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STAG's 20th Glasgow Parks Champions

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Sunday 2nd December 2018

Entries Open
Wednesday 7th November 2018
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Sunday 25th November 2018
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129 Participants
Entry Fees
Senior    £13.00   
    £14.00   (from 13/11/2018)
    £15.00   (from 20/11/2018)
Junior*    £6.50  
   £7.00   (from 13/11/2018)
   £7.50   (from 20/11/2018)

* Students and adults doing the Social course at junior rates.

Non SOA or BOF Members should add £1 to the Senior Fee & 50p to Junior fee.

Entries after 25th November shall depend on map availability & subject to an additional £1 surcharge for all entrants.

Event Organiser - Terry O'Brien
0141 770 8671

Crazy though it seems, 2018 will see the hosting of our 20th GPC / 3 Parks In 1 Day Event

Following on from the 1999 PWT Event in Kelvingrove Park , STAG initiated this event which was probably the forerunner to SPRINT ORIENTEERING.

Please read on for provisional plans - updated 11th November 2018 which have a slight twist to the normal programme.

Only those who enter by 11:59pm Monday 12th November are guaranteed the Event Souvenir & cheapest entry fee.

The nature of the 2018 Event is slightly different as you will see when you read details on our website.

Race Format: 3 races. Races 1 & 2 aiming for an Estimated Lead Time of 10/13 minutes in each Class . Race 3 - Chasing Start - Estimated Lead Time of 22/25 minutes in each Class.

New Trophies  To mark the 20th Anniversary of this unique event New Trophies shall be awarded within the “Open” & “Open Women” Classes to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed Boys & Girls (M/W18s & under) - STAG’s FUTURE STARS - who enter & complete the Open & Open Women Classes respectively. It is a expected that these Juniors compete regularly at Light Green Level or above. The 150% window has been withdrawn. These New Trophies shall be retained by the Winners each year.

My apologies but due to an oversight on my part, this year the STAG Future Stars Competition shall now be based on the results from Races 2 & 3.

The issue relates to Race 1 accessing a part of the Commonwealth Village & thus being partially Urban based, the insurance requirements do not allow those under 16 years to compete.
Those Juniors who wish to compete must enter the Open & Open Women’s Classes but for Race 1 - which won’t actually count in The STAG's Future Stars Competition - those who have reached 16 years can run the Course but those under 16 years shall run The Junior Course. These maps shall be personalised & be in a small box adjacent to the Open / Open Women Maps.
The times for Races 2 & 3 shall then just be added together to determine positions. I hope this makes sense. 

Further Provisional Race Information can be found on STAG Website.

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