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Lynford Orienteering East Anglian League

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Sunday 12th December 2021

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Friday 19th November 2021
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Sunday 5th December 2021
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Tim Eden

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Lynford is typical Thetford Forest terrain with some interesting earthwork features and a complex area of small rides in the SE corner of the map which require careful navigation. There is a significant area of felling in the centre and east areas but courses have been designed to avoid these areas. W, Y, O, LG and SG have no road crossings, the other courses have unmanned crossings. Please take care at all road crossings as the road is very straight and vehicles can travel at speed along it.

Courses              Approx Length                EAL Classes

White                    1.8 to 2.0km                      None

Yellow                   2.25 to 2.75km                 M10; W10

Orange                 2.75 to 3.25km                 M12; W12

Light Green         3.0 to 3.5km                      M14; W14

Short Green        3.0 to 3.5km                      M75; M80; M85; W65; W70; W75; W80; W85

Green                    4.75 to 5.25km                 M65; M70; W16; W18; W20; W45; W50; W55; W60

Blue                       6.75 to 7.25km                 M16; M18; M20; M45; M50; M55; M60; W21; W35; W40

Brown                   9.0 to 9.5km                      M21; M35; M40

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