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BL Aughertree

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Saturday 14th August 2021

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Thursday 22nd July 2021
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Thursday 12th August 2021
Blue; Green; Orange; Yellow
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This event has been planned by Border Liners juniors. Originally to be held in November 2020 it has been a while in the making but we have finally got it off ground. We hope you enjoy your course!

General Information

This event is being run in accordance with the British Orienteering guidance for resumption of orienteering in England. In order to participate in this event you must agree to comply with the Participant Code of Conduct.

Travel Directions, Parking & Download

Since the event was originally planned we have located a parking field. The 'event centre' (parking and download) is at NY265369. This is on the minor road between Aughertree Fell and Longlands. The event will not be signposted.There is no reliable 'nearby' postcode for sat navs, nor are there public transport options to get to this event. What3words: afterglow.chestnuts.luck

Traffic is very light but still take care entering and leaving the parking field.

Parking £2. It would help if you could bring the correct money please.

Course Details


Length (km)

Climb (m)

Map Scale




1:10000, 5m contours




1:7500, 5m contours

Short Green



1:7500, 5m contours




1:7500, 5m contours




1:7500, 5m contours


There is no entry on the day.

We have added a Short Green course at short notice. Those entered on Green who may prefer a shorter option can swap to this course on the day.

The start and finish require dibbing, all controls on the course will be SIAC enabled for those with appropriate SI cards. Courses close at 14:30.


The map is A4 printed on waterproof paper. Collect your map from download before going to the start. Maps will be handed out rolled up – please try not to open them until you start.

Control descriptions are on front the map. No loose descriptions will be available.


Open exposed fell with a mixture of rough & tussocky grass, marshes, some crags where there have been old quarries (long since disused), boulders and sink hole depressions.

There may be sheep and cattle grazing on the fell. Do give cattle a wider berth than usual if they appear to have calves.

SI Card Hire

If you didn’t fill in an SI card number when entering then an SI card will be ready for you to borrow. Go to download to collect it. There is no charge unless you lose it.


Start blocks are displayed on the entry list if you need a reminder. Collect your map from download before proceeding to your start.There are two starts – one for Green, Orange and Yellow, and one for Blue (see map below). The route to the starts will be taped. Neither start will be actively manned. If there is a queue at your start wait (at an appropriate distance) for about 1 minute after the previous person started. Clear, check (SIAC on) are at each start. Remember to punch the start.


You must punch the finish. Parking & download is about 1km from the finish, back past the North and South starts. Please follow the marked route shown below rather than take the direct route through the competition area. There will be no split results printed. Results (and routegadget) will be on the BL website shortly after the event.


There will be one Portaloo. If there is a queue please ensure suitable distancing is followed. Remember to sanitise.

First Aid

A First Aid kit will be available at download but please DIY if at all possible to avoid contact.

Local accident and emergency is Cumberland Infirmary, CA2 7HY.


Please bring your own water or other refreshments.


Dogs on a lead in the car park please as the farm does have livestock. 


The event has been planned by BL juniors Tom, Ruben & Laura with assistance from Christine Kiddier. Organiser Keith Tonkin.

Safety & precautions

Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

The fell is exposed. If the weather is unseasonably bad cagoules and whistles may be compulsory. Notices will be displayed to let you know – come prepared. Shorts are allowed (unless cagoules are compulsory).

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out by the organiser. All competitors must report back to download even if they retire. This is for your own safety.

Border Liners Orienteering Club: Follow us on Twitter @BL_Orienteering

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