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Grand Union Canal 145 Mile Race 2021 | Birmingham - London

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Saturday 29th May 2021

Entries Open
Thursday 24th September 2020 at 06:00
Entries Close
Saturday 31st October 2020
Support Types
Supported (own crew); Unsupported (tended by organisers)
Entries so Far
124 Participants
Pre-selection Entries
121 Participants
Entry Fees

Supported: £60 (Attached)   £62 (Unattached)
Unsupported: £90 (Attached)  £92 (Unattached)
Includes booking fee

the organiser - Keith Godden
07780 685538

"The Long Run"


Held under UK:Athletics rules and with the kind permission of The Canal & River Trust, this non-stop 145 mile race is from Gas Street Basin, Birmingham, along the way-marked Grand Union Canal Towpath to Little Venice, London. Competitors who must be 20 or over, are recommended to have their own support crews, but up to 50 Unsupported runners can be catered for by the Organisers, Canalrace C.I.C. Trail Running Association Permit Number: TBC

Course Records

Men: 22:16 Dan Lawson (2015); Ladies: 27:26 Cat Simpson (2017)


Thank you for your interest to compete in the 2021 GUCR. Below is a guide to the two-step entry process.

Please visit the GUCR 2021 How to Enter page on the website for full and up to date race information. Pre-Entry NotesTerms & Conditions and Rules should be read and fully understood before entering.

STEP 1: PRE-REGISTER on SiEntries by the end of 31st October. No payment is taken. An automatic email will be sent to confirm race pre-registration. Make sure to enter the correct email address belonging to the runner being pre-registered.

The lottery Draw will be conducted at a pub in early November, full details of the time and location will be provided to entrants closer to the time. Runners are welcome to attend, witness and participate. Those successful in the Draw will be 'Invited' back to SiEntries by email within a fews days after the Draw in order to make payment and confirm their place. Unsuccessful entrants will also be notified.

Note: To significantly improve chances of success at the draw, we encourage choosing the Supported (with own crew) category. Due to the high demand for an Unsupported (tended by organisers) place, versus the very limited places available.

STEP 2: ACCEPT THE INVITATION to enter the Grand Union Canal 145 mile Race, issued by email to those successful in the Draw. Follow the instructions, clicking the link to re-visit SiEntries to make payment and confirm entry. The Entry List will be automatically updated with the entrants' name.

N.B. This event:

- is minimum support, but with feed points at 11, 22, 36, 54, 70, 85, 99, 120 and 133 miles for Unsupported runners. Drinks available for all competitors at these points;
- has no first aid or medical backup, but provides transport for retiring Unsupported entrants;
- welcomes support crews, and buddy runners (not pacers) one at a time, on foot only from 65 miles;
- has checkpoint cut-off times in line with an overall time-limit of 45 hours (i.e. to finish by 0300 hours on Monday);
- is limited to 100 starters in total. Most places will be allocated by lottery draw.

Competitor Rules

1. The full distance must be completed on foot, keeping, wherever possible, to the recognised towpath route.
2. All Competitors must notify Race HQ (Tel. 07778 550945 or 07780 685538) immediately on retiring (even if they have already reported this at a checkpoint) or if they drop behind a schedule in line with the cut-off times.
3. Competitors must reach all checkpoints by the closing times printed on the maps. They must leave within 40 minutes of arrival. (Ref. rule 4.) Competitors must reach the Navigation Bridge (No 64) checkpoint at 70.5 miles within 19 hours, i.e. by 0100 hours on Sunday.
4. Competitors will be deemed to have retired if stopped for more than 40 minutes at any one time. Competitors may enter vehicles for warmth, rest and nourishment, but will be disqualified if the vehicle moves. On no account must that vehicle move. Any runner seen in a moving vehicle will count as retired, even if the intention is to return to the same place to resume, unless the vehicle is going to the aid of another entrant in difficulty.
5. All competitors must display their race number to the front. It will be recorded at checkpoints en route. The medical form on the reverse of the number must be completed.
6. All competitors must carry a mobile phone for calls to Race HQ; and have the financial means to sustain themselves in the event of breakdown of support vehicle.
7. All competitors must carry a foil ‘space’ blanket at all times.
8. Unsupported competitors must also carry the provided maps.
9. Unsupported competitors must have one kit bag only, clearly labelled. For overseas competitors, and in exceptional cases, a maximum of two clearly labelled kit bags will be accepted. Competitors must minimise the size and weight of their bag, bringing only what is necessary.
10. Competitors and crews must accept full responsibility for their actions (see Terms & Conditions).
11. Entrants must undertake to inform the organiser if unable to take part (see Pre-Entry Notes).
12. Buddy runners (someone who runs with the competitor) must not run in front of their runner, always beside or behind. If in front they will be regarded as pacers and pacing is not permitted in this event. Competitors may have only one buddy runner at a time and then only from the 65 mile meeting point at Bridge 55, Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock. Buddy runners must be on foot.
13. Walking poles are not allowed at this event for runners or buddies.
14. All runners and buddies must carry a torch, or headlamp, with spare batteries, and wear reflective clothing when on road sections at night.
15. Supported (with own crew) competitors must have at least one support crew member with a vehicle from the Start; and for the duration of the race.
16. All competitors must carry a cup for accessing hot and cold drinks at aid stations.
17. Sharps, any needles, scalpels, or other articles that could cause wounds or punctures to personnel handling them, must be locked within a suitable container inside kit-bags.
18. Buddy runners (someone who runs with the competitor) must not carry any food, water or other supplies for their runner, i.e. muling is not permitted in this event. Buddies must depart aid stations at the same time as their runner.

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