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Belfast 2 Dublin Return Ultra

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Wednesday 21st April 2021

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Wednesday 18th March 2020
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Monday 29th March 2021
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Entry Fee   £159.00   

Includes booking fee

Sammy/Adrian Daye
07488290232 / 07876560015

Event Details:

  • Registration - from 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM on 21st April 2021 from outside the Europa Hotel Belfast
  • Start - 12 noon at Europa Hotel Belfast on 21st April 2021
  • Distance - 214 miles on Roads
  • Course Record Jill McCann - 59hrs 7 min 14 sec 00
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter this event
  • All runners must have a crew - 1 crew for 1 runner

    All runners must be able to run 100 mile inside 30 hours to take part. 

Registration: at registration you will be given:

  • 1 × map of the course
  • 1 × tracker
  • 1 × race number
  • 1 × event top
  • 1 × on the map you will find the contact telephone numbers of Adrian and Sammy . You must carry this with you throughout the event
  •  at registration you must give us your mobile number and show us your kit.

Mandatory Kit:  All runners must have the following kit on them at all times.

  • Hi viz
  • Bottle or bladder for water
  • Emergency food ( Mars bar ect)
  • Head tourch or tourch
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Mobile phone
  • Power bank for charging phone plus connector lead.
  • Foil blanket.
  • Tracker


Tracker: must be with you at all times . This must be strapped to the top of your running bag or top. Each tracker has an SOS button . Only press this in an emergency. If your SOS goes off we will phone to check your ok And send the medic to you if needed.  

  • You must hand your tracker back to atlasrunning at the end of the event.
  • Losing your tracker.
  • If you lose your tracker you will have to pay for a replacement one . This will cost you £125.
  • Live tracking - the link for live tracking is on our Facebook page or you can find it on race drone. Save it to your home page of your mobile, it makes it easy to see where you are at all times on the route.

Race numbers: Must be worn were it can be seen at all times.

Pacers: No Pacers allowed.  It's a race. If someone is seen running beside you who is not in the event. You will get a DNF.

Mobile phone: You must have a mobile phone where we can contact you if needed. You will need a battery pack if you are using your phone as a map.   You must have the race organisers numbers on your phone.

Route map: You can download this from Atlasrunning Facebook page and website, and at race drone. You will also be given a paper map at registration.  Stay on foot paths were possible. Use the highway code at all times.

Checkpoints: There will be water and a small selection of food when and where it's safe to set up. Around every 20 miles.

Cut offs: All cut of points will have a tracker so runners can see where it is on the map

  • 1 Newry 12 hrs ( midnight)
  • 2 Dunleer 24hrs (12 noon )
  • 3 Arthur's Bar Dublin 36 hrs (12 midnight)
  • 4 Dunleer 48hrs (12 noon)
  • 5 Newry 60 hrs (12 midday )

Finish: 72 hrs. 

If you are late getting to cut off you will be asked to stop.

If a checkpoint has to be moved we will allow you the extra time to get there.


Hi Viz: most be worn at all times. Anyone not wearing Hi Viz will be told to put it on or asked to retire.

Medics:  there is medical teams for the duration of the event . You will have their telephone numbers. If for any reason they tell you to stop. Stop! It's your safety they are thinking about.

The medics are not there to give you food or water . They are there in case you need medical help.  

The medics will have a tracker.

We will also have a medical bag at all checkpoints.

Head torches: You will need these for night time. Don't forget spare batteries.

Waterproofs:  Hopefully you won't need them. But it is Ireland, so bring them.

Retirement:  If you have to retire let us know . and had your tracker back .We will try and take you to the next checkpoint . or nearest bus . Make sure you have money in sterling and Euros

You must get your tracker back to us before the event finishes.

Money: bring sterling for Belfast and euro for the South of Ireland.

Getting to the start and home from the finish....  It's your own responsibility to get to the start and home from the finish.

Make sure you have warm clothes in your drop bag for when you finish.


  • 1 crew for one runner.
  • If you dont have a crew at the start of the event you will be given your money back less costs and not allowed to run.
  • All crews most attend the crew briefing. This is 5 mins after the start of the event.
  • Your crew most obey the highway code at all times. If they leave their vehicle they most wear Hi Viz.
  • If you have to sit in your crews vehicle for any reason the vehicle most not move.
  • All crews must be within easy reach of their runner, should they need you.
  • IF your crew sees a runner in difficulty please help them first then phone the race staff.
  • If your crew would like an event top you can order and pay for this when you enter the event at

This is not a flat course.  It's on open roads and through towns. Be careful. Look out for other runners.  Watch out for traffic especially at night time.

Getting lost: We will be watching your tracker. If you are going the wrong way we will phone you. 

  • IF we have to keep phoning you we will pull you out of the event.
  • IF you think you have gone the wrong way look up the live tracking you will see the route and were you are.  It up dates every minute .

Finishers: All finishers will receive a medal and an Atlasrunning 200 mile club coin.

Winners trophies: 1st 2nd 3rd male and female

Phoning the race staff: Only phone use if you need medical help.  Get lost.  Retire from the event.  We will be busy making sure you are all safe!

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