urban in 2012. It has had minor revisions in spring 2021. Scale is 1:4000, contour interval 5m. All maps will be printed at A3 size with control descriptions printed on the front. Descriptions will be downloadable from the SROC website in the few days before the event. Yellow and Orange courses will have text descriptions, all other course descriptions are pictorial.

All courses have a few controls in the woodland / parkland area of Astley Park, all on or very close to paths. The vast majority of all courses is on hard surfaces. There is an area of classic complex urban “sprint” terrain in Astley Village (north) which is used for a substantial part of all the courses except yellow, which has just a few controls in this area. The Astley Village (north) part of the area is separated from the Astley Park and the rest of Astley Village by a road, on which some vehicles go quite fast (illegally). All courses use a mandatory underpass to enter the Astley Village (north) part of the area, and those courses on which junior competitors are allowed also use it to return.


Shadowing is permitted, and if declared at the time of entry the junior safety restrictions below do not apply. However, to be competitive, shadows must complete their run before shadowing a junior.


• Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Very Short Green, Short Green and Green courses also use the mandatory underpass to return across the road, and so are suitable for all juniors (and adults!).

• Short Blue, Blue and Short Brown courses cross the road at a point of their choice, and so these courses are not suitable for any juniors under the age of 16 on the day of the event. Please ensure that unshadowed juniors do not attempt to enter or run these courses. Any such entries will be rejected (or disqualified).

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