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Trail Runners Online Navigation Class

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Friday 7th May 2021

Bookings Open
Sunday 18th April 2021
Bookings Close
Thursday 6th May 2021
Booking Fees
Booking Fee   £20.00   
Sean Bolland
01524 900350

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to have a go at trail running! You may have already joined a local running or trail group and want the ability to find your own way. You may even want to start a group yourself. You could be a regular road runner or Parkrunner and want to try something new! If you are a trail or ultrarunner, novice to expert and want to explore more remote or mountainous trails, then this is the online course for you. You need nav skills as well as your running skills.

Do I need to know how to use a map and a compass? No. This session is for you! If you are a beginner or want to increase your confidence, the session is designed to help you develop your skills much more to explore more. If you do have some skills already that’s brilliant and you will improve and understand a lot more after this session.

Course program

Starting at 7pm, this is a 1 hour 45 minutes live session using Zoom, with a 10 minute break after 1 hour. There will be time after the session for Q and A. It is a live course and recordings will not be available.

What content will it cover?

You will learn the common mistakes that people often repeat and how to usefully exploit navigation apps.

From a running perspective, you will learn about the relevant differences between the two main Ordnance Survey scales, 1:25 000 and 1:50 000 and ensure you are comfortable using both. We will also introduce the 1:40 000 scale and discuss how and when you might start using this scale in the future.

You will get the tips, tricks and recommendations on your navigation kit set up (map and compass) which will enhance your navigation accuracy and speed up your learning process.

I attended the Online Navigation Masterclass for Trail Runners. I found it very useful, with the information presented in a friendly and engaging way. As someone who has never used maps to navigate on trail runs (and instead relied on my watch map), the course has set me up well with the basics. It had a good mix of theory and practical tips on what to do when heading out for a run with a map and compass. Definitely recommend for others who want to learn about trail running with maps!” Alice

The following Foundation skills will be covered:

  • Orientating the map using land features
  • Orientating the map using the compass and compass bearings
  • Interpretation of contour lines
  • Understanding and using scales whilst on the run
  • Distances and Speed

Taking everything you have learned, we will then plan a number of routes and ‘navigate’ our way through identifying common mistakes made.

Relocation techniques if you get lost.

Additional safety measure to boost your confidence.

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