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Great British Divide

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Saturday 31st July to Saturday 14th August 2021

Entries Open
Wednesday 10th June 2020
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Thursday 10th June 2021
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49 Participants
Entry Fees
Entry Fee   £275.00   
Event Organiser - Kevin Francis

The Great British Divide is a new unsupported MTB bikepacking event from one end of the country to the other.

It’s not a race, it is an adventure to be completed in a couple of weeks. Travelling from the bottom to the top of Great Britain, at times taking a less obvious route whilst still passing through much of the most beautiful, dramatic and testing terrain the country has to offer.

Mostly off-road and with a distance of over 2300km and more than 25000m of climbing this will be a challenge and experience you will never forget.

In July 2021 will you be one of the first to attempt the Great British Divide….?

What and When

The Great British Divide is a self-supported ultra-distance bikepacking adventure ride. It is 65-70% off road and requires a mountain bike or ‘monster cross’ style bike to complete.

It starts at Highland Court Farm, Bridge, Canterbury CT4 5HW on Saturday 31st July 2021 at 10:00am with the end of the event and the final checkpoint in Applecross in the Highlands of Scotland closing on Saturday 14th August at 6:00pm.  

Full GPX files for the route will be shared with all participants in early June 2021.  See our website for more information about the route and checkpoints.

What Does it Cost?

Entry Fee – £275.00 per individual entry (if you have your own Spot Tracker the cost will reduce by £30.00)

We know these type of events seem expensive, and at a glance they are…. They do however come with some big direct costs, with around half the entry fee being spent on stuff you, the rider actually gets. With what’s left we cover our insurance, website, marketing and the manning of the checkpoints. This doesn’t take into account the hours and hours of route research, plotting and test riding. Our main business is corporate events and we make a decent living from that, the Divide is very much about our passion for endurance cycling and creating an event that will be as memorable as it will be challenging for you rather than making a fortune for us. And at the end of the day, two weeks on your bike for less than £300.00 doesn’t sound so bad!

What Do I Get?

Included in the entry fee are –

A bloody great big adventure through all the best bits of Great Britain…

Rental of a Spot Gen 3 Tracker, batteries for it and Live Tracking from Maprogress – This is a really important part of the event from both a safety aspect and from a spectators point of view – ‘Dot-Watching’ as it’s known is a significant part of these events and allows your family, friends and the world at large to follow your progress. This is clever technology but it does come at a cost (about a third of the entry fee) but it is a cost we have to accept and all we do is pass this onto you the participant.

A full GPX track of the route (which will be available in late May/early June 2021) for you to download to your navigation devices and follow.

A personalised cycling cap.

An embroidered event patch and a bike frame sticker (we all love them!)

A t-shirt for all finishers – you will be grateful for at least one clean item of clothing when you are all done!

A charitable donation equivalent to 5% of our profits – we are working out who our 2021 beneficiaries will be and will announce them soon but they will be in-line with our type of event and provide you with a warm and fuzzy feeling for helping do something good!

And a little selection of surprises from some of our partners along the route…


Mandatory Requirements

The requirements for participation can be found on our website here

Terms, Conditions and Rules

The terms, conditions and rules for the event can be found on our website here

Covered by Refund Protect

This event offers the option to purchase upgraded refundable terms, so that participants may be able to get a refund if they are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

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