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Front Crawl Masterclass in Open Water

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Friday 19th August 2022

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Tuesday 26th July 2022
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Wednesday 17th August 2022
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Booking Fee   £35.00   
Event Organiser - Christine Johnson
07832 376230

Time: Friday 19th August, 7pm to 8.30pm

Location: Fell Foot Park

This is a course for breaststroke swimmers looking to learn the fundamentals of front crawl and front crawl swimmers looking to improve their stroke efficiency and techniqe. Having two coaches, we can split into two groups,  ensuring all swimmers get plenty of  personalised attention.

If you are currently happy swimming breaststroke in open water, but long to be able to swim front crawl to travel further and faster and also finding you are suffering from lower back pain or sore hips from swimming breaststroke in a wetsuit – learning how to swim front crawl could be the answer. If you are able to swim some front crawl, but finding you tire easily & find breathing difficult after a a few lengths or distance in open water - your technique or breathing style could be the issue.

We have two coaches in order to be able to give swimmers lots of attention and a maximum of 8 swimmers. Depending on the temperature of the water (16 degrees or over) you will have the choice of swimming wetsuit or non wetsuit. However, if you are happy swimming in a wetsuit, it maybe be wise opting to swim in a wetsuit as it will be a technique course with lots of input from the coaches and  working on drills and it is important to remain warm.

It is a 90 minute session and will include a short theory session on dry land, followed by the practical session in the water, then a 15 minute de brief on dry land to finish. We will also be having a coffee/tea with a well deserved biscuit😊 

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