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Stepping Into Spring: Scottish Sprint Champs inc. bto SOUL 4 + Compass Sport Cup & Trophy Heat

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Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th March 2018

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

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Thursday 21st December 2017
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Thursday 1st March 2018
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Entry Fees

Scottish Sprint Championships inc. bto SOUL 4
     Senior BOF £10 / non-BOF £12
     Junior/student BOF £4 / non-BOF £5
     Adult course 6/7 BOF £4 / non-BOF £5

Compass Sport Cup & Trophy
     Senior BOF £10 / non-BOF £12
     Junior/student BOF £4 / non-BOF £5
     Adult Light Green, Yellow or White BOF £4 / non-BOF £5

  - Dave Coustick


FVO host a 2-day orienteering weekend on 10th-11th March 2018

General Information:

On both days the punching system will be SportIdent (SI) with SI Air enabled. If you do not have an SI card and need to hire this is free. If you wish to hire a SIAC (contactless) these are available for £2.50 for a single day or £4 if you are hiring for both Saturday and Sunday events. These should be pre-booked via SiEntries to guarantee availability. Lost SI dibbers will be charged at £30, lost SIACs £60.

Saturday 10th March - Scottish Sprint Championships incorporating bto SOUL 4

Location: University of Stirling

Registration: 1100 to 1215 in Logie theatre where there will be limited toilets.

Event Format: There will be 2 races with the cumulative time being used to give overall results. Race 1 start times 1145-1300, race 2 start times 1400-1515. Courses close 1340 and 1555 respectively with prize-giving at 1600.

Courses and entries: 7 courses will be available but to comply with SOUL categories please enter by CLASS GROUP eg Junior Men (MJ), UltraVet Women (WUV) if you are running in your correct class. Only if you wish to run a different course from that allocated for your age group please enter the course by number eg 2- Brown. To be eligible for a prize in the Scottish Sprint Championships you must run in your own or harder course; you must meet eligibility as per

However all are welcome to run regardless of eligibility.

All courses are within the university campus where traffic should be slow (20mph limit) so juniors may enter any course.

The following courses will be available: 

1 - Black:                    Men Open, M18-35 (MO)
2 - Brown:                   Veteran Men, M40+ (MV), Women Open W18-35 (WO)
3 - Blue:                      Supervet Men, M55+(MSV), Veteran Women, W40+ (WV)
4 - Green:                   Ultravet Men, M65+ (MUV), Hypervet Men, M75+ (MHV), Supervet Women, W55+ (WSV)
5 - Short Green:         Ultravet Women, W65+ (WUV), Hypervet Women, W75+ (WHV)
6 - Light Green:          Junior Men, M16- (MJ), Junior Women, W16- (WJ)
7 - Yellow:                  Young Junior Men, M12- (MYJ), Young Junior Women, W12- (WYJ)

Sunday 11th March - Compass Sport Cup & Trophy Heat

Location:                   Beecraigs Country Park, near Linlithgow 

Registration: 10:00 to 12:00. Competitors who Enter On the Day (EOD) will not be permitted to participate in the Compass Sport Cup or Trophy. Only a small number of maps will be available for EOD entries, so please pre-enter to guarantee an entry.

Start times: 10:30 to 13:00. Club captains will allocate the start times for members of the clubs that are competing in the Compass Sport Cup or Trophy; all others may select their preferred start window when they pre-enter.

Courses close: 15:30

Courses and entries: The following courses will be available: 

Course                                 Cup / Trophy
Brown:                                   Men Open
Short Brown:                         M20-, M40+
Blue Women:                        Women Open
Blue Men:                              M50+
Green Women:                      W20-, W45+
Green Veteran Men:              M60+
Short Green Veterans:           M70+, W60+
Green Junior Men:                 M18-
Short Green Junior Women:  W18-
Orange Men:                          M14-
Orange Women:                    W14-
Light Green:                             -
Yellow:                                     -
White:                                      -

If you wish to participate in the Compass Sport Cup or Trophy then you must enter the appropriate course for your age or 'run up' an age class. 

Full final details will be published at

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