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PFO Street-O Burnley

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Tuesday 8th December 2020

Entries Open
Wednesday 25th November 2020
Entries Close
Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 12:00
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48 Entries
Entry Fees
Individual (per person)   £4.00   
Pair (per team)   £6.00   
Trio (per team)   £7.00   
George Crawford-Smith

This event is a Street Orienteering event centred around Burnley using an OpenOrienteering map.
There is one score course for all competitors with a 60 minute time limit. There will be 1 point penalty for each 12 seconds, or part thereof, that you are late.

There will not be any physical SI controls on the course, all control sites will be on street furniture etc.  Controls will have varying points values depending upon the distance and difficulty.

Entries are as Solo (£4.00), Pair (£6.00) or Trio (£7.00)

Following British Orienteering advice concerning Covid-19 restrictions, this event is pre-entry and pre-pay only. See entry details below.
Other social distancing rules will apply:

  • There will be NO Registration and NO entry on the day.
  • Give way to members of the public and other competitors throughout your visit.
  • There are numerous road crossings on the course, take care at all times.
  • Run wide around corners.
  • Wear hi-vis so that you came be seen.
  • You must proceed directly from Parking to the Start to arrive in time for your given start time.
  • Move away from control sites as quickly as possible.
  • After Finishing, go directly to download. If there is a queue, keep 2m apart.
  • Return to Parking and depart as soon as practicable.
  • For team entries, only the lead runner will go through the start lanes.  Other team members must wait in adjacent area.

Everyone who attends will need to follow the 'Participant Code of Conduct' which can be found on the British Orienteering website here

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