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Peak District South & North (Peaks, Vales, Moors & Trails Series)

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Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd November 2020

Entries Open
Friday 2nd August 2019
Entries Close
Sunday 18th October 2020
Stage 1 Only; Stage 2 Only; Full Race
Entries so Far
63 Participants
Entry Fees

Stage 1:   £55 unaffiliated £53 affiliated 
Stage 2:   £55 unaffiliated £53 affiliated 
Full Race £85 unaffiliated £83 affiliated 

Event Organiser - Stu Westfield
07890 620274

The best of the Peak District from south to north, through tree lined vales, high moors, plateau, famous peaks and grit stone edges, in winter season conditions. Mixed navigation challenges and adventure for racers. The route runs through the inspiring White and Dark Peak District over classic trails. We're including pre-race briefings, followed by pizza and pasta party to help you start this friendly and sociable race, fuelled with energy and prepared.





For this race in the Peaks, Vales, Moors and Trails Series we have three options for you to choose from:

Option A: Stage 1 only - Saturday 21 November 2020, White Peak Trails 42km (total ascent 1638m) £55.00
Option B: Stage 2 only - Sunday 22 November 2020, Dark Peak 51km (total ascent 1637m) £55.00
Option C: Stage 1 Saturday + Stage 2 Sunday - Full Peak District South & North 93km £85.00



To simplify competitor’s travel and accommodation arrangements there will no longer be ‘evening before the race’ checks this year. All number issue, tracker issue and kit checks will be done on Saturday morning (Stage 1) / Sunday morning (Stage 2)


Parking note

Sett Valley Car Park, Station Road, Hayfield, SK22 2ES. All day £4-80 cash only* Open 24 hours.

Please do not park in the Royal Hotel car parking spaces, unless you have a room booked there. Also, do not park in the village centre, especially Church Road as this causes congestion. We wish to remain on good terms with our neighbours for future events.

To get to race HQ. From Station Road car park, cross over the by-pass pedestrian crossing, past the church and over river bridge to The Royal Hotel car park. The cricket club pavilion is on the far side of the white fence. Total 2 minutes’ walk.

(* details from local authority website, correct as at July 2020. Please check at payment point for subsequent amendments to charges and timings etc)

SATURDAY - STAGE 1 (note amended HQ & timings for TT format)

Race HQ: Hayfield Cricket Club, Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire, SK22 2LD

07:00   onward - Race HQ open for Registration and Kit Checks

08:00 to 10:00   Race Start time window. To move through kit check, number issue, tracker issue etc: Please aim to arrive 30 minutes before your chosen start time allocated at enrolment with Si-Entries. To help maintain social distancing and maximise time allowance, we suggest slower paced runners arrive earlier. Once through registration and kit check, runners will be called to the starting area every couple of minutes in maximum groups of 6.

22:00 (up to 14 hours elapsed race time) race finish cut off time

SUNDAY – STAGE 2 (note amended HQ & timings for TT format)

Race HQ: Hayfield Cricket Club, Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire, SK22 2LD

07:00   onward - Race HQ open for Registration and Kit Checks

08:00 to 10:00   Race Start time window. To move through kit check, number issue, tracker issue etc: Please aim to arrive 30 minutes before your chosen start time allocated at enrolment with Si-Entries. To help maintain social distancing and maximise time allowance we suggest slower paced runners arrive earlier. Once through registration and kit check, runners will be called to the starting area every couple of minutes in maximum groups of 6.

23:00 (up to 15 hours elapsed race time) race finish cut off time


Race Results: The timekeepers provisional results board will be on view at Race HQ

Full verified results will be emailed to all participants and published online within 7 days of race completion: Ranger Ultras website & Ranger Ultras Facebook page.

Winners & category trophies: Will be presented soon after the last runner has finished. If the winner / cat winner has left for home we will post trophies onward.

Race HQ will be staffed throughout the event. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, soup and light refreshments will be available to racers on return to HQ


  • Ranger Safety Team Support
  • Navigation notes
  • GPX files emailed to all entries
  • Stage 1 at 9km RUSHUP EDGE: Snacks, water
  • Stage 1 at 18km A623 MOUNT PLEASANT: Snacks, water
  • Stage 1 at 24km CASTLETON: water
  • Stage 2 at 9km A57 outbound: Snacks, hot drink, water
  • Stage 2 at 25km WOODHEAD TUNNEL TURN: Snacks, water
  • Stage 2 at 40km A57 return: Snacks, hot drink, water
  • At HQ: Tea / coffee / soft drinks, pizza
  • Finishers Medals (Stage 1 and Stage 2 races)
  • Trophies for 1st Male and 1st Female (Stage 1, Stage 2, Overall)
  • Age Cat Trophies 20-25, 26-49, 50+ (Overall)

ACCOMMODATION note: We do not have permission or overnight sleeping at the Race HQ. So unfortunately, we cannot offer this free facility in 2020. There are lots of Hayfield and locally available accommodation options: The Royal Hotel, The Sportsman Inn, The George Inn, private B&Bs. The nearest YHAs are Edale and Castleton. The nearest open campsite is Fieldhead in Edale.


