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Punk Panther's Nidderdale Way Challenge

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Saturday 23rd October 2021

Entries Open
Friday 16th October 2020
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Sunday 10th October 2021
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105 Participants
Entry Fees
Half Loop (28 miles)   £60.00   
1 Loop (54 miles)   £75.00   
Loop & a Half (82 miles)   £95.00   
2 Loops (108 miles)   £100.00   
Race Director - Ryk Downes

The Nidderdale Way Ultra

This race takes place along the stunning Nidderdale Way which is a circular 56 trail taking in Ripley, Pateley Bridge, Gouthwaite and Scar House Reservoirs and the River Nidd.

There are four distance options

Half Nidderdale Way : 28 miles 3500ft climb : 2 UTMB points

Full Nidderdale Way : 56 miles 7000ft climb : 3 UTMB points

One and Half Nidderdale Way : 84 miles 10500ft climb : 5 UTMB points

Double Nidderdale Way : 112 miles 14000ft climb : 6 UTMB points

The Half and Full courses must be completed with 18 hours.

The One and Half and Double have a 36 hour deadline. You may leave a drop bag at the start for the second loop or half loop which will be transferred to Pateley Bridge, where there will be hot water available too.


Checkpoints: Each checkpoint has water, coke, energy bars & crisps.
CP1: Birstwith (10 miles) Open 08:15 Close 10:30
CP2: Ripley (14 miles) Open 08:45 Close 12:00
CP3: Brimham Hall (21 miles) Open 9:45 Close 14:00
CP4: Pateley Bridge (28 miles) Open 10:45 Close Sun 19:00
CP5: Bouthwaite (33 miles) Open 11:30 Close 23:00
CP6: Scar House Reservoir (41 miles) Open 12:30 Close 21:00

For those going round for an extra half or full lap the following will be manned
Ripley (69 miles) Open 17:00 Close Sun 06:00
Scar House Reservoir (95 miles) Open 21:00 Close Sun 14:30
Pateley Bridge will remain open during the whole event until Sunday 19:00

Registration from 6am

Start Time: 7am 

Discussion and updates for this event can be found here:

Gates: Please close all gates behind you unless there is a runner immediately behind you, there may livestock in some of the fields. Please also try to use clothing/gloves when opening and closing gates to limit the possible spread of Coronavirus. 

Livestock: You will encounter some livestock, please be respectful of it and consider walking when near, do not go between cows and their calves.

Roads: Some of the course is on public roads, please ensure you are running on the side of the road facing the oncoming traffic where possible, and take extreme caution when crossing busy roads.

Route:  A .gpx file is provided on Facebook, the route is well waymarked with signs for the Nidderdale Way a final instruction sheet sent out a week or so before the event will highlight exactly where there checkpoints are as some may not be exactly on the route. All runners are provided with live trackers so you can check your location if unsure or ring the race director.

Support: You may provide your own support en route, but please park sensibly and avoid the official checkpoints Night runners on the 82 mile and 108 mile courses may also use a support (safety) runner (but they should not carry your kit). Any support runner is not part of the race and they themselves will not receive race support, medals, T-Shirts etc.

Retiring: If you need to retire, please try to arrange your own return to the finish if possible so that you can return your tracker, if you cannot, please try to get to a checkpoint where we will get someone to pick you up and return you to the finish. In any case you must return your tracker to the finish.

Please note there are four separate races. You may drop down a distance on the day, but will not be eligible for trophies if you do so (you will still get a medal, T-Shirt and points for finishing)

Covered by Event Protect

This event is covered by Event Protect. If the event is cancelled, you can apply for a refund directly from Event Protect provided the cancellation is covered by their insurance policy.

Administered by Refund Protect

This event offers the option to purchase upgraded refundable terms, so that participants may be able to get a refund if they are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

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