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Leg it for Liff Outdoor Virtual Marathon Challenge

Friday 17th July to Wednesday 12th August 2020

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

Entries Open
Friday 10th July 2020
Entries Close
Wednesday 12th August 2020
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26 Entries
Entry Fees
Solo (per team)   £5.00   
Relay - team of 3 (per team)   £9.00   
Family Team (per team)   £15.00   
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Come and virtually run, walk, wheelchair, buggy push, skip, hop or hula hoop a marathon distance, following your current government guidelines on exercise and social distancing.

Like all virtual events, it relies on honesty from each participant.  Get out there and leg it! Log your miles as accurately as you can and have some really good fun being part of a virtual community and boosting your fitness and joy at the same time!  

Participants have 26.2 days to complete a marathon distance - 26.2 miles / 42km.

Aim to complete each leg of the event by the cut off deadlines if you can - but no pressure at all if you miss the deadline - just add your time when you can.  The leaderboard is just for fun. 

Leg 1:  10 miles.  Aim to complete by:  midnight on 26th July 2020

Leg 2:  6.2 miles.  Aim to complete by:  midnight on 1st August 2020

Leg 3: 10 miles.  Aim to complete by:  8:48am on 12th August 2020

Alternatively you can try and run it in one go!

Once you have completed a leg, please return to your SiEntries log in and Edit your Entry so that you can record your time for the leg.  Then save it.  Don’t worry, you won’t be charged again.  Once the deadline for completing each leg has passed, the SiEntries Team will display your cumulative time and position on the Results webpage so you can all have fun watching each other too!

You decide your strategy - run and have fun enjoying long single runs or break it down into smaller (perhaps faster!) stages.  Leg it and Log!  

There is no age limit for participants, however all participants need to take responsibility for themselves and their children/adults.  Under 15’s should be sensibly and socially chaperoned when running outside of their own gardens.

No need to upload any Strava/Garmin/GPS data.  Just have fun with the challenge, record your time and log it into SiEntries.

There are no overall prizes, but spot prizes may be awarded in an ad hoc simple fashion by the race organisers.

The event hopes to raise funds to develop a biodiversity area and outdoor play and learn facilities at Liff Primary School in Dundee.  

There is also an opportunity to add a donation during the entry process.  Please donate generously.

The event starts 4am on Friday 17th July 2020 and ends 26.2 days later at (8:48 am on 12th August 2020 - the day we go back to school!)

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