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Virtual Vale Races

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Monday 5th to Sunday 11th April 2021

Entries Open
Tuesday 9th March 2021
Entries Close
Friday 9th April 2021
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35 Participants
Entry Fees
The Vale Trail   £10.00   
The Mini Ultra   £10.00   
The Vale Ultra   £10.00   
The Triple Crown   £15.00   
The Grand Slam   £15.00   
Joe Timmins

Due to the pandemic the Vale Coastal Races have been postponed until 18th September 2021.  However, we won't let you put that training to waste so we've decided to organise a Virtual event!

How does it work?

You can choose from the following options:

The Vale Trail - 10 miles

The 'Mini Ultra' - 18.5 Miles

The Vale Ultra - 32 Miles

The Triple Crown - 10 miles, 18.5 miles and then 32 miles over the week of the race 

The Grand Slam - 10 miles, 18.5 miles and then 32 miles over the race weekend!

All entries are administered by SiEntries and on successful completion of your run you can upload your time via SiEntries.  They will then make a leaderboard of all those who took part (further instructions below).  There are no prizes remember, it's just for fun (no telling porkies with your times either!).  We'll also be encouraging everyone to post their Strava maps and details to the Facebook event page along with any epic tales you may have had.

The Route
It's entirely up to you!  It can be as flat or hilly as you like, one lap, many laps - it's your call.  All you have to do is follow the guidance on Coronavirus and travel where you live to make sure you're not breaking any rules.  Currently, this is that exercise must start and finish at your house.  We'd recommend choosing your route in advance and mapping it out using free mapping software such as Mapometer ( to make sure you do the right distance!

You shouldn't get lost if it's a route you've chosen!  But if you need some help, once you've plotted your route on Mapometer you can save it as a GPS and then upload it to your watch / GPS / phone with GPS mapping app.

There are no limits.  You can circle back to your house as a checkpoint or use local shops if you need to.  Just remember to follow Coronavirus guidance in your area.

Time Limit
There is none for the race - so make it easy on yourself and don't DNF your own race!  The only slight restrictions apply to the Triple Crown and the Grand Slam (see the Timetable below)

Compulsory Kit & Safety
There is no compulsory kit list that must be carried.  However, we'd always recommend the usual safety kit - waterproof, emergency food & money, a fully charged phone, a facemask and some water.  We'd also recomend telling someone of your route and the timings if you're planning to run alone.

There is no time limit and you are free to start your race at any point over the weekend. The only exception is the Triple Crown - all 3 distances should be done on the week of the race (5th - 11th April) and Grand Slam where all 3 distances should be done on the race weekend (10th & 11th April).  For the Grand Slam the 10 mile must be done Saturday morning before 12pm, the 18.5 mile on Saturday afternoon after 12pm, and finally the 32 mile Ultra at any point on Sunday.

There is a cost to enter the Virtual Vale as SiEntries still charge us for administering virtual events.  We are also using this as an opportunity to raise some money with the intention of providing emergency defibrillators along the Vale coastline as part of an on-going mission to try and make the area safer for everyone.

  • 10, 18.5 & Ultra - £10
  • Triple Crown & Grand Slam - £15

You can select the appropriate options when you sign up to the event online.

Optional Extras (including postage to you following the event)

  • Wooden Eco Medal £6*
  • T-Shirt £12
  • Run Walk Crawl Buff £5
  • Trees not Tees donation £6^

*We have decided to provide wooden medals that are sustainably sourced from companies that are carbon neutral.  They are also UK based to cut down on transport from the other side of the planet and the pollution this would create.

^Run Walk Crawl is partnering with Trees Not Tees, allowing you the option of getting a tree planted in their name rather than getting a T-shirt. Trees Not Tees was started to address the environmental impact and problem of waste created by millions of unworn or barely worn T-shirts.  A single T-shirt takes the same amount of water to make as a person drinks in 2.5 years, and produces 2-5kg of carbon.  Trees Not Tees will send you an email certificate with a picture of their newly planted tree, along with information on the species and a unique geo-location address on what3words so you can even go and visit!

You also have option of buying a t-shirt and getting a tree planted if you wish.  Simply select your t-shirt size and then tick the 'plant a tree' box.

Adding your result:
Once you have completed each distance, Edit your Entry and record your time.  Remember to click NEXT, tick the disclaimers and SAVE ENTRY and then your time and current position will appear on the Leaderboard

Add your Strava and social media links:
Add your Strava account to the Update My Details screen so that it is displayed next to your name in the results.  You can also add your other social media accounts.

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