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Corvedale Virtual Cake Walk

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Saturday 26th September 2020

Entries Open
Wednesday 19th August 2020
Entries Close
Friday 25th September 2020
22 miles; 14 miles; 10 miles
Entries so Far
93 Entries
Entry Fees

Individuals - £12 (all distances)

Family of up to 4 - £20
(2 adults / 2 children residing in the same household who opt to receive only 1 copy of the Telford T50 50 mile trail guide)

Entries Secretary - Janet Pitt-Lewis

The e- cake walk – with extra bytes

Entrants will be asked to complete a walk 22, 14 or 10 miles during the week of the Shropshire Way Festival of walks. There will be a limited number of places each day of the festival to walk the Corvedale Cake Walk actual route. Places which are free to entrants but must be booked in advance will allow up to 6 walkers to start from each of 3 designated start points on the route each day to allow for social distancing. Walkers will be entirely self supporting. Or you can walk a route of your own choosing.  Your walk can be completed at any time from 8am on the 19th September to 6pm on the 26th September. The walk can be in any area, from the high mountains to your back garden as long as you walk the distance you choose and adhere to the regulations and guidance in your locality.

All entrants will receive

  • A copy of the Telford T50 50 mile trail guide. This beautifully produced booklet (RRP £5) is edited by Marches group member Anne Suffolk and is a guide to the trail, including the heritage and wildlife to look for on the way
  • Access to a Strava Club, Face book group, Twitter feed, and to plenty of support and encouragement and a certificate to mark their achievement

5 lucky competition winners

Will each receive a copy of the Cicerone guide to the Shropshire Way – newly printed and up to date, it is the official  guide to the 182  mile Shropshire Way.

The competitions are:

  • Best Cake – Recipe and –photo or artistic representation- required – to be judged by the cake bakers of Holdgate and Eaton
  • Best Photo – There are 3 categories;
  • “Far and Wide” “Close to the Ground” and “My favourite Checkpoint”

All photos to be taken during your Virtual Cakewalk. Photos to be posted on Facebook or Instagram or emailed in.

Best piece of descriptive writing – poetry or prose – no more than 300 words- that best captures the spirit of the Shropshire Way. To be judged by the Chairman of the Shropshire Way Association

The Virtual Cake Walk is open to all who have entered the actual Cake Walk. It is also open to new entrants - £12 an individual or £20 a family of up to 4 (2 adults 2 children residing in the same household) who opt to receive only 1 copy of the Telford T50 50 mile trail guide


How do I measure my walk?
Any way you like – you are welcome to use Strava or any other tracking device but a map and a piece of string is fine.

Do I have to prove my distance?
No – we trust you – but we would love to see your photos and for you to share your routes.

Do I have to be on Facebook or any other social media platform to take part?
No – this is about walking not sitting in front of a screen but if you enjoy social media please share your stories and posts with us and other Cakewalkers.

What about checkpoints?
As with an actual challenge walk we expect you to have a well earned break during your walk. On the actual event there would be one checkpoint for the 10 and 14 mile routes and 2 on the 22 miles route but the advantage of a virtual event is that you can have as many as you like – the downside is that you have to supply and carry your own refreshments. Remember to photograph your virtual checkpoints to enter the photo competition.

How do I book a place to walk the actual route?
By email to .

Any other questions? – email

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