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Punk Panther Takes the Hindmost

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Saturday 28th September 2024

Entries Open
Thursday 31st August 2023 at 18:00
Entries Close
Sunday 15th September 2024
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2 Participants
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Entry Fee   £30.00   
Race Director - Ryk Downes

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The Punk Panther version of a Backyard Ultra, Panther Takes the Hindmost follows similar rules to other elimination races except every runner will have the opportunity to complete at least 52km before elimination.

After the 4 qualifying laps around a 10.5km trail, each subsequent lap sees the person finishing last being eliminated  until the final three face off in a battle to be the last runner standing.

No one will be allowed to start on a new elimination lap until all the runners are home from the previous lap and one is eliminated.

This will continue until there are just three runners left. They will then be allowed to continue until there is only one left. 

The start will be from a car park, so you can rest up and refill in your car between laps. There are also public toilets available throughout the race.

Distance: 10km loops
Climb: 375ft per lap

ITRA Points: YES - TBA

Race Series: N/A
Maximum Entrants: 30

Event Closes: 09:00 Sunday 1st October 2023

Car Park: Swinsty/Fewston Reservoir, North Lane, LS21 2NP. ///workbench.having.youths
Toilets: In the Car Park

Registration: At the Punk Panther Gazebo by the toilet block in the Car Park from 8.30am

Trackers: N/A

Route: Provisional GPX files of the route and route description are available from the GPX tab on this page. The final version will be emailed to all competitors with the Final Race Instructions the week before the event. You MUST use the email version as this will take into account any last minute diversions.

Taping: We will NOT be marking this route as it is a simple route around the reservoir paths.

Kit list: 

Full Rules
1. Start is from 9.00 am, you may start later if you wish, but you must complete four 10km laps by 2.55pm, when you have finished 4 laps you must rest until the elimination laps start.
2. The route is Clockwise around Swinsty and Fewston Reservoirs on the Reservoir Path nearest to the Reservoirs.
3. During the ‘qualifying laps’ you must report to the Start/Finish each lap so that a record of your time when you complete a lap AND when you start a lap (even if you are going straight back out) otherwise that lap will not be recorded!
4. Elimination Laps start at 3.00pm 4.30pm 6.00pm etc.
5. You may retire at anytime; if during the first half of a lap you decide that you do not wish to complete it simply turn left after Swinsty Reservoir and head back to the car park to complete a half loop.
6. The person who is last to complete each full lap with be taken from the race (those retiring during the lap are not counted).
7. Anyone taking more than 90 minutes to complete a lap will be eliminated.
8. When only 3 runners remain, no further eliminations will be made by unless a runner takes more than 2 hours between completing laps, and each new lap will start 2 hours after the last.
9. The first person to complete 18 laps is the winner, if no one complete 18 laps the person covering the greatest distance will be deemed the winner, in the event of a tie, the first one to complete the same distance will win.
10. All runners competing will get a T-Shirt and a medal. There will be trophies for the first runner only. There are no age or sex categories.
11. All runners are expected to provide their own supplies for the duration of the race. There is no kit requirement, but those expecting to run into the night should have a head torch.

Start: From 09:00

Finish: Every finisher receives a medal and an event T-Shirt. Please note that although there are two ultramarathon distances, this is one event for the purposes of trophies. Finishing positions for the race series are in order of distance completed then time taken.

Final Competitor instructions: These will be emailed to all competitors the week before the event.

Results: Previous results can be found here: Panther Takes The Hindmost Results and will be updated during the event.

For up-to-date information and chat about all our events please join this Facebook Group.

Course Records: can be found here (please note courses may vary from year to year): Course Records

View the Event Disclaimer / Terms and Conditions.

View the Event Cancellation / Refund Policy.

This event offers the option to purchase XCover, so that participants may be able to get a refund if they are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Event Location:
Swinsty/Fewston Car Park, North Lane, LS21 2NP