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The Positive Runner

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Monday 8th March 2021

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Sunday 17th January 2021
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Friday 5th March 2021
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Course Organiser - Ronnie Staton

Online Seminar using Zoom - Monday 8th March 2021 - 7pm-9pm


The Positive Runner

This seminar will be conducted online using zoom, with a short 5-minute break on the hour. It will be delivered in a professional but relaxing sometimes humorous manner by Ronnie Staton (see below for more on Ronnie), with a limit of 20 participants to maintain quality and promote intimacy.

Full notes will be provided after the session to provide easy reference for further exploration in one's own time. 

With so much out there addressing the physical nature of running, this seminar will focus entirely on the mind. It is suitable for runners of all abilities who are looking to increase their enjoyment of running through improved mental well-being.

The topics will include running as a preferred metaphor and specific running examples of negative thinking traps will be discussed for optimum relatability to the runner.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, anxiety has naturally increased as many unknowns and challenges have come our way with the sad reality many have lost loved ones. Runners are people before runners and are not unaffected by our environment. It would be naive to think that simply running is the answer to all our problems, although I’d be the first to declare it’s a great start! 

This simple but informative presentation will aim to explain how we can enhance our running enjoyment through the basic practice of self-awareness. It will look to illustrate how we can break free from debilitating thoughts / beliefs we may hold about ourselves. And excitingly it will look to show how some runs can be more directly used to overcome anxiety and low mood by asking the right questions whilst out there moving. This also offers wonderful opportunities to increase creativity / form ideas whilst out running.

Such content will also indirectly have an effect on performance, in particular to consistency of running and persevering during events. 

 This session will therefore focus on;


 Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs) 

-What are they, why do they occur?

-How do we experience them exactly?

-What are the common errors in thinking (NATs) - especially in running?

-What can we do about them to feel better in ourselves and our running?


Core Beliefs & Underlying Assumptions

-What are they?

-How do they influence our thoughts & behaviour (& running)?

-How do we get to know our own core beliefs?

-How can you improve limiting or negatively held beliefs? 


Applying all this to running goals

-Setting healthy goals

-Getting the best from yourself

-Enjoying the journey

-Acknowledging the result


The session will aim to finish leaving a little time for a few questions. 


About Ronnie...

Ronnie has nearly two decades of working in the fitness industry and currently acts as an online running coach at with the following seminar related qualifications;

  • BSc Hons Coaching, Sport & Exercise Science (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Stress Management Consultant Diploma
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma

Ronnie is also an ultra runner, most notably his achievements include;

  • Sir Alfred Wainwright’s 192 mile Coast to Coast route run in 55 hours (Supported solo effort) (2013)
  • Hardmoors 160 Mile finisher in under 44 hours (4th) (2014)
  • The Hill Ultra 160 Mile finisher in under 40 hours (2nd) (2014)
  • Lon Las Cymru 253 Mile non-stop finisher in just under 78 hours (2nd) (2017)
  • Race Across Scotland 212 Mile non-stop finisher in just over 72 hours (6th) (2018)

On Christmas Eve 2018 Ronnie suffered a massive stroke which he was fortunate to survive and in some respects is still recovering from today. He still runs! He fully believes the combination of such theory and running has helped him within his recovery.

Ronnie always aims to explain strategies in honest and simple terms to overcome the obstacles life throws our way to come through regardless of the odds. Whatever level of runner you are, Ronnie's insights are applicable to enjoy living life with the people around you.

All enquiries regarding bookings for this course should be directed to Course Organiser Ronnie Staton

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