  • Backpack
  • Waterproof jacket with hood and waterproof over trousers Insulating Hat and Gloves/Mitts.
  • Warm layers appropriate for the weather conditions, minimum is long sleeved fleece Appropriate footwear for mountain/fell running.
  • Hard copy Ordnance Survey or Harveys type maps covering the Race Distance (For example - Stage 1: OS OL24 & OL1. Stage 2: OS OL1. Or Harveys Maps etc.)
  • GPS (Optional)
  • Navigation Compass (a mobile phone app or watch compass is not acceptable).
  • Head torch and spare batteries.
  • Hi viz reflective strip and/or back light to be attached to rear of rucksack.
  • Whistle
  • Emergency bivvy bag, foil or polythene survival bag. (note: foil blanket is not acceptable) Unbreakable Mug (for checkpoints, we do not use single use disposable plastic cups) Sufficient fluids and hill food to sustain you for the race.
  • First aid / blister kit plus personal meds.
  • Mobile Phone (fully charged).
  • Walking poles are allowed

Notes: This is a minimum compulsory kit list, applicable to all competitors. Participants should pre-review the forecast weather conditions add such items as necessary to keep warm, dry, fed and hydrated whilst on the trail.

Notes: For racers who have pre-booked limited hall floor sleeping, you’ll require sleeping bag and mat. Please note, there are no shower facilities at the hall. To reserve a sleeping place in the hall, please contact us directly after entering the race.

More race details on 


This safety plan / participant briefing document follows current England Athletics guidance regarding special Covid-19 measures.

Existing entries: You can now select ‘amend my entry’ by logging into Si-Entries and choose a starting time window to the nearest 5 minutes.

New entries: You can choose your start time on booking

Please note: If you can't make your exact starting slot on the day. This is not a problem, you will not be penalised. You may have to wait a few minutes until the next starting slot.

On the day we will be starting runners as they present themselves to the start gate every couple of minutes (with maximum 6 runners starting at any time)

Please note: Arrive approx 30 minutes before your start time window to allow for registration, number issue, tracker issue and kit check.

Competitors should not attend the PS&N if:

  • If they have symptoms of Covid-19
  • Government / Local Authority rulings state that they are subject to local lockdown.
  • Government rulings state that they are subject to quarantine after returning from overseas countries.
  • They are advised not to by a medical practitioner, social worker or other professional.

While we have every sympathy for participants affected, we are sorry but we cannot absorb the cost of individual participants who are caught up in Covid related circumstances beyond our control. We are committed to the 2020 PSN event and this year’s participant’s entry fees have already been invested into the race. Hence, deferrals are not possible, as this would double the event costs per entry.

Our terms and conditions for participants who are unable to race, for any reason, remain as:

  • [Ref #5] The Option A & B, Individual 41km & 52km Stage entry of £55 (£57 unaffiliated) includes a non-refundable deposit of £25. I understand that The Option C, 100km Race entry fee of £85 (£87 unaffiliated) includes a non-refundable deposit of £40
  • [Ref #6] If I choose to cancel my entry up to 30 days (Friday 30th October 2020) prior to the event. I will be entitled to a refund of £30 (£32 unaffiliated) for the Option A& B Individual Stage Races, £45 (£47 unaffiliated) for the Option C Full Race.
  • [Ref #7] Race event entries may be transferred to another person (within the same race held on the same date and year) up to 3 days prior to the event. A charge of £20 will be made by Ranger Ultras to cover administration costs and time. It will be the responsibility of the outgoing participant to inform Ranger Ultras in writing of their intention to transfer their entry and name of the person receiving that entry. It will be the responsibility of the recipient to provide either an Si-Entries number or additional information necessary for Ranger Ultras, in addition to the £20 administration charge, before the transfer can be completed. Ranger Ultras will not engage, be responsible for, or party to, any exchange of monies between the incoming recipient and the outgoing participant.

Should the race not be able to proceed at all due to Covid circumstances beyond our control. Eg local lockdown or another national lockdown. Our promise to you is that we will offer the following options:

  1. Straight transfer to the 2021 Peak District South & North Ultra
  2. Credit to the value of your race entry towards any of our future Ranger Ultras Trail Running Races or Ranger Expeditions guided challenge walks.
  3. Refund of race entry, minus Si-Entries booking and card processing fees.

Meanwhile we are very focussed on success and doing everything we can to continue to put on quality, safe, enjoyable and engaging races for trail runners.

What you should bring to the race

  • Personal hand sanitiser
  • Personal face covering
  • All compulsory kit (Kit checks will take place. Please see specific pass / fail criteria in kit notes below.
  • To allow us to optimise the HQ space, please arrive with your race kit ready in advance, rather than requiring a large area to spread out.
  • Please Note: Be prepared to be more self-sufficient this year regarding your trail snacks. We will have water top ups (only race marshals to handle water containers) refreshments and snacks available on the course but these will be in individual packaging and hence not the variety that we have traditionally been able offer.

Arriving at Race HQ

  • In line with TRA/EA guidance, please ask spectators and family members to remain outside of Race HQ. There are several pubs and cafes in Hayfield where your friends and family can use wifi to log onto the race tracking web page.
  • Please arrive as much as possible ready to race with minimal additional luggage in HQ
  • Wear face covering
  • Remain socially distanced from other participants
  • Follow one-way system through:
    • Registration
    • Race Number Collection
    • Kit check
    • Tracker fitting
    • Left luggage bag storage
    • Toilets (optional)
    • Tea, coffee, snacks
    • Time Trial start area
  • Please keep face covering on until established on open trails.
  • Likewise, put face covering on finishing approach to Race HQ

Out on the course

  • Athletes encouraged to pull up their face covering when in proximity to other athletes, event volunteers and members of the public
  • Overtaking procedure (Other athletes): Overtaking athletes briefed to make their position know to other athletes by calling ‘Overtaking on your right side’ and waiting for the athlete ahead to move to the left side of the trail when safe for them to do so.
  • Overtaking procedure (Members of the public): Please remember that members of the public have equal right of way. Overtaking athletes to make their position known to members of the public courteously by politely calling ‘Overtaking on your right side please’ and patiently waiting for space to be made available.

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