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C.F.R.A - Ennerdale Horseshoe

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Saturday 8th June 2019

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

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Wednesday 23rd January 2019
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Wednesday 5th June 2019
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129 Participants
Entry Fees
Entry Fee   £13.50   
Event Organiser - Colin Dulson
01539 735134

The Ennerdale is part of the Lakeland Classics Trophy details from


Fee £13.50 Pre entry open from January to 5th June 2019 

2019 is not a designated British or English championship race and therefore there are some entries on the day allowed. These are allocated on a first come first serve basis

Fee includes light refreshment and use of sportident race management / results system

All Si cards are provided and pre logged onto the system, No personal Si cards will be used. 

Age limit:  Over 18 on the day of the race.


11.00 hrs from Ennerdale Scout camp GR 088154 go to Ennerdale bridge and follow the signs

Course                                                        checkpoint                            closing time

1st check         Great Borne                          124164                                   12.15hrs

2nd check       Red Pike                                160154                                   12.45hrs

3rd Check       Black Beck Tarn                     201129                                   13.45hrs

4th check        Green Gable                          215106                                   14.30hrs

5th check        Kirk Fell                                 194104                                    15.00hrs

6th check        Pillar                                      171121                                    16.00hrs

7th check        Haycock                                145107                                       ----

8th check        Iron crag                                122119                                       ----

9th Check        Crag Fell                               097143                                       ----


Follow flags from the 9th check to the finish

Route description

This race route is not for the faint hearted but after completing you’ll proudly display it on your runners CV. It is a horseshoe but in many respects it is an out and back race. If you retire at or near the midway point (green gable ish!) you have a 10 mile jog, walk, stumble back to registration along the valley floor.

The route is flagged from the start to half way up great Borne GR 113166 and from the final summit of Crag fell to the finish.

The only guaranteed water is at black beck tarn GR 201129. There is sometimes water on the way round to beck head from green gable and some carried by summit marshals and friends. Save for squeezing water from grass and cactus plants there is little or no ground water on the return leg past Beck head.

The last 6 to 7 miles of the race route is (can be) fast running as the ground changes to low angled grass slopes. If you’ve left enough in your legs from the run out and over Pillar you will be able to take advantage of this.

People often go wrong by descending into Buttermere from High crag and by turning south over Red pike Wasdale and into Wasdale. These are both painful and potentially expensive route deviations. There is no transportation / taxis provided by the race organisers if you descend into the wrong valley so these parts of the route are worth fixing in your mind and on your compass. There is a dangerous and difficult section of the race in the descent from Kirk Fell summit 194104 to Black sail pass 192114 details of this and advice will be given on race day.


1:25,000 ordnance survey outdoor leisure map 4

1:50,000 ordnance survey landranger sheet 89

Pete bland sports also carry race specific maps for the Ennerdale


Men seniors. Vet 40 and 5 year categories to vet 70

Lady seniors, vet 40 and 5 year categories to vet 70

Teams 1st ladies team and 1st men’s team

Winning team= lowest score calculated by adding the race positions of the first 4 runners


Toilets and limited changing facilities are available at the scout camp race registration.

Post race there are 5/6 showers available or the local stream to revive tired muscles. Limited parking is available on the campsite on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that runners ar requested not to wash/swim in the river that runs along side the campsite/ startand finish due to SSSI restrictions

Accommodation and Campsites

No camping by runners can be permitted on the scout camp itself. If you are intending to stay locally you will have to make arrangements to camp or hotel/B&B locally.

Good accommodation and camping web sites are:

Ennerdale bridge and Lamplugh are the nearest villages

Emergency telephone number on the race day 01946 861811.

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