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Navigation FastTrack Trail & Fell, Scotl

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Saturday 15th May 2021

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Saturday 1st May 2021
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Friday 14th May 2021
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The Nav Guy - Sean Bolland
07956 450276

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This Practical navigation session is a follow from the online Masterclasses delivered by Nav Guy. We aim to put all the theory into practice! It is better to have taken one of the online classes first, but its not essential. If in doubt please contact us first before booking.

Meeting time: 10am

Meeting point: Outside The Wanlockhead Inn, Wanlockhead, ML12 6UZ. W3W; gadget.feathers.sparkles

Parking: On street parking.

The course will be delivered by Sean Bolland, The Nav Guy! A fully qualified and experienced navigation coach.

Course outline

We’ll start having a quick review of the basics covered in the online class. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten these, it will all come back you! (Map scales, Harveys & OS, setting the map, basic navigation techniques, compass bearings.)

We’ll then have 4 hours of practical navigation training. We wont be running all this time though. There’ll be plenty of ongoing discussion, demonstration and explanation. We’ll cover the following:

  • Planning route legs
  • Using handrails, tick off features (collecting features), attack points, aiming off
  • Switching between rough navigation and fine navigation.
  • Different ways to use the compass.
  • Trying different types of compasses.
  • All sorts of tip and tricks used The Nav Guy!

At the end of the session your skill level and confidence will be much higher - and confidence is a big part of navigation!

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