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Online Mountain Marathon Route Choice Seminar

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Wednesday 25th November 2020

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Monday 9th November 2020
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Tuesday 24th November 2020
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Booking Fee   £30.00   
Course Organiser - Charles Sproson

Online Mountain Marathon Route Choice
Delivered Online through Zoom | 2h Seminar | Wednesday 25th November at 19:00

Let Charlie and Sean take you through multiple route choices from past Mountain Marathons which either they have raced in, planned the courses or have the real MM maps from past events.

You will be emailed 6 real MM legs on real MM maps 2 days prior to the seminar so you can mark up your maps and then discuss the route choices you have made on the night, plus much much more....

What to expect: 

  • A professionally designed and delivered online seminar
  • Delivered clearly and concisely with time to take notes
  • Slides and screens to be able to follow
  • Actual Mountain Marathon Maps
  • 6 actual MM legs sent to you by email for you to mark up prior to the course
  • A short Q&A at the end of the seminar

Who is it for? 

Any runner who wants to develop their Mountain and Mountain Marathon route choices knowledge.

On the course, Charlie and Sean will deliver routes that they would choose, the reason why they choose those routes and how to apply this decision making to your route choices.

If you are looking to take the edge on your competition, then taking 2 hours to listen and learn from Charlie and Sean will be an invaluable experience.

Course Program: 

  •  Access to the Zoom Platform
  • 5 minutes to meet Charlie and Sean plus the other participants
  • 50 minutes of discussion on the MM Routes/Legs that were sent to you
  • 45 minutes of route choices from other MM maps, working the routes with Charlie and Sean - there will be plenty of detail with regards to why choose and route and how it is applicable to you personally
  • 15 minutes open Q&A

What content will we cover? 

We will be having a 2 hour discussion about routes. From actual routes being discussed over various different course classifications and lengths, we will talk about:

  • What the terrain presents
  • Why we would make a certain choice over another.
  • Tricks on planning routes, whether they are linear or score.
  • What other factors to take into account
  • Being able to adjust and change during the day, depending on how you are running.
  • How routes are designed from a planners point of view
  • Seeing the variety of routes, rather than just one

The planners route choice is always an interesting route to analyse at the midway camp on MM's, but is it always correct? Should you have run the planners route choice?

More details at:

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