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High Fells of Thrunton 10k Night Run

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Saturday 17th March 2018

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Friday 1st September 2017
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Tuesday 13th March 2018
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Barry Kemp

Night running comes to Thrunton!  This atmospheric woods will be transformed as you run under dark skies.  Branches will reach out to you as you twist and turn on the tight trails.  Once out on the fells the skies open and on a clear night it will be filled with stars.  Not that you’ll have time to look as the ground is constantly requiring your full attention.

Clearly when I say 10K I don’t mean it!  This event has ran a few times and it’s more like 8 miles than 6 so be prepared.  Night running on a course like this requires a certain level of competence so some experience would be a good idea.  We’ll have an extended safety team on hand to guide you round the course and respond to any incidents should they occur.  We use a comprehensive communications system to keep contact.

The terrain is is technical in that you’ll traverse roots, rocks and mud aplenty.  Even on the nice open crag tops you’ll find paths strewn with rocks so please pay attention.

Why not do the double header and do the half marathon the next day?

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