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Esher Commons - National & SE League

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Sunday 30th October 2022

Entries Open
Thursday 21st July 2022
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Sunday 30th October 2022 at 12:15
Black; Brown; Short Brown; Short Brown – M18; Blue; Blue – M16; Short Blue; Short Blue - W18; Green; Green – W16; Short Green; Very Short Green; Light Green; Light Green – M14 and W14; Orange; Yellow; White
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Senior Member   £11.00   
    £12.00   (from 31/08/2022)
    £14.00   (from 23/10/2022)
Senior Non-Member   £13.00   
    £14.00   (from 31/08/2022)
    £16.00   (from 23/10/2022)
Junior / Student Member   £5.00   
    £6.00   (from 23/10/2022)
Junior / Student Non-Member   £7.00   
    £8.00   (from 23/10/2022)
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South London Orienteers is offering you the opportunity to run at our Level B National event, South East league event and England Junior selection race on a brand new, LiDAR based map of Esher Commons. Assembly and parking (separate charge by railway company) will be in Oxshott Station car park with the start and finish nearby making it a very accessible event by public transport with trains every hour from Waterloo and Guildford. Overflow parking will be on designated nearby roads. 

Start times ares from 10:30 until 12:30. Please select an available start time. Entries will be available online (subject to map availability) until 12:15 on the day of the event.

Esher is a mixed forest with areas of fast paced pine forest broken up by open heathland and some areas of bracken and bramble, which should by dying back at the time of the event. The area is generally gently sloping, with the exception of the Longy Down ridge but excavations and explosions by the Canadian Army whilst training here in WW2 have left areas of intricacy to add complexity to your run. However, we expect top runners on the longer courses to achieve close to 5 minutes per kilometre.

England Interland Junior Team Selection

Esher Commons is a Selection Race for Interland Junior Team Selection.  Juniors who wish their results to be considered as part of the selection process must read the Selection Policy posted on the England Orienteering website (  In particular, athletes should enter the correct course for their age class in 2023 and note that the entry system will limit slots to 4 minute intervals. When entering please select the Course with the relevant age class attached to it for this purpose, e.g. if M18 in 2023 then select Short Brown - M18. This will then ensure the seeding works correctly.


Twelve courses will be provided (distances and climb are preliminary and subject to controlling):

Course Men Women Distance (km) Climb (m)
Black M21   13.5 180
Brown M35 M40   10.5 150
Short Brown M18 M20 M45 M50 W21 8.5 135
Blue M16 M55 M60 W35 W40 7.3 120
Short Blue M65 W18 W20 W45 W50 6.0 100
Green M70 W16 W55 W60 5.0 80
Short Green M75 W65 W70 4.0 60
Very Short Green M80 M85+ W75 W80 W85+ 3.0 45
Light Green M14 W14 4.0 60
Orange M12 W12 3.0 40
Yellow M10 W10 2.5 30
White     1.5 20


Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct  regarding COVID.

Further details will be published on our wesbite at South London Orienteers  .

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