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Virtual Ulster Way 1000km Run

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Thursday 8th October 2020

Entries Open
Friday 12th June 2020
Entries Close
Friday 31st July 2020
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Entry Fee   £50.00   
Sammy/Adrian Daye
07488290232 / 07876560015
The Ulster Way was founded in the 1970s by Wilfred Merydith Capper who completed the original 665 mile route in 32 days.
The new 1000km route was launched in 2009 and 2 teenagers completed it in 10 days in 2010.
We are giving you 100 days to complete the 1000km - that’s an average of 10k a day.

We will put up route maps on the Virtual Ulster Way 1000km Run facebook page for anyone who wants to run parts on the real route.
There will be a leaderboard which will be automatically updated when you add your times so runners can see where you are on the course and how well you are doing.
There are 8 checkpoints in total, We will put pictures and locations up on our website.

Leg 1 - CP1 61 miles / 98km
Leg 2 - CP2 57 miles / 92 km (118 miles/ 190 km)
Leg 3 - CP3 65 miles / 104 km (183 miles / 294 km)
Leg 4 - CP4 84 miles / 136 km (267 miles / 430 km)
Leg 5 - CP5 65 miles / 104 km (332 miles / 534 km)
Leg 6 - CP6 77 miles / 124 km (409 miles / 658 km)
Leg 7 - CP7 62 miles / 100 km (471 miles / 758 km)
Leg 8 - CP8 74 miles / 118 km (545 miles / 876 km)
Leg 9 - FIN  76 miles / 124 km (621 miles / 1000km)
All competitors will receive an event t-shirt and bandana .

All competitors that finish will receive a bespoke trophy.
Adding your Leg Times:
For most of you, each leg will be made up of a number of runs.  You need to add the times together for all the runs on the leg to calculate the leg time.  Once you have completed each leg be sure to edit your entry to add the time taken to complete the leg.  Your time will be shown on the leaderboard here
Add your Strava and social media links:
Add your Strava account to the Update My Details screen so that it is displayed next to your name in the results.  You can also add your other social media accounts.

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